Rock Opera Game Will Feature Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy

She will star in new videogame alongside with the members of Cradle of Filth and DragonForce.

Ultimate Guitar

Alissa White-Gluz and Dani Filth are set to feature in a new "rock opera" videogame.

Developed by students at the Utrecht University of Arts in the Netherlands, "Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame" is a puzzle platform and adventure game that sees a host of rock stars deliver the storyline via music and singing.

Arch Enemy singer White-Gluz, Cradle of Filth star Dani, DragonForce singer Marc Hudson and Simone Simons of Epica are among the names who lend their skills to the game.

The musical score is performed by the Metropole Orkest – the world's biggest professional pop and jazz orchestra – and band members of Epica, Textures and Within Temptation. The music within the game reacts to the playing style of the gamer.

An album version of the game's score will be released in October, with the game due to follow for PC and Mac in early 2015.

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    Too bad we never got Brutal Legend 2...
    Brutal Legend was a GREAT game! I know its sales were lukewarm but I loved it and the soundtrack was amazing.
    Never say never...
    I want it to happen, but Double Fine's Tim Schafer (Spelling?) seems to only want to do weird indie games instead of continuing Brutal Legend in all it's glory.
    I think he wanted to do more, he seemed very passionate about the game back in the day, but it flopped pretty hard (Just like Psychonauts did before Brutal Legend), so they stopped doing big budget games and started doing other stuff that was more financially viable while maintining their creative freedom. Maybe we'll get a kickstarter someday, that's the only chance we got, unless they return to big budget games (which seems unlikely at the moment).
    I want Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal themed fighting game similar to Tekken or Mortal Kombat where you can choose your character. Or platformer with alot humor.. Or even Brütal Legend 2 would be sweet.
    The world NEEDS a Brutal Legend 2, we didn't get to kill punks or nu-metal kids yet! Hell, just take the lyrics from Tenacious D's "The Metal" and maybe "Beelzebub" for a final boss, there's your storyline.
    OR they go back and fix Brutal Legend. Starts off as such a good game, then about an hour in, tower defense battles and all of the humor is gone.
    Tower defence? More like a mix of hero defence and generic real-time strategy, with only the absolute worst aspects of the two. I got about halfway through the game (Drowning Doom fights), where it becomes pretty much impossible to win, at least without some epic strategy I have no clue about.
    I'm with you, Jack Black is my idol but tower defense is not my forte though.
    Guilty Gear? Features a ton of references to hard rock and metal, and the soundtrack is pretty heavy. BlazBlue is somewhat the same deal, but not as cool.
    You should look at Guilty Gear Xrd, it's gonna be epic!
    Been following it for a while, it's going to be awesome, though i'm a but confused by the new costume designs, don't know what ti think of those.
    link no1
    "The music within the game reacts to the playing style of the gamer." I've seen so many statements like this for a few of these 'artsy music' games and it's usually just a nifty way of the Devs saying "the game also has a soundtrack".
    Sewage Rat
    Graphics are fake and gay
    You do realize 4 things right, 1: It's still in development 2: It's a game focused on the musical interaction in the game 3: It's being made by students 4: I highly doubt graphics have a sexual preference. This isn't the new CoD game where they pretend it's a good game because they have decent graphics. They're actually trying to do something new.
    This is actually really interesting, it's like a video game musical with rock opera, and the game itself looks promising.