Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson Feud Erupts On Stage

artist: Rob Zombie date: 10/15/2012 category: wtf?
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Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson Feud Erupts On Stage
Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson's Twins Of Evil double-header might have appeared a hot ticket to a number of metal fans. But, given the war of words that has erupted in recent days, it seems questionable as to whether the tour will even make it to the finish line. As Classic Rock reports, the feud between the two went public at a show in Clarkston, Michigan, when Manson vowed that he was "going to kick his [Rob Zombie's] ass" because Zombie had forced him to cut his set short. Taking the stage later in the evening, Rob Zombie retorted by saying that "some tours just don't go together" and that he was sick of Marilyn Manson's "rock star sh-t". Zombie later took to Facebook to clarify what had gone on: "Neither I nor anyone working for me made Manson cut his show short. It's a co-headliner and we both play the exact same length every night. It's all very simple. But if one of us chooses to go on late for whatever reason, that time will have to come out of their set. That's just the way it works, the way it always works. There is no evil going on it's all complete nonsense." Zombie noted that he was surprised with Manson's change in mood: "I was backstage watching the show, thinking, Hey, this is gonna be a great night,' when suddenly he starts screaming threats. I don't get it. I've known some of his crew for 20 f--king years. Some of them used to work for me. No one would f--k with someone's show." The "Dragula" singer also said that he regretted discussing the incident with the audience, calling the exchange "fourth-grade fight-after-school nonsense with which I have never dealt on tour before."
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