Rock Star Zombies

Zombies attack! Check out our gallery of rock star zombies, but be careful they don't bite you...

Ultimate Guitar

These rock stars got infected, and have joined the walking dead in time for Halloween. Can you guess who they are? Hint: yes you can.

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    This is the first time in months that I really lol'd with an UG article. *slow clap*
    They were pretty bad, but that rotting corpse they put in at the end really had me convinced it was Keith Richards.
    I was kinda hoping for a pic of the 60's band, The Zombies. Not photoshopped or anything, just a promo pic of them looking dapper in their suits.
    They didn't do a thing to Keith Richards! I love that, that's awesome as crap!
    I can't recognize any of these people. Except the last one. That's obvious King Tut.
    Keith is probably the only one in Rock biz with the gand Canyon on his face...sooooo scary!
    I somehow knew they would use a 2004 era Eddie Van Halen photo, I love the guy but that was not a good era for him
    who's the guy at the end? and why isn't his face photoshopped like the rest? :S