Rob Trujillo: 'Fans Thought Lulu Was Crap'

Bassist reflects on controversial Metallica/Lou Reed record.

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Metallica's recent collaboration with Lou Reed was perhaps the most controversial record of the band's career. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press, bassist Rob Trujillo has conceded (via Metal Hammer) that it wasn't exactly what fans were after:

"Obviously there were mixed reviews on our Lou Reed experience. Some people thought it was an amazing artistic statement. A lot of Metallica fans thought it was crap. (Laughs)"

However, Trujillo claims that the process of moving into uncharted territory was important for Metallica's development as a band:

"You take chances and kind of go with the flow of it. We just try to have a good time. That's the name of the game - be creative - and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work.

"That's what makes the band special - the fact that Metallica can go in and play with an orchestra and collaborate with the likes of a Lou Reed, and actually do a bit of improvising in uncharted territory.

"In this day and age, it's important in staying relevant, especially for us. We're inspired by so much, we like to try things. Sometimes financially it can be a task ...

We're there to deliver the passion we feel for music. When we put on the guitars it's like we're kids again. And that's different from a lot of bands when they get older, to still connect with music that way. We come up with so many riffs - our problem is trying to keep them all out of one song. (Laughs) It's a good problem to have.

"Right now we're having a hard time focusing on making a new record because there's so much else going on."

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    That headline is the equivalent of "people realized you need air to breathe." I do respect 'em for going full-risky, though, even if the results could be considered full-retard.
    Collaborating with Lou was indeed risky, however, I still feel like the idea should have been tabled.
    The result isn't full-retard... It's just that Lulu was to much experimental. There's good songs on this record. "The View" "Pumping Blood" "Frustration". There's also the worst song ever made "Mistress Dread". The album is not amazing at the end... but certainly not crap...
    Man i cannot call "The View" a good music, the lyrics are funny(not in a good way), it's repetitive as hell and Lars just doesn't stop to hit that damned cymbal. i respect when a musician try different things, but the "they hate it because is different" is no different than the "they hate because they're jealous" excuse.
    I'd be more prone to taking this need to express yourself creatively and branch out seriously if he'd have exhausted himself more with Metallica work than just 2 albums.
    Funny thing is, biggest cultural impact Lulu had, was all the "I am the table" jokes.
    Fans thought water is wet.
    Ulrich said water isn't for everyone. So if you're going to complain that water is wet, why don't you go drink gravel?
    I figure them packing stadiums all over the world makes them still relevant. Just my opinion, though.
    Forever not being able to eat food at the dinner table incase James is watching me..
    Drache Wachter
    It's not just the dinner table you should be worried about. He's everywhere.
    Yeah true. Doesnt help that i have a table right next to my bed either. Sleep is not an option.
    The Metallica parts weren't half bad. The chorus in The View was pretty catchy. Lou Reed's... ahem, "vocals" on the album were truly atrocious though.
    Because I agreed with what you said I didn't know if I wanted to upvote based on what you said or downvote based on how Lou reed makes me feel!
    Ya think? Glad to see they're having a laugh about it now though.
    "Some people thought it was an artistic achievement" Yes, 5 to be exact.
    Thanks captain obvious... Apart from that though, I can totally see where they come from in trying new things. Much respect to them for it. Metallica is a band that actually makes music for themselves, rather than trying to please everyone else.
    The way he's almost apologizing for the record makes it sound like he thinks it's crap too.
    I think you might be a little confused. just cause something isn't new doesn't mean its not relevant to music today. For example I'd consider Pink Floyd relevant to music today because so many bands still look to them for inspiration. Just like i hear Metallica in A LOT of metal recordings to this day
    I truly do feel bad for Metallica. I mean some of their "fans" just expect them to dance to their tune and if they release an album that isn't basically a copy paste of their first four records then they jump on the "****ing stop making music". It has to be remembered that they can do whatever if they want. Just like they did with this record. Yet the expectation from them is that they release some "brutal" metal record. If Metallica decided tomorrow to release an album of Britney Spears covers I probably wouldn't like it but at least I would respect their decision to do so.
    Diamond Head and etc. Yes Metallica covered them, but with cleaner palm mutes.
    The Snowman
    It wound up being a steaming shitpile, but at least they took a chance on something. Better than just putting out the same three songs for thirty years.
    Stop saying this is a Metallica album, just because Metallica was on the album to help, does not make it a Metallica album,and am I the only one who liked Lulu?
    What I heard of it I thought was pretty good. Then again I'm not a Metallica fan so maybe that's why I could see it from a different perspective.
    So, you thought a rather average sounding album with a bad singer and Hetfield becoming a table was good? Even if you dislike Metallica, where's the appeal?
    I read the title "Rob Trujillo: 'Fans Thought Lulu Was Crap'" And expected "Wait till you hear this new one!" that's all i have to add to the comments section lol.
    Badass UltraMan
    Hearing Lou whine that he was pumping blood made me think he should see a doctor about potential bowel cancer
    What kills me is that Lou Reed and Metallica could have made a bitch ass album together. IT's like they experimented too much and forced themselves way out the box. It feels like a douchebag hipster leading a pack of moronic meatheads
    "Metallica's development as a band" Usually bands stop developing after a few decades.
    I can understand trying new things and different directions, but don't they listen to their own music after they record it?!? Lulu was horrible! How could they possibly have sat down, listened to the album and said "That's great, send out the CDs so everyone will listen".
    Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that liked Lulu.. .Not as a Metallica or metal fan, but as a Music fan.. Except for Lou Reed, that *****s spoken word killed the album... I just listen to the album as Instrumental now... My fav song is Dragon
    I didn't think Lulu was too bad. Of course, I'm a bit of a fan of both Lou Reed and Metallica. I thought there were some really good songs on it. "Iced Honey" was one of my favorites.
    St. Fixxxer
    Wow. So Metallica makes 5 shitty albums and its considered "musical creativity" and its ok. But Megadeth does "musical creativity" and its not ok? Hello, at least Megadeth stayed within the genre and didn't need outside help. As a matter of fact, Im pretty sure Metallica cant stay together without someone stepping in and helping them out(Dave Mustaine, Bob Rock, a band therapist???)
    Where are these 5 so-called "sh*tty" albums you speak of? I can only think of 3 by popular vote that would be considered sh*tty; Load, ReLoad and St Anger (Even though I like Load/ReLoad) Oh, and LuLu doesn't count.
    Probably talking about Death Magnetic and The Black Album, those two get reamed by people a lot too, just not as outspoken as the three you named
    Neo Evil11
    I quite liked those "shitty" albums, apart from St. Anger. It definitely was musical creativity.
    You try to make a point about Metallica not being able to stay together while arguing a case for Megadeth? Megadeth has had how many members?
    "it's ok"??? Excuse me, but where the f**k do you live? They've gotten twice as much shit thrown at them for those albums than Megadeth for Risk/CW/Super Collider IMO. Also, your post is kind of an irony considering your name (St. Anger + Fixxer(from Reload)).
    My Last Words
    Megadeth strayed from their "genre" with countdown to extinction. Not that it matters. Genres are pointless, All I care about if it's good or not.
    I think it's awesome, they can do what they want. They're Metallica the best metal band ever. Original.
    Uncle Manwich
    Do I think Lulu sucked? Absolutely. Do I hate Metallica? Not at all. It's like Wayne Gretzky once said: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".
    I thought it was crap at first, but recently i listened to it again, and i kind of grown to liking it,its not metallica definitely, nor is it lou reed, it is something compleatly different, and if you somehow crawl into the atmosphere that they had, it can be a good song