Rihanna Set To Headline This Year's Glastonbury?

Popular singer reportedly in talks for a headliner spot at the Pyramid Stage.

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Brace yourselves rock fans, as Rihanna might be the one we'll be seeing among this year's Glastonbury festival headliners. The popular singer is reportedly negotiating a headlining performance at the Pyramid Stage, following the footsteps of Beyonce, who closed the Glastonbury 2011 at the very same stage.

"She is the perfect choice. Beyonce stole the show two years ago and there's no reason why Rihanna can't do the same. She's got a huge back catalogue and is undoubtedly the biggest female artist around at the moment bar Adele", one of the sources tells the Daily Star.

Rihanna seems quite eager to perform at the festival, saying that she could 'rock Glastonbury, no question'. The singer has also discovered that she is actually a big fan of rock music.

"I have heard so many things about what happens there. I love rock music. I love Kings Of Leon and The Prodigy. The music is awesome. I like the more traditional rock bands, too Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. I think I could rock Glastonbury, no question."

"I know Jay-Z played. They are open to a lot more R&B. And Umbrella would be the perfect song for that place, too."

The legendary Rolling Stones are also among the rumored headliners, so it appears that we might hear some good old traditional rock 'n' roll at Glastonbury after all. Despite the ongoing rumors, Daft Punk were officially ruled out for this year's performance.

The entire festival will be streamed live by the BBC for the very first time, using some of the latest digital technology to allow users the choice of viewing simultaneous live broadcasts from various stages.

