Rihanna Rocks Judas Priest, Krokus T-Shirts During Concerts, Stirs Up Metal Community

Is she a metal fan?

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Pop star Rihanna caught a lot of attention from the metal community as she started performing in various metal t-shirts during concerts.

The singer was recently filmed wearing Judas Priest's "Screaming for Vengeance" tee, garnering massive amount of hate and "poser" comments from the fans.

Last week, Rihanna was filmed promoting a somewhat less known guitar-driven act, Swiss hard rockers Krokus.

Along with a comment "Happy to see Rihanna Screaming for Vengeance," the Priest t-shirt photo was posted on the band's official Facebook page, and met with brutal reactions, as well as about 45,000 likes.

This is not the first time Rihanna decided to rock some metal merch, as she had previously donned a $5,300 designer Municipal Waste leather jacket during one of her album photo sessions. Oddly enough, so did Chris Brown.

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    Why does everybody care so much? Maybe she really does enjoy metal, you don't know. If not, well, then I'm sorry she absolutely destroyed your life... >.<
    This is what I'm thinking. Why the **** does everyone care so much?
    The way I see it, she's promoting metal to bunch of teenage girls, and while more young metal fans is good, don't be suprised if next years metallica by request will be all enter sandman and nothing else matters
    Hell. Like teenage girls are going to go. " wow! I saw Rihanna in a band shirt! I'm gonna go look them up.!" Doubt they would even know it's a band shirt.
    I think that it has more to do with it being a vocal minority speaking up than a lot of people caring, otherwise I don't think your comment would have gotten gold.
    You really think she is the one who chooses what she's gonna wear on stage ? This is the work of a costumier who thought the tee was nice and by the same time could do a news on UG.com
    lol calm down...everyone's entitled to an opinion, just like you're entitled to complain about others complaining.
    I only care for the time I spend staying on this article's page (or any other about Rihanna which trust me is not often), and I find her annoying due to her apparently quite monumental ego and constant stupid, stereotypical pop star decisions. And this really does seem to be another of the oldest popstar tricks in the book, which is what I described in my comments above.
    Slayer should wear rihanna and see what happens. Kerry King should wear beiber. see what kind of headlines that creates.
    Don't know why we should get all wound up for this. All she's doing is making herself look like a fool. Not much of a difference from what she normally does.
    How's she making herself look like a fool? She's wearing a shirt of a band that nobody has any actual reason to believe she isn't a fan of. And if she isn't? She's wearing a band t-shirt. Wow. How ridiculous.
    Metalheads tend to get butthurt about lesser things, so this is not really that surprising.
    Furthermore, everybody seems to forget that there's a very small chance she actually went out and bought it. I cannot imagine someone like Rihanna not having a stylist, especially when it comes to her stage appearance.
    When I look at Rihanna I see a beautiful woman, not a fool.
    when i look at rihanna i see a stripper who gets payed way to much
    brb, gonna go put on my Judas Priest t-shirt so I can make UG front page.
    Sell 120 million albums while you're at it
    I have a handful of songs with dancable beats, hooks that become earworms after a single listen, and slightly sexual lyrics, but just vague enough that they can be sold to tweens and parents who want to shut their children up on long car rides. That should do it.
    The great thing about metal bands is that ANYONE can like them. "Metalheads" should love the fact such a fine looking woman is wearing a metal shirt. I think it's great and nobody has the right to criticize you for what you listen to. Music enjoyment is personal and nobody as the right to take that away from you.
    Um. Maybe she just enjoys Judas Priest? You don't have to be metal to like metal music.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she actually liked metal. Hell, Lady Gaga is a fan of Iron Maiden. Why not? However, I fail to see how this is news either way. Are we going to make any random pop star wearing any kind of clothing news now? "Beyonce wears black dress". New headline right there.
    Rex Inclitus
    My friend used to wear a Bay City Rollers shirt on stage, we all played metal. Ironically you have no idea how many people at gigs asked where he got the shirt because they wanted one, I kid you not.
    Just for even further perspective - Chino went out with a Beyonce t-shirt at the Deftones performance at Roskilde this year. Either nobody cared, or people thought it was funny. To be frank, I couldn't care less if neither Chino nor Rihanna were really fans of either type of music, and if they are, good for them for listning to music outside of what they usually play.
    My guess: her popularity is fading, so now time to get EDGY, UNDERGROUND and CONTROVERSIAL. I don't hate every pop star ever but she annoys the **** out of me.
    Anyone ever thought that maybe Rihanna is just a metal fan? Seriously, I decline from telling people I'm a metalhead simply because I don't want people to associate me with the pretentious metalheads who think that it's metal or nothing. Get over yourselves.
