'Rush: Illustrated History' Book Announced

Rush fans will love this account of their history starting in 1968 and detailing every album and photograph from their incredible career.

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An official illustrated history of Rush will be released, documenting their 40 years at the front line of progressive rock music.

"Rush: the Illustrated History" tells the story of Rush starting in 1968 with their early days in Toronto, Canada, and detailing their rise as they record and tour 18 studio albums.

The book has been written by Martin Popoff, a music writer and Rush expert. Apparently, no stone is left unturned and there's plenty of insight into each Rush album including "2112," "Moving Pictures," and their latest release "Clockwork Angels."

In addition, there's plenty of extra material including photographs, album reviews from around the globe, comments from fellow musicians and a detailed Rush discography.

One thing the book probably won't include is their forthcoming induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rush have been eligible for the Rock Hall since 1998, and many feel they had been snubbed every year since then.

Now they've finally been acknowledged by the Rock Hall, and will be inducted by Dave Grohl at the official ceremony on April 18 in Los Angeles.

Grohl might even perform with Rush live at the ceremony, but if they're working on anything at all you can bet they'll try hard to keep it a secret for now.

You can pre-order "Rush: The Illustrated History" at Amazon.

Will you buy the book? What other rock-related books can you recommend to UG readers? Let us know in the comments.

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    Mustaine a heavy metal memoir, I am Ozzy, and any of nixi sixxs books. There's also pendragon and rangers apprentice
    I read Mustaine's memoirs and it was really good. I've also heard great things about Scar Tissue, but I still haven't read it yet. I really need to get on that.
    Scar Tissue is a fantastic book, definitely worth a read!
    To summarize Scar Tissue: Its about Keidis having sex, doing drugs, living in California, or having sex while doing drugs in California.
    I thought a lot of what Kiedis wrote in Scar tissue sounded very exaggerated tbh. His style of writing was kinda pretentious too. I'm a big fan of him and RHCP but i can't say i recommend his book.
    I agree. It's quite a revealing book, unless you knew about his hedonistic lifestyle already.
    N4 I RockDude
    the ending Mustaine's book ended in defending him being a born again Christian. i don't give a **** about that! what the **** happened to talking about United abominations etc. I'm not buying the same book for an added chapter either.
    LMAO!!! its about rush and everyone goes on about other peoples books...like how half the comments on David singing with megadeth were about taking a dump..pointless yet funny I must say...anyway..I cant wait to get this book!
    To Live is to die on Cliff Burton by Joel McIver I got a whole new perspective on Metallica after reading it.