School Teacher Suspended for Using Lil Wayne Lyrics as Homework Assignment

"The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare," official statement reads.

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South Florida middle school teacher was recently suspended after assigning students with Lil' Wayne lyrics homework.

As WPTV reports, the eighth grade English teacher at the Charter Schools of Boynton Beach handed his students uncensored lyrics to the rapper's "Six Foot Seven Foot" song, causing an outrage among parents.

"This is crazy. They shouldn't be giving this to kids in school," said parent Vanessa Guzman. "I'm uncomfortable reading any of this. They shouldn't be teaching this stuff in school for language arts. I mean, who in their right mind would give kids something like this?"

Headmaster Wayne Owens was quick to release an official statement, noting that the likes of Poe and Shakespeare were already covered.

"The lesson was for students to learn to identify literary devices," Owens said. "The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. Students were having difficulty grasping the concepts of literary devices such as: pun, simile, metaphor, so the teacher used colloquial material. This material did not meet the school's standards and was not approved. The teacher recognizes that it was totally inappropriate for a school assignment."

As parent Guzman further noted, the assignment is "telling the kids it's okay to swear," adding that although out-of-the-box approach is always welcome, this one went too far. "That is not appropriate at all," she concluded.

Administrators have also pointed out that the teacher's record was flawless until now, resulting in a three-day suspension.

