Rob Trujillo: That Time in '93 I Got Into a Fight With Bandmate Onstage While Metallica Was Playing

The crazy days of Suicidal Tendencies.

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Rob Trujillo: That Time in '93 I Got Into a Fight With Bandmate Onstage While Metallica Was Playing

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo revealed he wasn't always a chill dude he is today, telling Driver (transcribed by UG):

"Musicians can be complicated; that craziness is also what makes them special.

"That's kinda how it's evolved for me - I just realized in any band I've ever been in, I always had to sort of balance that energy and try to make it work with the team I'm working with; make the best music possible and create a balanced environment.

"When I first started doing this with Suicidal Tendencies [in 1989], I wasn't as balanced.

"I was a loose cannon and there were some fights that could have gone really, really bad.

"There was even a fight onstage with Metallica, with my guitar player Rocky. We were best friends! Twice we got into these brawls and once was onstage during a Metallica set.

"We were touring with them in 1993, I body-slammed him and almost knocked down Hetfield's guitars. And they were playing!

"The crew at the time was getting a kick out of it, 'cause that's where they were at. [Laughs] 'Oh yeah, cool! A brawl on stage!'

"But it's one thing when you're 25 and another thing when you get older. Those incidents just don't work anymore..."

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    Trujillo is a great guy. Glad he mentions Rocky George even if it's in this context. In my humble opinion Rockey George is probably the single most underrated guitarist of his time. He NEVER gets the credit he deserves. Lights...Camera...Revolution is a early 90s masterpiece.
    Trujillo must've been pissed if he fought Rocky...Rocky seemed like the most normal guy in classic ST lol 
    yeah imagine Rob brawling with Lars nowadays on stage
    Maybe Lars could keep a proper beat if Rob were punching him, like a violent click track.
    It's amazing how much untapped potential he has as far as his contribution to Metallica goes.
    Very true! I don' think that anyone could blame him for taking the Metallica gig (who wouldn't?) but he's a MUCH better bass player than their music allows him to show. Trujillo's playing with Suicidal and Infectious Grooves was phenomenal.