Richie Sambora Explains Why He Left Bon Jovi Tour

artist: Bon Jovi date: 11/11/2013 category: wtf?
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Richie Sambora Explains Why He Left Bon Jovi Tour
In a new interview with the Australian Today show (via Ultimate Classic Rock), Bon Jovi guitarist Riche Sambora has explained that he left the band's recent tour because he wasn't getting to spend enough time with his daughter "I think people don't understand exactly what that means," he explained. "You don’t get to come home. There’s a huge sacrifice in that. I missed a lot of my daughter's life. "I just started spending time with my kid between [tour] legs, and my spirit wouldn't pull myself out of the door. I just needed to be home." Sambora also told the Today host that any band has its "ups and downs ... differences of opinion and also differences of pace." When he was asked if he was going to rejoin Bon Jovi, he responded: "I think so, yeah, I'm pretty sure. I don't think it's going to be the end of the band or anything like that." Bon Jovi completed their recent tour with stand in guitarist Phil X.
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