Ricky Gervais Premieres 'Learn Guitar With David Brent'

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Ricky Gervais Premieres 'Learn Guitar With David Brent'
Ricky Gervais has posted the first video in a series which revives his classic comedy character David Brent on YouTube. Brent appears as a guitar tutor who has taken to YouTube with a series called "Learn Guitar With David Brent." Gervais originally played Brent in "The Office," a comedy about life in an office which was exported to dozens of countries worldwide. The new web-exclusive series is the first opportunity for fans to see Brent in a long-running show since "The Office" ended in 2003, though Gervais has appeared as Brent in cameos for the American version of the program and a sketch for Comic Relief, a televised charity event in the UK. In this clip, Brent is seen showing the viewer some chords. "You won't use half of them. I will show you the main ones," he says. He goes on to perform his own song "On the Road," a song about travelling around the UK as a sales rep. Watch the return of David Brent in "Learn Guitar With David Brent" here:
What do you think of David Brent's comeback? Do you think Gervais is as funny as he used to be? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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