Santana: 'Pitbull Is the New Queen and Rolling Stones of Today'

"He's the arena energy person!" guitar legend adds.

Ultimate Guitar

Guitar legend Carlos Santana recently sang massive praises of rap star Pitbull, comparing him to some of the ultimate rock greats.

Pitbull is featured on the lengthy list of guest artists of Santana's new album "Corazon" where he remade the classic track "Oye Como Ba" into a rap song. And Mr. Carlos is in love with it.

"I'm so grateful to him 'cause I think he tried it, like, close to 20 times," Santana told ABC News Radio. "I feel so grateful that he invested such diligence, and willingness to do this. Everything that he does becomes like halftime at the Super Bowl, or the NBA."

Drawing the attention-grabbing comparison, the guitarist added, "He's like the new Queen and Rolling Stones of today, because every time you want your team to pick up the energy, they play that music, y'know? So that's what Pitbull is: he's, like, the arena energy person!"

As Santana's 22nd studio effort, "Corazon" saw its release on May 6 via RCA Records, debuting at No. 9 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    In related news: Santana has officially gone senile.
    matteo cubano
    if you've ever been really into Carlos' music and then went to learn more about him as a person and watched/read interviews...the dude sounds like a complete crazy person sometimes. and its been going on for a really long time. so yeah, i lose a lotta respect for him for this but i'm not surprised he's riding the ridiculous claims train. And for the record, being a Cuban American has never brought me shame than Pitbull throwing that flag up on everything he releases.
    I pretend its 2 different people, some time during the mid 80´s this pop culture persona showed up.... fortunately he left his beautiful spiritual music from the 60´s and 70´s to remember him by
    Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger might've been flamboyant, but they never let their persona get in the way of the music - virtually the antithesis of Pitbull. How many Queen songs began with 'Ugh .. Freddie Mercury!'?
    I just pictured Freddie Mercury screaming "Ugh! Farrokh Bulsara!" and then screaming random words in Parsi in every song performed by Queen. *shivers*
    I really hope he's being sarcastic and actually is referring to the energy depicted by the Queen of England and the music performed by a literal rolling stone, a common pebble found in the ground.
    I think Santana never did find his way back from that mescaline trip he had at Woodstock. This reinforces my point.
    Yo! UG! Satana's original song is actually called "Oye como va" not "Oye como ba"
    You know what, the fact that good music doesnt get much attention doesnt annoy me as much as the fact that people like brian may keidis and now santana have started sucking up to the pop stars
    HAHAHAHAHA!! !!? Let's take a moment to look back at when Pitbull tried being "hard"
    This put a blight on my weekend, I'm cancelling all my plans and running a cold bath for me and my cats.
    Pitbull is the shittest singer all over the place and only thing he makes is a plagiarism
    I try not to get worked up over the ridiculous dribble that seasoned musicians have been spewing out recently, but this takes it to the absolute extreme. WOW.
    based on what he said about pitbull being the arena energy person of this generation, i can see where his argument is coming from based on that logic alone. that's all he said. what's with all the negativity?
    Totally over-rated guitarist. A few dozen releases between the late 60's hits and the 90's pop (still can't stand to hear Smooth, they overplayed it so much) no one ever heard.
    Santana is a fine guitarist, but he hasn't done much since he covered Fleetwood Mac's Black Magic Woman with Peter Green's help. So, how can he compare a pit bull to rock legends based on the work to re-do a rap version of Oye Como Va?
    Dammit, Shape Shifter was so good, but now Corazon completely wrecks the momentum he had. When I think Santana, I think the first three albums, not latin-techno beats with rapping, and an overly melodic guitar solo that is awesome but fits NOWHERE. And whatever happened to the reunion with Rolie, Shrieve, Schon, Malone and Carabello?
    Literally no one I dislike more into today's pop then Pittbulls annoying ass appearance in every song. The minute you hear him do his stupid entrance like some wwe special you know it's gonna be a shit song
    uh-oh. dementia is setting in? really Bohemian Rhapsody sure never be considered not just rap but bad pop rap?