Rick Rubin Likely to Produce Steven Tyler's Solo Album

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Rick Rubin Likely to Produce Steven Tyler's Solo Album
Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler gave a brief update on his upcoming solo studio effort, confirming the likely involvement of renowned producer Rick Rubin. Chatting with Rolling Stone, Tyler commented: "I'm working on it. I just got back from Russia. Tour was over last week, so I set up my studio, and I had dinner with Rick Rubin last night." The singer further added, "We did do 'Walk This Way' with Run D.M.C. That was his idea." Back in June, Steven expressed deep interest in EDM scene, finding the exploration of the genre's synth patterns invigorating. The singer also gave major props to Deadmau5 and Skrillex. As for the record itself, the album might also feature guest appearances from the likes of Elton John and Johnny Depp. "I'm just doing a solo record 'cause I think it's f--kin' kinky to go write a song with Johnny Depp," the vocalist told Billboard. "I think it's f--kin' ridiculous to go write a bunch of songs I started five years ago and never finished. It feeds my passion. I like traveling all over the place and writing songs and seeing what we catch. It's kind of like driftnetting for songs, right." In related news, Tyler has recorded a song with Korean pop sensation Psy, while Aerosmith have been confirmed as one of this year's Download Festival headliners.
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