Scientists Create Song That Helps You Make Better Shopping Decisions, Listen Inside

Shopping soon? Listen to this first!

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Following a research conducted by eBay and Goldsmiths, University of London, musician and producer Mistabishi created a song that's been scientifically proven to help you make better online shopping decisions.

Appropriately titled "Sound of Shopping," the tune uses pop music radio, football commentary, and people chatting in the background to increase the listener's decisiveness when it comes to shopping decisions, Digital Spy reports.

The research saw the team experimenting with different sounds and ambients, using different techniques for 2,000 shoppers involved with the experiment.

"Any wine store owner will tell you that playing French music increases sales of French wine, but there is almost no research looking at this phenomenon online," said consumer behavior expert Patrick Fagan. "This study has shown us some of the surprising ways that sound can help us make better purchasing decisions when we shop online, and some of the sounds we should avoid."

As the article further explains, classical music apparently makes customers overrate a product's quality by 5%, while restaurant buzz reportedly encourages people to pay more than they usually would. Back to the song, give it a spin below.

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    I would really like to know how this actually works. Some of them were obvious, like 'hearing the sound of an object makes you want to buy it more', but 'phones ringing prevent bad shopping decisions'? Kinda curious about this.
    Very cute - Now... How about a song to help us vote more rationally, spot a candidate that will be bad for us, and avoid making bad decisions.
    sadly the only choice we get in politics is usually Douche A or Douche B. The others have no chance as they can't afford to compete with such big campaigns.
    Scientists don't know about music
    Well.. technically speaking, scientists would understand music better than any of us.
    That depends on what you mean by 'understanding'. Will a scientist 'scientifically' be able to understand the intended meaning of a song? Would such a thing objectively exist? Then yes, you could say that the scientist 'understands' music better than us. However, 'understanding' music is NOT limited to 'knowing the intended meaning of the artist' - there is a whole world within the music, within the songs, within the art itself which is simply unreachable by scientific study. There is such a thing called 'the human experience' wherein we find and perceive the 'meaning' of art (even if there is no such thing as [i]one meaning!). This would be the place where 'music is understood', and if this is the case then it would be philosophers, not scientists, who would 'understand' music better than 'any of us'.
    Scientists built the production studio, the electronics, the distribution methods, the venue, the instruments, the equipment and all the surrounding tech... And the gramophone, radio, television, computer and internet. I think you don't know about Science...
    I want to find more stuff like this. Ambient-ish tracks with chopped up live recording samples.
    This explains why I always want to buy musical equipment when listening to music.