    Rock n Roll is an image. She is not a metal fan, this is the result of a marketing meeting to give her an "edgy" look. It's not really much "news", but man does she look good in those pants.
    the metal community is made up of childish selfish elitists im glad i left it years ago... ill still play metal guitar any day and listen to metal tracks but just **** the dumbassess that listen to it they cant wrap their head around anything
    Her guitar player is Nino Bettencourt. I think she may be a metal fan. Y'all find some stupid shit to argue about.
    Haters, the only reason you downvote this s*** is because you wish your girlfriend was as hot as her.
    I wouldn't ****ing date her for all the money in the world. Plastic pop star is not every man's ideal of a woman.
    shes just doing that so metal heads will take an interest in her "music"
    matteo cubano
    she does;t give a shit about metal heads. she's just wearing a shirt that she thought looked cool or she likes judas priest, and she is no more or less entitled to wear it than anyone else. no motive beyond that and needs no looking into.
    uh not really. I'm sure she's smart enough to know Metal heads like METAL. She's probably just a fan, like everyone else is.
    Normal people, not close minded metalheads, are able to listen to metal and to anything other.
    I'm 100% sure she NOT a fan. She's just wearing it because of cool artwork.
    Why couldn't she? Just cause she makes pop doesn't mean she listens exclusively to pop.
    Sorry, I thought I replied to wrong comment and I can't find a way to delete this one
    Rihanna can wear whatever she likes, just like everyone else can do whatever they please in life. The "fans" are idiots for being "Haters" because their favourite band is being advertised for free across the chest of a woman who is very popular - what's to hate about that? Obviously nothing better to do with their lives, they need to grow up
    i can now understand how it would feel to be black and see all the little wiggers pretending to be black. poor metal
    I think the real headline here is: where the hell did she get a krokus shirt?
    This is essentially the equivalent of people who say they love Metallica but cannot name any other songs that aren't off the black album and radio singles. Judas Priest is my favorite metal band of all time, if she genuinely loves the priest then great, if its a fashion statement and she's a poser then she has every reason to be hated. Everyone knows the unwritten rule, you can't wear band shirts of bands you don't actually listen to
    Maybe Chris Brown was listening to "Jawbreaker" when he beat the crap out of her.
    I wonder if UG starts to put up articles now how Rihanna is true real rock/metal chick?
    STOP THIS CVNTHANNA!!!!! *flush*
    God, is this another one of those ridiculous "Toilet ov hell" comments that I've been seeing on nearly every article?
    Everything is cool with pop stars enjoying metal, as long we are not referring to justing beiber, right guys?
    In the metal community, The shirts backpatches etc. are like our flag. They were worn by the fnas that identify as thier belonging. They were worn by the few who didnt care what wsa acceptable or in fashion even in metals darkest days. It identified you as a part of that subculture. A subculture that liked being underground, that embraced its non conforming ideals. For POOP stars or anyone else to think that this is a fashion statement would be like someone wearing a jewish flag to a nazi rally. It is an inuslt to all of us that wore Death, or Iron Maiden or Megadeth shirts and accepted the looks and attitude we were given yet proudly proclaimed our identity as a Metal head! BTW its bad enough she has Nuno (Extreme) playing guitar in her band.
    You're taking yourself WAY too seriously. Being jewish and being metalhead realy isn't the same. "Metals darkest days" - it's like somone would persecute you for being metalhad. Get over yourself, it's just a shirt. And about Nuno - I don't think he was forced by the evil congregation of pop stars to play with her. If he enjoys it then what's the problem? Not everyone is kid who likes only one genre.
    Who cares what Rhianna listens to in her spare time? Fuck, any of you ever read interviews with rock artists who talk about all the EDM and pop music they like? It's literally no different.
    Rex Inclitus
    How can you be sure she even likes the music she is recording? Many people record music they do not like or even hate. As a guitar player I can tell you a few that actually publicly stated they did not like kind of music they recorded as a living. Ritchie Blackmore is an obvious one who had stated he does not even like or listen rock preferring classical. Vivian Campbell hated his metal years and like Gary Moore was a blues player at heart while the rock thing was just a gig to make money and get exposure. There are guitar players in rock / metal like John 5 who are slowly swinging toward the Bluegrass and Country spectrum. Even as far back as the 50's Conway Twitty would switch from Rock to Country, recording whatever was more popular at that time.
    Why do people find it so hard to believe a pop star can enjoy metal? These aren't exactly your underground Scandanavian kvlt bands either.
    Mr. Skull
    i despise pop and rhianna and everything about it but goddamn! even i don't care about this why do any of you?
    Her fans will probably just think it's a new clothing brand.
    Why would any metalhead be pissed off about a well known artist promoting their favorite genres/bands...its ass backwards