Ringo Starr Unveils His Art

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Being part of the Beatles makes Ringo Starr one of the finest artists of any generation in history. It seems Ringo decided he could bring his great mind and influence to the MS Paint world. "I started in the late nineties with my computer art," Ringo said in 2005. "While I was touring it gave me something to do in all those crazy hotels you have to stay in on the road" With this week's news of his latest gallery, we decided to analyse and deconstruct the work of this art giant. Most mystifying is not only the visual appearance of his work, but also the names, as he describes: "Most of the titles for my pieces arrived because on computer you have to call them something, so I have," he said. Perhaps with his brow furrowed. "The easy way to look at it is, if it has a hat on - it will probably be called Hat Man." And so, let us proceed with our personal impressions on Ringo's visual work. His metaphors and intentions will inevitably be too deep for our relatively shallow minds, but we can try.

Hat Man

Hat Man was a good man, once. Years of hedonism and Sunny Delight left him orange and weathered. But Hat Man does not hold regrets, no. He hides his missing eyebrow with his skewed cap and smiles. So long, youth. So long.

Untitled 9

[This comment has been redacted in respect for the serenity and silence depicted in "Untitled 9".]

Hold Me, Love Me

You wake. Leaning over you is an ageing woman with slightly opposing eyes. "Love me," she says in a gruff voice. "Hold me." You embrace and become wind.

Yer Baby

Don't ever let an acid burn stop you being a player. Just keep winking. Yeah baby.

Bad Finger

A clear statement on class and blame. "Why are you blue," says the man with a bad finger. "Do not point at me," says the blue man. They freeze. It is a silent standoff. Four days pass; the finger rots. They make peace and bond over an interest in autumn leaves. In their later years, they work together on a cure for cancer.
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