Robbie Williams To Build UFO Island

The seemingly barmy pop singer wants to buy a Californian isalnd to build a UFO spotting resort, even though he accepts that his unusual habit makes him look "weird and fat". Would you visit?

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Reports claim that pop singer Robbie Williams is planning to buy an island in California as a base for spotting UFOs.

The former Take That singer who embarked on a solo career in 1996 is an avid UFO enthusiast who wants to buy the 1.3 acre island from Hollywood movie director Michael Caffrey to build a luxury resort, according to NME.

Although he is a fan an believer of UFOs, yesterday he expressed regret at taking a break from his singing career to make UFO documentaries.

"I wanted to do something else and I thought that something else was making documentaries about UFOs and the paranormal," he told The Mirror.

"But that wasn't going to work out for me; that just made me weird and - at the time - fat. Weird and fat with a beard looking for UFOs. So I thought I would reverse that situation as it was a PR nightmare."

Do you believe in UFOs? Have you ever seen a crop circle? Let us know in the comments.

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    By the look on his Face in the picture,This man is a bit bizarre.But, UFO's will hopefully find All of the Kardashian's and take them far away. That's cool with me.
    This is ****ing stupid, what makes him think that any ufo's are gonna be flying round his island anyway? this isnt "ufo jurassic park" robbbie you ****in idiot! nteresting subject though
    to be fair to this guy, i'm a big metalhead and when i've actually seen this guy live twice and tbh the guy went into the wrong genre, he could probably hold his own in a rock band, definitely not a metal band, but a rock band for sure, inb4 everything but metal is shit.
    Let Me Entertain you is an absolute tune. And I'm partial to a bit of Take That as well. The man done good.
    I thought this was going to be about the band UFO
    I like the idea of building a large island purely to watch one band on it. Not UFO though, somebody I'd want to keep trapped in an isolated place...
    Although I hate this guy, I have to admire him. An island dedicated to UFO watching/searching sounds pretty cool. Yes, I think aliens exist.
    Inb4 the virtual philanthropes with "herp derp the money used on this island can end the world's poverty and starving lol derp"
    give money to kids .how many gold toliets do you needdam rich musicians .