Rock Star Guide To Horror Movies

We dig out recommendations from Kirk Hammet, Phil Anselmo, Marylin Manson and Rob Zombie. Be warned, there's some gory content in here.

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*WARNING: Gory trailers ahead. Proceed with caution!*

Rock and horror has spent decades walking hand in bloodied-hand. Imagery from the horror world has been ingrained in many metal performances since its conception, and many leading musicians have stepped forward as aficionados of the genre.

As part of our Halloween celebrations, we've dug out some of their top recommendations. Remember to share your top horror movie tips in the comments!

Kirk Hammet (Metallica)

Hammet says a good horror movie is like a roller coaster. "A good horror movie should have peaks and valleys, a good horror movie should move you emotionally, a good horror movie should be exciting to watch and energizing in a weird kind of way," he said this week while promoting his new book "Too Much Horror Business".

As you might expect, he loves classics horrors like "The Mummy" (1932):

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He likes to keep up with modern horror movies too. "A few movies I've seen recently that I really like are 'Trollhunter' (2010) and 'Insidious' (2011)," he said. "These days the horror movie genre is strong, and there's a lot of great movies coming out."

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Rob Zombie

The Grammy-winning artist is also a filmmaker and personally rebooted the Halloween movie franchise. He told the Daily Beast about a few of his favorite zombie movies.

"Dawn Of The Dead" (1978) - "This Romero masterpiece may not be the one that started it all, but it sure set the gold standard for all zombie films to come... The intensity of the entire film can be seen on the stillness of his face in the final scene when, in the face of certain death, he prepares to kill himself."

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"28 Days Later" (2002) - "Just when you thought you had seen it all in the zombie game, along comes Danny Boyle and his running zombies... and f--k, does it ever work. Animal activists release a rage monkey virus and all hell breaks loose."

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"White Zombie" (1932) "Lugosi creates yet another iconic horror character by the name of Murder Legendre, a sinister cloak figure of pure evil commanding an army of living dead. I'm also pretty sure it was the first time the word 'zombie' was used in a film. Why this film isn't as beloved as Dracula and Frankenstein, I will never know."

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Marylin Manson

Manson says he's not crazy for slasher films, but he told Revolver that when he does watch them he tends to root for the bad guy. Who'd have guessed?

"The Omen" (1976) - "I was in Christian school, so I was always afraid of things related to the Devil, to the extent that I was always checking my scalp to see if I had '666' tattooed on my scalp."

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"The Walking Dead" (2010) - Not a movie, but Manson gives a good justification to why it's so original: "If the world starts ending outside and we're locked in here, it's not the sh-t outside that's scaryit's what people do in that situation, when their morals and their behavior, their ideals, and everything that you thought they stood for changes... that really what I like about 'The Walking Dead'."

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Phil Anselmo (Pantera)

Anselmo is a self-professed horror movie buff and talked about his all-time best horror movies with Bloody Disgusting.

"Evil Dead" (1983) - "Evil Dead, which I know now was a fluke, has to be one of the best flukes in the history of film... Evil Dead was a hallmark film in my life."

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"The Old Dark House" (1932) "This was also a hallmark film for me with Charles Laughton and Melvyn Douglas, not to mention Boris Karloff playing Morgan. As a matter of fact, if I'm not mistaken, that was Karloff's very next role after he'd done the original Frankenstein. That movie was fantastic."

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"Don't Go In The House" (1980) - "In a time where slasher films were very big, this was not a slasher film. The guy burns people to death; he's some sort of necro-arsonist. It's a really f--king intense film. The soundtrack is absolutely great, nothing good happens and it just keeps getting worse."

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What horror movies do you love? Share trailers to the best ones in the comments.

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    How can you make a list of rock stars' favourite horror moveis and not include Alice Cooper? There's even a video of him listing his favourites which you can find here:
    Man, I remember watching Carnival of Souls when I was little... freakin' creepy movie. Definitely overlooked.
    These movies aren't really scary. But how about John carpenters the thing? And I love the picture of mr. Barlow.
    The best horror movie is KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. Nothing fills you with horror more than that flick.
    Watch A Serbian Film. I dare yah...
    Watch the blowjob scene in Brain Damage. Best death scene ever crafted.
    Good acting, not scary though, mostly just a shock thing, I love The Evil Dead recommendation though. :L
    Saw 1 The Exorcist Nightmare on Elm Street 1-2 Rose Mary's Baby Halloween 1-4 and for comedy....Zombieland
    The best "horror" movie to me will ALWAYS be Hellraiser. It's flat out amazing. Hellraiser 5 manages to give you a view into what real hell is as well.
    Martyrs, I Saw the Devil, Eden Lake, Frontier(s), Inside, A Serbian Film, Let the Right One In, Funny Games, Drag Me to Hell For a funny one: Dale and Tucker vs Evil
    Human centipede for sheer disgusting gruesomeness
    Human Centipede is tame. You hardly saw anything in the first film that was gross. Brain Damage and The Toolbox Murders were more gruesome.
    Top 5 favorite horror movies: The Ring The Haunting (original b&w version) The Blair Witch Project Alien In the Mouth of Madness
    Some other great movies I can think of : Noroi, cause this shit was ****in scary and it just keeps getting more intense through the whole film. Drag Me To Hell, cause it's both scary and fun to watch, some people don't like it but I do. Ju-On & The Grudge, the original is really good, and the remake was unexpectdly good too. Nosferatu, it got a very unique atmosphere, still it's not the one that scared me the most. Rosemary's Baby, I thought it was meh on the moment, but it needs some time to begin haunting you. Suspiria, just surrealist, feels like you're in a nightmare and can't wake up. And others I forgot to put here... Tonight I will probably watch Chichiba Oni, looks like it's some creepy stuff
    Dr. Knox666
    Evil Dead was indeed scary as fvck. A friend and I watched it when we were 7 or 8 years old. After watching it I couldn't sleep for a week haha.
    Not one said the original Nosferatu? But i agree with Kirk, there are so many great new ones.Makes me happy!
    Megashark vs Giant Octopuss. What makes it scary is that something so bad was aloud to be made in the first place.
    The changeling. Seriusly watch it now is you haven't yet
    The picture is Mr Barlow i believe from Salems Lot. Thats movie is pretty damn good and scary too. Youtube the prison scene with Mr Barlow.
    Death of a Ghost Hunter; Poltergeist;The Last Exorcism; Halloween; Grave Encounters
    The women and Grace are pretty good. Just watched v/h/s and that had some weird shit going on but wasnt that great as a whole movie. Doghouse is ****ing awesome with cannibalistic zombie women, I would recommend it to any horror fan. And antichrist with the crazy bitch cutting her own clit off is pretty cringe worthy.
    where is August Underground Mordum? the sickest film ever? if you can watch it from the beginning to the end something is wrong with you. and if there isnt. there will be....
    This is about good horror, not snuff films. I've seen some messed up horror, but that's not even art.
    Dog Soldiers is probably my favorite werewolf film. Also the movie Leviathan is pretty cool. It kind of combine aspects of The Thing and Alien. I'd definitely recommend that one.