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    Obviously Lil Wayne isn't going to get much love round these here parts but that's sort of irrelevant. Parents like this annoy the hell out of me, getting pointlessly offended cause they think they're following some holier than thou parenting technique, whilst getting some sick kick out of suspending a teacher.
    Parents are bellends sometimes.
    What the hell is a bellend anyway?
    Its funny because their problem seems to be with teaching kids swear words and that its ok to swear, when they have probably already picked up swearing many years before from, funnily enough, their parents.
    I know I like how parents have no problem with it being on the radio or their kids listening to it on their computers and what not.
    The stupidity of it, on the teacher's part, is that Lil Wayne's literary value is very low. I understand the teacher's intent, but her mistake was choosing something that had the literary value of a bad poetry slam.
    The aim was to show literary devices, not subtlety.
    They stated the kids could not grasp it from Poe and Shakespeare, so these teachers are really sinking so low as to use something as incompetent as lil wayne lyrics? And they wonder why these kids and this generation are becoming more and more rudimentary. It's people like these that help the nation's IQ decrease a few points every year.
    Lil Wayne's current releases are crap, but that's what the kids are listening to and that's what will spark their interest. Yes, Biggie, Nas and Wu Tang would be better to analyze, but sadly, not many 13-year-olds are listening to good hip hop these days.
    I'm sure it was not only to find effective literary devices, but also ineffective usage of words and devices. I completely understand why the teacher would choose a current "popular" artist to reach the kids, it tends to work better and the parents should be ashamed about their actions. You can learn something new from just about anything, even if its learning what not to do.
    I could see how it could help. He does have a lot of metaphors and similes that most kids can easily decipher.
    Perhaps the parents wish to raise their children with values? That's a bit harder to do when they're being educated with trash.
    " Parents like this annoy the hell out of me"I don't care about Waynes musical credibility but some things are just done in poor taste. For example, handing preteens ( children ) a paper with lyrics like[b]Two bitches at the same time, synchronized swimmersNever met the bitch but I **** her like I missed her [b]Fuck that shit, my money up, you niggas just Honey NutMarried to the money, **** the world, that's adulteryYou full of shit, you close your mouth and let yo ass talk Amongst others.
    JD Close
    Exactly. I guarantee that this Vanessa Guzman is related to Chappo somehow.
    "Headmaster Wayne Owens was quick to release an official statement, noting that the likes of Poe and Shakespeare were already covered." That's great. There's tons more literary works (many of which are fairly simplistic) that have more substance than Lil Wayne.
    I hate Lil wayne but C'mon, in a way this is a form of education despite Lil wayne not being educated himself. Kids dig this sorta stuff and will probably learn more from it then learning about Shakespeare due to it being more relevant and very very simple.
    I'm not personally someone who would listen to rap music, but in schools nowadays 95% of the kids do and an assignment like this would like you said be interested in learning about the songs they listen to and to learn what they mean. I think it would've been better though if he gave out a song with CLEAN lyrics and hopefully it wouldn't be about Pussy, Gangs, Drugs, etc. I feel bad for the teacher because he just wanted to get the kids to enjoy what they were doing and they prob. would have taken the assignment more seriously then identifying some Shakespeare poems, because most kids that age couldn't give a shit less about what Shakespeare wrote.
    I'm not personally someone who would listen to rap music, but in schools nowadays 95% of the kids do and an assignment like this would like you said be interested in learning about the songs they listen to and to learn what they mean. I think it would've been better though if he gave out a song with CLEAN lyrics and hopefully it wouldn't be about Pussy, Gangs, Drugs, etc. I feel bad for the teacher because he just wanted to get the kids to enjoy what they were doing and they prob. would have taken the assignment more seriously then identifying some Shakespeare poems, because most kids that age couldn't give a shit less about what Shakespeare wrote.
    Yeah, I think the teacher was smart when using material kids are interested in. Most kids are not interested in Shakespeare and that makes learning harder. You learn faster when you do something you like. And analyzing your favorite song/lyrics is interesting and it also makes the subject (in this case metaphors) interesting and way easier to understand. Yes, maybe the lyrics should have been "cleaner" but really, come on. Is swearing so bad?
    It's not holier than thou; some parents don't think swearing and sexual references are appropriate for homework. Are we not to respect their view?
    Whether or not we respect parents' views depends on whether or not the material can serve a purpose in the classroom. Keep in mind that novels such as Catch-22, 1984, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and The Grapes of Wrath (among many others) have all been banned by various countries and districts for offending their sensibilities, usually over violent and sexual content. Those novels are now considered classics, and many parents wish these novels were taught in schools over others. I'm not saying that years from now people will wish that every teacher used Lil Wayne lyrics as a teaching device, but I think it's likely that people will look back at this teacher's suspension and wonder both what the big problem was, and "who the hell is Lil Wayne?" (hopefully).
    Damn! I was assigned to write about The Cure's song "Just Like In Heaven" was not a big deal. Honestly it felt good.
    The difference is that actual skill and creative writing went into Just Like In Heaven.
    I had an english teacher who used Tupac lyrics as poetry examples, and assigned us with a project where we would all take lyrics from three of our favorite songs and pick out metaphors, similes, etc inside those lyrics. Tbh, it was much more interesting than reading Poe for the 14th time and I took a lot from that class and that teacher.
    tupac is an amazing lyricist! lil wayne couldn't even dream of coming close to writing lyrics like that
    According to that headmaster, the 3 literary minds children should know: 1. Poe 2. Shakespeare 3. Lil Wayne.....rigggghhtttt.
    matteo cubano
    Why Lil Wayne over Eminem if you're teaching language by use of rap lyrics?
    yeah Eminem is god at multi-syllabic rhyming and vocabulary. lil wayne rhymes "nigga" with "nigga", so much talent. But people would probably freak out more about eminem.
    Even the fact that the lyrics are uncensored shouldn't matter. It's not like the kids aren't using all of those words already.
    so the teacher was making an actual attempt to connect with the students so they would actually get the point and learn, **** her right?
    I've used Metallica's "Welcome home" to teach english to 12 y/o kids in France... no one complained.
    That is due to James Hetfield's incredible and competent lyric writing as well as many examples of literary devices that will adequately teach your kids about creative writing and the english language. Teaching your kids through some inept, asinine imbecile's questionable grammatical content is simply absurd.
    I don't like Lil wayne, but 6 foot 7 foot is filled with metaphors and other literary devices that would help kids understand the main idea. It is probably Lil wayne's strongest song lyric wise with actual rhymes that are not mostly invented words. Just saying.