So do you think Rihanna is the right choice here? And is "Umbrella" really a perfect song for Glastonbury? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    "...And Umbrella would be the perfect song for that place, too." The reason they have festivals like this is because there's already enough pop festivals (Not to include every single television awards show for music). Take your umbrella and leave, please.
    I've rarely seen an umbrella at Glastonbury. It's wellies and ponchos. Anyone standing in a crowd with an umbrella is a d*#k. Wellies, ellies ellies. Ponchos, onchos onchos. No.
    To be fair, there are already enough rock festivals too. It's just so unfortunate that some festivals actually have variety though, right?
    I love the variety at Glastonbury too, it's one of the greatest things about it. Sadly, they do not express this variety through their headliners. I wouldn't necessarily swap Rihanna for a 'rock act' but from looking at recent headliners you could be forgiven for thinking Glasto is a just a mainstream pop festival for teenagers. Also, teenage pop fans are not the main demographic at Glastonbury at all. Glasto has a mature crowd. They are not interested in Rihanna. It flies in the face of the history of Glasto too - just ask the people who run the Shangri La area. There's a good BBC doc about them.
    I'm certain that plenty of mature people are interested in Rihanna's music. As boring as it is. What a silly generalization. But of course, everyone on this site listens to "mature music"
    I think it's clear that I was referring to the people who attend Glasto and not the general population. Also, I did not refer to anything as 'mature music'. I only referred to the audience as 'mature', not necessarily meaning that they are wiser and more sensible, but simply that they are older. Don't put words in my mouth.
    No, it was clear that's what you were referring to. Your comment simply gave an implication that the people there are too "mature" to be interested in her music. You can see where this goes from there. No one put words in your mouth. I won't even address this "I only referred to the audience as 'mature', not necessarily meaning that they are wiser and more sensible, but simply that they are older. " Why? Because it's silly.
    lol Of course anyone can like any music they like, but it is likely that most of Rihanna's fans are girls aged 13-25 and probably can't afford a Glastonbury ticket. It is less likely that her fans are 25+. Simple as that. Of course there will be some Rihanna fans at Glastonbury, but from being familiar with the festival and the people who attend it I don't think there are enough to qualify her being a Pyramid headliner.
    If I wanted to go to a Pop or RnB fest, I would. But I don't. They aren't the same genres of music. I doubt you'd see Joe Pass going to Ozzfest. It's just stupid.
    Ozzfest doesn't pride itself on Variety. Go look at the last lineup Glastonberry has posted on their site. I'll wait.
    "I love rock music. I love Kings Of Leon and The Prodigy." what?
    Out of Rihanna or The Stones, I might be biased but I think the Stones would win it. They could sell out Glastonbury even if they were the only act playing.
    "and is undoubtedly the biggest female artist around at the moment bar Adele" He's right, the sheer size of that woman is astounding
    I'd much rather see CoB cover Rihanna songs.
    another band called Any Given Day has a great cover of Diamonds. I say that but I've never heard the original so...Take it for what it is.
    I think the time has come for Michael Eavis to stop listening to his daughter's suggestions. Ever since she started sticking her oar in, we've had Beyonc, Jay-Z and now this. Michael Eavis' daughter. Wat R U doin? Michael Eavis' daughter. STAHP.
    I think you should put Jay Z outside of that group. Even if you don't enjoy his music you have to acknowledge that he is one of the greatest hip hop musicians ever... I am probably going to get a lot of thumbs down.
    Same with Roskilde Festival, which also has names as Queens of the Stone Age and Slipknot..... I don't get it.
    No offense, but I really, really don't care. Anyways, people will find being all mad over it easier than just ignoring her show and going for a walk until some band of their taste gets on the stage... as usual. I suppose.
    "I like the more traditional rock bands, too Aerosmith and Bon Jovi." Traditional rock bands? Not quite, Rihanna, not quite. Does she live her life under an umbrella?
    Too bad Chris Brown doesn't join her on stage, I'm sure it would be A SMASH HIT! ...too soon? No regrets.
    even if she is one of the headliners it wouln't ruin the festival anyway, its great every year
    Stop polluting festivals with that shite music. MTV and Viva have done enough, and there is enough pop festivals already... Just go away.
    Not saying anything bad about The Prodigy, but since when are they considered rock?
    Some describe them as dance-rock
    That's not actually a thing. Having guitar samples or recordings in some songs does not automatically make you rock.
    Oh cool so then Philip Philips and Carrie Underwood are rock?
    I get where she's coming from, but its a soft choice for someone trying to prove to the world they 'totally like' rock
    I was gonna say she doesn't even write her own songs, but neither did Led Zeppelin.
    I really don't understand Glastonbury. They sell all the tickets before anybody in announced so there's not going to be any real fans there. It's just a status symbol... look how big of an artist I am, I headlined Glastonbury. I hope it rains and she gets pelted with handfuls of mud.
    I'm not one to mindlessly bash pop music. I love it, and I actually think Beyonc was a great addition to Glastonbury. But my friends always say "oh come on, Rihanna isn't that bad" and I honestly have no other response than "yes, she is". She's proven time and again that she can't sing for shit live and it's completely obvious the only reason she's famous is cos guys want to bang her... Which is another thing I don't get. Do people not know that there are hot women who can actually play and write decent music?
    if this is true then i'm afraid i wont be going to glastonbury this year.....but if biffy cyro happen to appear you never know.
    Having done several of these types of shows, they end up turning these pop songs into rock songs...I guess that's why she has Nuno Bettencourt as her guitarist.
    Sir Daniel
    She's in Europe on the Saturday and Sunday and Arctic Monkeys are almost certainly (99.99%) playing the Friday. Unless she is prepared to move dates, it won't happen.
    You guys are actually moaning about the fact that Hova headlined Glastonbury?!! Jay-Z puts on a better LIVE show then 3 quarters of the tw*t-bands you probably listen to, who limp around on stage in skinny jeans for 45 minutes then call it a night. I saw him live and Pemberton fest several years ago and he blew everyone else out of the water. Plus I'd never seen so many tits in my life. I also had the fortunate experience of seeing Rihanna perform on the "glow in the dark" tour with Kanye West and THAT was also a great show. Shows can be more then just who's performing you narrow-minded morons. Sometimes it can be about the vibe and the crowd. Jay-Z, Coldplay and even Muse were some of the best shows I've ever seen because of the entertainment spectacle and the crowd. Plus it was a nice change to not be surrounded by just sweaty dudes who were content to beat the shit out of each other, for once. I'm just saying. As a hard rock and metalhead too.
    What an excellent response. I'm sure that took a lot of thought.
    almost as much thought are wasted in my other comment as the guy above it. you actually need to think to be that stupid, and that's the saddest part. like, opinions bro. keep them to yourself.
    I see you don't understand the concept of public discussion. See, comment sections like this are made for opinions to be shared. They are made for discussion. Not circle jerking. So no, there is no such thing as "keep it to yourself" here. The guy just shared something that goes against the UG hivemind, and you told him to get the **** out. Which doesn't mean anything. It's like when you "steal" a parking spot and whoever gets mad at you just shouts "FUCK YOU" and drives off. It's merely to satisfy oneself because you didn't like the above comment, but had no intelligent way to refute anything it said.
    Same with Rock am Ring/Rock im Park... back in 2010 they had Jay-z Dizzee rascal and Cypres Hill... might as well change it to Rap in Park when you got those guys coming. luckily all other bands were pretty darn good that year (Kiss, Muse etc.)
    I suggest you to really avoid this years "edition" of RaR/RiP. It's godawful. A lot of German rappers/indie bands, that are even hated here in GER.
    Meh, I kinda liked her latest single. She puts on an OK show but I never found her very special. If we're really going to go down the mainstream not-rock route I'd rather see someone like Lady Gaga. Or maybe Kanye but I know his tour is on its last show now. Whatever, I'll just watch something else when she goes on.
    Im not saying Rhianna is the best Glastonbury choice, but in general rock fans need to broaden their horizons.
    I agree, but manufactured pop for the lowest common denominator is the wrong kind of horizon.
    There is nothing positive or any redeemable musical value in wasting time listening to her brand
    What is wrong with pop acts? The Beatles and Rolling Stones were once pop acts who were all over lame TV shows and making silly movies. So what if Rihanna headlines? You act like its a pop takeover and "rock is dying". :'((((( Look at the whole festival lineup and get real. Do you believe in the War on Christmas too?
    Beatles played instruments. Isn't that the main focus of the people on this site, instruments?
    I think it's a perfectly fine booking though I wouldn't want them to have a solo pop star of this kind every year. A little odd to have her at the first festival after Beyonce. There's a good chance I may not watch any of the headliners this year!
    To the rockists: So when the Rolling Stones perform live with Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera.... .....? Just because you don't play guitars doesn't mean you're not "rock". 90s hip hop was just as punk as what was going on in the 70s. Real young people writing real, socially conscious, violent, political, and frustrated music. That's punk rock and if you deny it then you're a ****ing racist. Even if you don't realize it. I'm sure someone on here has to agree with me
    I understand the point that you're trying to make, and it's essentially correct. You've just worded it miserably.
    losing battle
    Take your crappy american pop and like it. Besides its a perfect oppertunity to go get some beer.