Sammy Hagar Announces New Radio Show

He'll be joined by Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony for a special show to co-launch his brand new solo album.

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Sammy Hagar will launch his first solo album in five years called "Sammy Hagar & Friends" with a nationwide radio special with his Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony called "The Sammy and Mikey Happy Hour Radio Show."

Hagar called on fans last week to ask questions for the show, which will reportedly include calls from various celebrity guest including those who features on the star-studded recording.

Musicians who appear on the new record, due on September 24, include Kid Rock, Nancy WIlson of Heart, Neil Schon from Journey with Joe Satriani and his fellow bandmates in Chickenfoot.

Fans can collect the album in either a standard edition, or a deluxe CD/DVD package with bonus live music and a "making-of" documentary.

A list of radio stations and broadcast dates for "The Sammy and Mikey Happy Hour Radio Show" are available here.

Meanwhile, what would you ask the pair? Let us know in the comments.

Watch a preview from Sammy Hagar's new solo album "Sammy Hagar & Friends" here:

YouTube preview picture

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    Ya know what, They should have got Hagar or Alice Cooper doing a radio station for GTA V, seems they do it in real life.
    Someone should give this a listen one day, just to check out how many times he will diss Van Halen in 1 hour.
    If I were Sammy, I'd be dissing on Van Halen too. Eddie was a f-cking prick to him after 1992. He has every right to be pissed at him.
    Yep, I can understand why Sammy hates VH this much too, but still it's funny how much he slams (UG mode on) VH.
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