Rick Rubin Likely to Produce Steven Tyler's Solo Album

Singer confident about producer's future involvement.

Ultimate Guitar

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler gave a brief update on his upcoming solo studio effort, confirming the likely involvement of renowned producer Rick Rubin. Chatting with Rolling Stone, Tyler commented: "I'm working on it. I just got back from Russia. Tour was over last week, so I set up my studio, and I had dinner with Rick Rubin last night." The singer further added, "We did do 'Walk This Way' with Run D.M.C. That was his idea." Back in June, Steven expressed deep interest in EDM scene, finding the exploration of the genre's synth patterns invigorating. The singer also gave major props to Deadmau5 and Skrillex. As for the record itself, the album might also feature guest appearances from the likes of Elton John and Johnny Depp. "I'm just doing a solo record 'cause I think it's f--kin' kinky to go write a song with Johnny Depp," the vocalist told Billboard. "I think it's f--kin' ridiculous to go write a bunch of songs I started five years ago and never finished. It feeds my passion. I like traveling all over the place and writing songs and seeing what we catch. It's kind of like driftnetting for songs, right." In related news, Tyler has recorded a song with Korean pop sensation Psy, while Aerosmith have been confirmed as one of this year's Download Festival headliners.

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    Sammy Mantis
    His face is little too close to that beard for comfort...Something could leap out of there any moment.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Are there even other producers left, or did Rick Rubin eat all of them or something? I like some of his work, but the amount of people he's producing for is kinda ridiculous.
    I'm going to have a hard time motivating to listen to this one after the last 20+ years of Aerosmith
    So we're supposed to be excited about Steven Tyler's solo album even with his well documented lack of vocal skill these past few years? I mean, you can only listen to him butcher his own songs or the national anthem at sporting events so many times. The guy just doesn't have it anymore. He was a unique vocalist in his day, but now he's just a bad vocalist.
    Way Cool JR.
    Ever since he had his throat surgery recently he has been sounding much like he use to. So he's still got it.
    Lol Natures
    That's great, but who's likely to listen to Steven Tyler's solo album?
    who listens to anything after Permanent Vacation?
    Way Cool JR.
    What about "Pump" dude it's after "Permanent Vacation"? That whole album is fricken top notch A grade stuff. I got to say "Get A Grip" isn't a half bad album either. But the answer to your original question. An ass load of people.
    What is funny is all these washed up rock "Legends" are going to Rick Rubin to put some magic back into something that sounds recycled. Not new, not fresh ,Just the same 50 year old rock and roll with the "Rick Rubin" mix. It actually hurts the genre imho.
    Aerosmith 'live' in Sydney this year, SOOOOO many backing tracks used. Seriously, 3 part Steven Tyler harmonies at a live show! Still a good show, but i was a bit disappointed.
    One thing is for sure...his album will be louder than hell. You know he'll over produce the f**k outta it.
    I'm not a huge fan of Johnny Depp OR Marylin Manson, but we can all agree how effing epic it was when they played together