Rick Rubin's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Truly a Challenge

Someone takes things seriously...

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Rick Rubin, being challenged by Eminem in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, shares his own ALS video. But ... this is not a bucket.

We know Rick Rubin as a man, who produced albums from such acts as System of a Down, Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beastie Boys to name a few. And we also know him by his height (he's very tall) and huge beard. So, he decided, that the bucket would be not enough for such a big man.

The result is ... well, that's impressive. Watch the video below.

Rubin challenged Owen Wilson, Frank Ocean and Vincent Gallo.

The ice bucket challenge is intended to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Individuals are challenged to have a bucket of ice poured over them and may then challenge other people to do the same. ALS is a terminal illness that causes muscles to weaken and stiffen.

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    I wish he put this much effort into mixing Death Magnetic..
    Why would he put effort into something that wasn't his job? He produced DM, he didn't mix it. It was mixed by Greg Fidelman, who mixed S.O.A.D's self titled, Slipknots Vol 3 and many more. Get ya facts right matey
    maybe you are thinking of the album being too over compressed, that's in mastering stage not the mixing!!
    Honestly though, if the mix or master of a album doesn't come out as desired, it is the producer's job to at least tell the engineer to redo it.
    Haha. Actually Greg Fidelman recorded and mixed the record. He has also mixed for Slipknot and System of a down. But he did a bad job on DM. - I believe Ted Jensen Mastered the record.
    Rick Rubin: The most influential homeless wizard out of all the other homeless wizards in the music industry.
    It's just me or this is getting lame? I mean, in my country, politicians that once stole money from ALS treatments are doing this thing on TV....ahh, the sweet hypocrisy...
    You should know by now that politicians will do anything that gives them some sweet, sweet PR, it doesn't matter if it contradicts what they've already done.
    I know, but still that enrages me
    this thing is lame, I know, but it called the attention to a disease that the biggest part of the world population that don't know about it, the great part of the people doing this don't really give a shit about the disease, it's just one of those "modern trend", but some people really donated and that is some help, and a very few will really care and try to do something to help, and that is a big thing I'm not saying, that other diseases(the ones most common) are less important, but there are so many unknown diseases(for most of people) making people suffer and receiving such small attention
    Sheep Shagger
    ALS donations have broke the $80 million mark between July 29 and now, because of this video trend. Last year in the same time period, less than $3 million was raised. I'm all for people doing this if they actually donate.
    It's just you. Last I checked the challenge had raised over 40 million for a disease whose previous fundraising record was 50,000.
    yes and if you read the fine print very little of that goes to actual research. Not to mention people do it simply to be "Cool"
    While not all of the money goes to research, that does not mean it isn't going towards a good cause. Just as an example, this foundation also gives money to families that suffer from ALS, donating chairs, beds, etc. I read they had made and they said at the moment they're literally just trying to plan out how to use the money because they got such an overwhelming amount
    what was with that music?
    That's Steve Reich. The full track is much longer, with the stereo phase out of synch very slightly. The longer the track goes on, the more the two channels move out of synch, and a variety of interesting effects result.
    My Grandfather died of ALS. A cure for this disease would really mean a lot. Maybe a Cacophony Reunion?
    All I notice about these ALS videos is hardly any of them link to the actual charities or tell you how to donate. Hell this video didn't even mention ALS or even have the stupid hash tag in it. So much for creating awareness it just seems people are now just throwing ice on themselves because someone has nominated them. I know said info is in the description on youtube but if the videos embedded you wouldn't know.
    So... what did _you_ do to fight ALS then?
    Donated to an ALS charity as I think its better than throwing ice water on my head.
    Why not do both? The ALS ice bucket challenge has raised $40million. Wouldn't it be better to raise awareness AND donate?
    Why not do both? The ALS ice bucket challenge has raised $40million. Wouldn't it be better to raise awareness AND donate?
    Its sad that celebrities and Politicians hijacked this movement by drawling attention to them instead of the purpose of this challenge which is the disease
    Yeah, the only way this movement helps to battle the disease IS drawing attention. It's not like pouring down an ice bucket to your head is gonna make things better.
    I thought the whole challenge thing was kinda lame but it's better than how most people simply talk about what to donate. I was challenged to do an ice bucket and at the end of my video I posted screen shots of my actual donation.
    Wicked. I'm personally not a fan of the challenge itself, but the cause is great. I certainly didn't back down when I was challenged.