Russian Stage Invasions are Crazy

artist: Anaal Nathrakh date: 03/27/2013 category: wtf?
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Russian Stage Invasions are Crazy
Most metal fans might think twice about invading the stage after Randy Blythe's recent manslaughter trial.

But in Russia, fans of Anaal Nathrakh don't mind getting stuck into the action, no matter what the venue policy might be.

In the video below, spotted by Metal Insider, dozens of fans join the band on stage at a show last Saturday in Moscow. The British metal band are apparently a big hit over in Russia, judging by the crowd reaction, and it's fun to see the crowd dancing like no-one is watching. Of course, in an era of smartphones, there's always someone watching - and with YouTube, maybe many more.

Watch the crazy performance by Anaal Nathrakh in the player here:

Russians aren't the only ones who know how to invade a stage with style. This UG writer remembers seeing Dillinger Escape Plan at the Garage in London last year, where this happened:

Have you seen any crazy stage invasions worth sharing? Tell us about them or post YouTube links in the comments and we'll check them out.
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