Rob Zombie Launches Crowd Funding Campaign for Upcoming Film '31'

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Rob Zombie Launches Crowd Funding Campaign for Upcoming Film '31'
After releasing his 2012 debut feature movie "Lords of Salem," Rob Zombie is ready to hit the big screen with his next horror story "31" - but this time it requires the little help from you.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Zombie finally shares some intricate details about "31," starting with the time-honored tradition of clowns scaring the crap out of us all. "Maybe when I was a baby or something. I remember seeing this Super 8 footage that my parents made of me at the grand opening of McDonald's or something," says Zombie. "I was a little older than a baby and Ronald McDonald was there, freaking the f--k out of me. I didn't even know it was a clown. It was just a guy with a white face and bright red hair, and a stranger. So I was not too happy. [But] I've never had a fear of clowns. I find clowns fascinating. On one level, they're very entertaining and on another, they're incredibly repulsive."

According to Zombie, the script for "31" is complete and location scouting will begin next week. As of yet, Zombie has not put together a cast for "31."

As Loudwire notes, Rob Zombie is using crowd funding methods to raise a goal of $2 million. The film's Fanbacked page offers some awesome incentives in return for your contributions. Zombie is offering exclusive "31" swag, an autographed movie poster, the opportunity to be an extra in the movie and even an executive producer credit. "If there was a time where someone told me, 'Your name can be forever in the credits of­ 'Star Wars,'' or whatever," Zombie begins, "I'd be like, 'F--k yeah.' That's pretty rad."
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