Review of New Opeth Album Surfaces: 'Their Best Album Since 'Ghost Reveries''

"It's the missing link between 'Damnation' and 'Ghost Reveries,'" the review reads.

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As Opeth are wrapping up their new album and prepping for a tentative June release, some of the journalists were lucky enough to get an early copy of the yet-untitled effort.

One of those guys was Greg Kennelty of Metal Injection, who was also kind enough to share his thoughts on the fresh stuff and even post a full review.

Noting that he "liked 'Heritage' but I thought it could've been a little more focused at times" and stressing once again that this is clearly not the final version of the record, the journalist kicked off the song-by-song rundown, ultimately drawing the following conclusion:

"Honestly? This is the best record Opeth have put out since 'Ghost Reveries.' The band continues their tradition of not repeating themselves but in a much better, more accessible way than they have in the past. The melodies and riffs from each song are instantly identifiable as that particular song, the new elements incorporated into the music fit extremely well and it seems like the record was written with each separate song in mind.

"As in it doesn't sound like any particular song revolves around one singular instrument or riff, but has everything beautifully play off each other. Where 'Heritage' and 'Watershed' may have been a little unfocused at time or lost in their own adventure of a new song, this record knows exactly what it's doing and nails it through and through.

"I'll even go as far as saying this record conveys the widest range of emotions I think I've ever heard Opeth convey, and with unbelievable grace and style. Absolutely none of the writing is heavy-handed in trying to get a point across.

"As a point of reference, I'd say this record is either the missing link between 'Damnation' and 'Ghost Reveries' or if 'Heritage' was written directly after 'Ghost Reveries' without 'Watershed' having ever existed. You get the idea.

"So hey, Opeth. If any of you are reading this - thanks. You've written one of my favorite records of 2014. If not my favorite record of 2014. If not my favorite record of the last few years," the reviewer concluded.

The full review also includes detailed thoughts on each of the eight new songs. Check it out here.

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    True. Heritage was good, but kinda out of focus sometimes. Really looking forward to this!
    Omg. Im so excited for this. Unique and catchy riffs aside, the prospects of having haunting songs in the vein of Isolation years and Hours of wealth keeps me awake at night.
    Eclectic Lizard
    Heritage was a little unfocused, yes, but I'll never understand the complaints about Watershed. Damn near flawless album!
    It honestly frustrates me, the amount of noise 'fans' are making in regards to Opeth recording a third album without gutturals. Mikael's vocals will be great regardless, and just because the vocals aren't as brutal that doesn't mean the instrumentation won't be. Very excited for this record.
    Okay so the thing that heritage was missing for the most part was riffs. It wasn't the death vocals I was craving, it was good driving guitar riffs which opeth had always had in droves. If this album is bring back the riff, then I will most assuredly enjoy it.
    Read the review earlier today and it made me sooooo happy. Now i just need to figure out how to contain myself until June.
    honestly I just don't get how any opeth fan enjoyed heritage. it was such an abysmal album. yes slither is actually a great track and some of the riffs are cool but jesus what a terribly boring effort and if it didn't say opetH on the cover it wouldn't be oepth. I just hope Mikael is out of that droney prog phase and hes focused back on metal.
    Funny... I'm an Opeth fan, I liked Heritage and I thought Slither was easily the worst track on the album to the point that I always replace it with Pyre when I'm listening to the album.