Rivers Cuomo Says Weezer Are Planning To Launch Their Own Summer Camp

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Rivers Cuomo Says Weezer Are Planning To Launch Their Own Summer Camp
Weezer mainman Rivers Cuomo has said that he and his bandmates are talking about launching their own summer camp. The band have just completed a US tour and are set to tour Australia in January. They are billing the tour as the Memories tour as it sees the band playing the whole of their 1994 self-titled debut, commonly known as "The Blue Album". Speaking to Australia's Herald Sun, Cuomo said that the band have not begun work on any new songs, but were talking about following up their Weezer cruise with another new venture. Asked about this, he said: "We'd like to put together some sort of Weezer camp, but we're just beginning to talk about it, so I don't have any details yet." Then asked if this would like a conventional US summer camp, Cuomo replied by saying: "Yeah". Cuomo also said that he would like to schedule a tour which saw them playing 2008's "The Red Album" all the way through and that the band were happy to concentrate on playing their early material in their live shows. He added: "There's plenty of people who want to see the first few albums so we're happy to do it. Personally the next album I'd like to do is "The Red Album" which came out in 2008." Weezer's last album, "Death To False Metal", was released in 2010. It was the ninth studio album of their career so far. Thanks to NME for the report.
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