    My eight grade English teacher played In Da Club by 50 Cent to show us examples of rhyming pattern and stuff. I was not offended. These parents come off as morons.
    Nothing like trying to learn English from a couple of illiterate wonder the American youth can no longer compete academically in this world....
    Thank you! As an American, I am appalled because Lil Wayne and rappers like him use horrible english, and honestly, nothing educational can come from this. Rapping isnt really an art form anymore. I can see if they were looking at rappers from the 80s but thats not what is happening. The last thing I would want my kids to learn is "eh heh its lil weezy on the trizzack" good for you guys that arent offended but I can see why the parents are.
    The general knowledge is still going up over time. You really think people will suddenly talk like a bad rap song because of maybe having the lyrics as an introduction to literary devices? I had Shakespeare quite a bit throughout literature classes in school and I'm not here talking like I'm from the Elizabethan era. And if anything, quality of education has gone down due to the inability to progress beyond archaic teaching methods, not because of something insignificant like this. Also 80s rappers weren't exactly wide literary geniuses either. Rap isn't exactly about trying to be James Joyce over a beat.
    There's still some pretty smart rappers out there, like Propaganda and the guys from Death Grips, even MF Doom has some lyrical genius to offer, but it's more underground though.
    You do what you gotta do to keep the kids interested.
    That's the problem with America, trying to please kids instead of teaching them.
    You actually learn more if you have a genuine interest in the subject, most kids would be more interested in Lil Wayne than Shakespeare, so it makes sense for a teacher to use that to their advantage.
    I agree, however, I also understand that the best way to teach kids is to keep them interested. I had a tutor outside of school and when she started to relate math and English to music, things started making sense to me.
    I actually learnt a bit about the Theory of Relativity from Robot Chicken. No joke. Robot Chicken: Einstein, Mofo
    I believe. Package something into a form you can accept and it becomes easier to swallow. A spoon full of sugar does in fact make the medicine go down.
    I’ll be a park, and thou shalt be my deer; Feed where thou wilt, on mountain or in dale: Graze on my lips, and if those hills be dry, Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie. Within this limit is relief enough, Sweet bottom-grass and high delightful plain, Round rising hillocks, brakes obscure and rough, To shelter thee from tempest and from rain As if Shakespeare was any better... He just had a better grasp of the English language
    in all fairness, the song is packed with metaphors, similes and puns.
    This teacher should have been fired, not suspended. Anyone that purposely subjects anyone to lil wayne should be arrested for torture.
    Are these parents implying that eight graders can't grasp the concept of "hoes and bottles in the club"? Give me a break.
    Man i can't imagine what some parents would have done if they knew my seventh grade teacher let use watch the titanic, didn't even skip the scene with the tits, it was awesome. Best part was this was what socials studies/english was half the time, just watching movies lol, i don't even think we did any work for watching the titanic i think he just felt like watching it Kinda feel sorry for the teacher though, these kids probably listen to lil wayne already (which is sad but he does use real literary devices despite his stupidity), i don't know a single kid that wasn't swearing like a sailor when i was in grade eight, some parents are just ****ing stupid.
    we had an assignment in English class once where we were told to analyze lyrics of any song we wanted. there were more than one person discussing lil wayne. I did a rammstein song. it was all good.
    I wonder why no one has suggested a Cannibal Corpse song yet?
    When I was teaching, I always walked a very fine line of what was appropriate to show high schoolers. To be a good teacher you have to take risks. I showed SNL presidential debates, used a clip from GOT about power, and showed a part of Good Will Hunting even though it contained profanity. The kids loved my class and I regret nothing.
    I'd assign them to bring back Pringles Ridges for homework.
    Pussy shit. Parents, you've been swearing so much longer than your kids that they picked it up from you. Fuck off. "Totally inappropriate." Fuck off.
    out of all the rappers he could've picked, he picked lil wayne?! lil wayne has got to be the worst thing to happen to rap
    you know i would understand if these were all primary school kids (preschoolers for you US guys) but these guys are in year 8 (grade 8) if they don't already know basic words like F*ck, sex, scientific names and slang for genitalia, then they have been living under a rock. These kids must be 13 at least... ..believing that they don't know all these words is being ignorant
    WARNING: WALL OF TEXT AHEAD Besides the choice to use uncensored lyrics (if it was high school, I really wouldn't see a problem at all), I don't see anything wrong with this. The study of literature has grown to include books, poems, movies, music (rap as well as other genres), and even TV shows. And we should be studying things that use Standard American Language as well as other dialects such as African American Vernacular English (an officially named and recognized dialect). We study things and compare and contrast them WITHOUT saying one is worse than the other. Sure, students need to know SAE for use in college and work environments, but we don't just teach students to function in those areas. We teach them to function in REAL LIFE, where not everyone always uses SAE. We teach students other pieces of literature with non-standard English, swearing, and other things that may be seen as inappropriate such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, so why not Lil' Wayne? "I'm uncomfortable reading any of this." Are you comfortable reading the torture scene in 1984 or the violent scenes in The Color Purple (which, mind you, is written in non-standard English)? I sure hope you aren't. The literature we read SHOULD contain material we find unsettling so we can learn more about real things that happen in the world and society. We can't expect that kids won't learn about these things if we shelter them. Better they learn about it in schools. Signed, Someone who is actually studying English with secondary education and is almost to the end of his degree TL;DR - It’s OK to study Lil’ Wayne and other material that doesn’t use Standard American English. We should teach students material that doesn’t use Standard American English. Believe what I say because I actually know what I am talking about
    Lets teach our children English, based on someone who cant say a single word properly. Good job America.
    Shoulda went with Dio instead
    Ridiculous to get all offended over words like that. Maybe not the most appropriate thing for middle schoolers from a teaching level but from experience everyone probably swears as much as that song anyways.
    idiot parent.
    Oh my god, the kids! THE HUMANITY! Won't somebody please think of the children?!..... I think that method of teaching kids something they have trouble with by using something rather unorthodox is great, kudos to the teacher. I woulda chosen a dif'rent song, tho, Lil's rhymes ain't too strong, ho.
    My criminal law professor uses song lyrics like that so that we can identify the crimes in them etc. granted she sensors them
    I'm working on becoming teacher and I'm gonna use Green Day and The Clash!
    Phoenix V
    I don't know how much of sociolinguistics is included in the subject of English in the US, but if you're doing that then you would have to discuss language used by rappers as well as language used by academics.
    Lil Wayne is like the atomic value of literature. Shakespeare=10 moles of Lil Waynes