Rob Trujillo Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting Ozzy Osbourne

Tackling women to bite their boots, weird dance moves, drugs, power outage, rock 'n' roll magic - this one's a must-see!

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Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo recently shared an awesome story about first meeting metal icon Ozzy Osbourne. Spiced up by background cartoon animation, the clip is available via Off the Wall TV. Involving Ozzy as he tackles women to bite their cowboy boots, accidental power outage, drugs, weird dance moves and signature Osbourne insanity, this one's a must see, so make sure to check out the video below. As Rob recalled, he met Ozzy for the first time while recording with his band Infectious Grooves. Sharing a studio with the vocalist ended up with a tour opening slot for the band and ultimately, Trujillo's position as a bassist of Osbourne's band. The mentioned studio sessions also resulted in Ozzy's guest appearance on Infectious Grooves' "Therapy" track. "Things always have a way of working out," Rob concluded after his wild story.

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    I laughed my ass off at the Texas power outage part...maybe he caused it when he pissed on the Alamo lol
    Hilarious story! Also on a side note: Anyone who has seen Some Kind of Monster (the Metallica documentary) knows that Robert is one of the best Ozzy-imitators ever.Check this out:
    Was about to post this, stuff's hilarious. Too bad the song behind is god damn awful.
    Saw it last night. Funny stuff. Too bad he doesn't get so much attention compared to the other Metalli guys.
    Was that Vans thing animated by the Bob's Burgers people? The style feels so similar.
    Now think of how many interesting stories you can make for people if you start biting random peoples shoes!
    So how come no one complains about this not being news?
    Because it's fun, interesting and much more appreciated than another slayer or a7x thing saying exactly the same stuff.