Santana: 'Pitbull Is the New Queen and Rolling Stones of Today'

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Santana: 'Pitbull Is the New Queen and Rolling Stones of Today'
Guitar legend Carlos Santana recently sang massive praises of rap star Pitbull, comparing him to some of the ultimate rock greats.

Pitbull is featured on the lengthy list of guest artists of Santana's new album "Corazon" where he remade the classic track "Oye Como Ba" into a rap song. And Mr. Carlos is in love with it.

"I'm so grateful to him 'cause I think he tried it, like, close to 20 times," Santana told ABC News Radio. "I feel so grateful that he invested such diligence, and willingness to do this. Everything that he does becomes like halftime at the Super Bowl, or the NBA."

Drawing the attention-grabbing comparison, the guitarist added, "He's like the new Queen and Rolling Stones of today, because every time you want your team to pick up the energy, they play that music, y'know? So that's what Pitbull is: he's, like, the arena energy person!"

As Santana's 22nd studio effort, "Corazon" saw its release on May 6 via RCA Records, debuting at No. 9 on the US Billboard 200 chart.
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