Scientific Reasons You Should Play Guitar

Turns out playing guitar is good for your health.

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We all know that playing guitar is awesome. What we didn't know is that it could also be beneficial for your health.

Men's Health has published an article detailing 10 reasons why playing guitar is actually good for you.

For example, it acts as natural pain relief:

"Forget popping pills: If you live with chronic pain, reach for a pick. According to a study from the University of Utah's Pain Research Center, listening to music - and in this case, your own sweet licks - can take your mind off, and thereby reduce, pain."

... It's also good for your heart:

"Rockers have killer chops - and cardiovascular systems: Researchers from the Netherlands found that patients who practiced music for more than 100 minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate than those who didn't. Three of the test subjects? Guitarists."

... And can get you laid:

"Can't wail yet? Don't worry. Just carrying a guitar case can seriously boost the odds of women wanting you - even if they're total strangers, finds recent research in Psychology of Music. How come? Studies show women associate musical ability with intelligence, commitment, hard work, and physical prowess - and ladies associate all those qualities with your ability to earn money, the researchers say."

So next time somebody tells you to keep the noise down, just tell them that you're working out...

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    Wow thanks for 3 of the 10 points UG, maybe you can post 3 random songs from the charts as well? I don't really need to see how all of them are doing, just 3.
    There's a link to the Men's Health article. They can't copy the whole article, unless you want UG to be sued...
    why would they be sued? I'm pretty sure they can share the entire article as long as they make the source clear and don't claim it as their own. men's health articles suck anyway if we're being honest.
    Why they'd be sued? Welcome to 'Merica! Where you can get sued over almost anything!
    Reason #11. Entertain yourself, without touching yourself. Or do both. You're a guitarplayer. You rock anyway.
    One thing I'd also say about guitar and sadly my mother made this joke, but I'll say it anyways. It gives you strong hands, and the ladies like some strong hands if you get what I'm sayin! Ehhhh, ehhhh?
    Even though I'm pretty desperate to get laid, I've never felt comfortable using a guitar as a prop. I started playing because I wanted to be the third guitar player in Metallica.
    Black Hazard
    Lol, guitar does NOT get you laid, most guitarists are the biggest ****ing nerds you'll ever meet, or some greasy long haired neckbeard. Just telling it like it is.
    Well, a greasy long haired neckbeard playing guitar has a bigger chance of scoring than a greasy long haired neckbeard not playing one.
    replica_ · Jul 15, 2014 03:02 PM
    estabon37 · Jul 15, 2014 07:30 PM
    Note that spending all your time avoiding human contact and posting on the internet can negate the third point. I know from experience.
    So which one of the UG team was reading Men's Health this morning? Someone trying to get those Summer Abs by any chance?????
    Guitar does not get you laid and guitar does not work for getting girls. But if anyone plays guitar just to get girls then their a dumbass
    I thought they had run out of ideas for the Wednesday poll when I read the headline!!
    Bad Kharmel
    more like three reasons complete with all the scientific fact of a men's health article
    In response to these - 1. Guitar doesn't make you orgasm. I've never even gotten a boner from it. And it's really easy for me to get a boner. That said guitar is pretty fun and playing it on stage and doing well is a great feeling. 2. Alright I guess this could be true although for me, composing music reduces stress more than just the act of playing guitar. 3. I have chronic arm pain. Guitar actively makes it worse. This one is wrong. 4. Maybe true, I don't know. 5. 100 minutes a day is an awful lot to me, I hardly practice for that long so this is irrelevant to me. 6. Oh wow, guitar gets the ladies. That's great except I'm gay. 7. Again, I'm gay... although if they want to be friends I guess that's fine except just wanting to be my friend because I play guitar is kind of pathetic. 8. I hope this is true because I'm flat broke. 9. This one is very true. I imagine playing guitar when I write music in my head. 10. That could be true again but I don't know. Bottom line this list is pretty dumb. Even if it's 100% right it's still dumb.
    You should put as much time into guitar as you do lauding your gayness, I guess that's why you suck...among other reasons. You don't get a boner because we all know guitars are naturally female.And quit calling yourself "GAY", all gays ever do is bych,moan and complain,sore is a term that suits you guys better.
    I'm going to go ahead and let your comment stand alone in all of it's glorious stupidity.
    I get boners from playing guitar. Maybe you don't either from lack of skill or from being gay. How are you gay and flat broke? All gay people are rich. I've seen tv and this is a fact. You might be confused.
    I can see playing guitar relieving pain, but it isn't exactly good for your joints. So maybe it's more of a short-term pain relief, and bad in the long run? Even with good technique, I think everyone's joints will give out eventually. Also, I always thought the whole idea of getting laid simply because you play guitar is ridiculous- I believe it works, but it seems incredibly shallow. I don't think I'd feel good about putting my dick into someone who was just with me because I played guitar.
    Yeah, I don't think carpal tunnel is good for you. And of course anyone who plays for girls (or guys) is in it for the wrong reason.
    if anyone played guitar only to get girls, then they probably wouldn't be a very good guitar player, which means they would repel more women then they would attract with their (probably god-awful) playing my head is spinning
    Just work on your fingering and technique, and everything will work itself out.
    I disagree with the last bit. I've played guitar for quite sometime and haven't even come close to being laid.