Russian Stage Invasions are Crazy

Russians are known for their crazy antics on YouTube, and this clip of a live show where dozens of metal fans invade the stage is no different.

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Most metal fans might think twice about invading the stage after Randy Blythe's recent manslaughter trial.

But in Russia, fans of Anaal Nathrakh don't mind getting stuck into the action, no matter what the venue policy might be.

In the video below, spotted by Metal Insider, dozens of fans join the band on stage at a show last Saturday in Moscow. The British metal band are apparently a big hit over in Russia, judging by the crowd reaction, and it's fun to see the crowd dancing like no-one is watching. Of course, in an era of smartphones, there's always someone watching - and with YouTube, maybe many more.

Watch the crazy performance by Anaal Nathrakh in the player here:

Russians aren't the only ones who know how to invade a stage with style. This UG writer remembers seeing Dillinger Escape Plan at the Garage in London last year, where this happened:

YouTube preview picture

Have you seen any crazy stage invasions worth sharing? Tell us about them or post YouTube links in the comments and we'll check them out.

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    I think those people who climb on stage, usually do not think of music - they just want to show themselves. And it is highly disrespectful to the musicians. I know from interviews and books that many musicians don't like it when the audience climbs on stage - because these "fans" do not care about the music itself.
    In extreme metal and grindcore, at a lot of gigs and festivals it seems to be encouraged for fans to go on stage and stage dive or prance around. Yous see it all the time. Not saying I'd do it myself but... Edit: Although they do take it too far in the Anaal Nathrakh vid.
    I know, but in most cases this is not a good taste. Especially when the fans on the scene hurt musicians and prevent them from performing, forgetting that the band plays for all people.
    Maybe true... but I went to a Nevermore show a few years back in NYC and Warrel Dane pulled me up on stage, as well as several other fans. We headbanged a bit and jumped back into the crowd. It was awesome, and everyone there cared very much for the music itself.
    So from the fans point of view they get to watch a bunch of tossers crab walking on stage?
    Fans on the stage can be alright in context. Sometimes it's pretty crappy, whether it's a potential psychopath or just the homophobic skinhead who tried to grab Stza's microphone at a Leftover Crack gig (just before they were about to play 'Gay Rude Boys Unite' of course), if they're not invited they're not welcome. But if the band themselves invite the fans on the stage then it's all good as far as I can see, ok some bands underestimate the crowds enthusiasm, but let's face it, if one of your favourite bands invites you to stand on stage with them how can you resist? Venues and organisers seem to have more of a problem with fans on stage most of the time, like at Download '10 they pulled Five Finger Death Punch half way through their set because they invited fans on stage, even though they had managed to clear them all off before the set was pulled. Too much paranoia if you ask me, it can go wrong, but the chances aren't as high as they might seem.
    Dillinger are s**t though. Last time I said that I got banned for 30 days. Stick it up your arse.
    I once got a warning for saying something negative about religion. It was mild and I used no bad language. I think the moderators just ban people who they disagree with sometimes. Pretty damn pathetic really.
    This happens all the time at shows, not really a big deal. Just people having fun. Saw The World Inferno Friendship society this week and brought the singer a glass of wine before stage diving back in the crowd.
    Green Jello invites fans up onstage to wear giant foam puppet heads and have a puppet mosh pit. Very entertaining