Rex Brown on Pantera: 'We All Should Have Gone Into Rehab'

"When the band broke down, it wouldn't have broken up," the bassist says.

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Discussing his once again sparked passion for music, former Pantera bassist Rex Brown touched on the subject of the band's final days, revealing that a collective rehab could have saved the four-piece from dissolving. "Pantera was just one big whirlwind," Rex kicked off during a Full Metal Jackie radio interview (via Loudwire). "It was just, it's hard to put into words we worked all the time. At the time we really needed to stop and [enjoy what was going on], we all should have gone into rehab. When the band broke down, it wouldn't have broken up. It broke down communication-wise. Then the tragedy of Dime." Brown continued, "Playing with Down, then I found these guys; it added a new spark into what I felt. I've changed completely as a person and matured. Just a different feeling, but I still have that power back in the old days. I feel like I'm 10 years younger." Rex is currently busy with his new band Kill Devil Hill. The four-piece unleashed their sophomore studio effort "Revolution Rise" earlier this year and are now busy promoting it out on the US road. Speaking about starting from scratch with a brand new act, the bassist commented: "Just the fire is back. Not that it ever left, but in a certain way. Phil [Anselmo] and I had been together 24 years when the Down thing just - I had to have surgery and all that kind of stuff. "And these guys called and it just kind of landed in my lap and it just felt like okay. Even given what happened last year with that record, I think it was a really killer record, it was a great beginning. But when you have a record company that gives out after three weeks after the release, you're stuck out there with your you know what in the wind." Kill Devil Hill premiered new track "Crown of Thorns" back in late September, make sure to check it out below.

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    I may get a lot of negative votes for this... but just picture the idea of Dimebag ever asisting to A.A.....
    Sounds good, but like I've heard the vocals before. The music has the kind of groove that I love. I think Rex is a great bassist. There are some tricky Pantera songs (to play), and after all of those concerts I am sure Rex is tight as f&^%
    Oh wow. His new band sounds incredibly average and boring. I'm talking about Nickleback levels of boring. Also, I have all the respect in the world for Rex Brown and all the shit he had to put up with, but would I mention him in a top 10 metal bassists list? Probably not.
    I'll have to respectfully disagree with your opinion of Kill Devil Hill. I don't find it boring in the least, nowhere near Nickleback territory. Kind of like AIC vocal wise and some pretty solid music. To each their own I guess... Don't think it matters if he's in the top 10 anything, he's damn good at what he does and does it because he loves it.
    To each his/her own, of course. Personally, I like Kill Devil Hill. And Rex has always been a large influence in my own bass playing.
    I saw Kill Devil Hill at my favorite bar last year. Easily the best 'small venue' show I have seen, everyone was at a chill level of intoxication and digging the music. My friend even got his Cowboys record signed, and Vinny signed my Mob Rules record. Would totally go see them again.
    Wouldn't say its boring at all. If anything the drums leave something to desire, Vinnie Appice has done better. Rex is an amazing bass player though. Don't ever type Nickleback, it brings bad luck.
    I got to meet Rex a couple weeks ago at a Kill Devil Hill show. Very nice guy actually. I even got to talk to Rita a bit too.
    "We should all go to rehab because our singer has a heroin addiction." Seems reasonable enough, I guess.
    They were ALL drunks. ALL of them needed rehab. Including vinnie and dime. Both daily booze hounds.