Scientists Working to Clone John Lennon from Tooth DNA

A project to bring the dead Beatle back to life is underway thanks to a tooth he left to a housekeeper in the 1960s.

Ultimate Guitar

A serious project to revive dead Beatles songwriter John Lennon is underway.

The project stems from a tooth that Lennon left to his housekeeping in the 1960s. Decades later, the tooth has appeared at auction several times for prices as high as $30,000, and its current owner is leading the way for a project to bring the rock icon back to life.

"If scientists think they can clone mammoths, then John Lennon could be next," said the current owner, dentist Michael Zuk.

Zuk enthusiastically tours the tooth around the world and has released a photo book of "rot star" art (seriously) on it, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Now he's made the new DNA project his life ambition.

"To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock's greatest stars would be mind-blowing," added Zuk. "I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon's DNA, very soon I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality."

If the project proves possible, do you think it would be moral or fair to bring the singer back to life? Could the clone ever be as talented as the original Lennon? Let us know below.

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    Dont they need some kind of permission for that? Or is it legal to clone whoever you want? :p Seems unethical.
    I think a lot of people jump to the conclusion that cloning is making an exact copy of someone who will be the same person in every single way; this is far from the truth. When cloning, a foetus still needs to develop over 9 months into a new-born baby, and then grow into a full adult. They may look like John Lennon, they may even sound like him, but anything else that is similar to the original Lennon would be purely coincidental. By the time this child becomes a teenager, they may be so unlike Lennon that people wouldn't even recognise him. I'm absolutely fine with creating clones of people, since the research that goes into cloning could bring benefits to genetic research, medicine and so on. However, the problem lies where people would try to force this child into being John Lennon. This is then moving into the territory of designer babies, something I don't agree with. By raising this child with the intention of making John Lennon v.2, you're not giving the child the same freedom (as defined by human rights) that every child should receive. EDIT: My point is that it's too difficult to decide (right now, anyway) whether or not it should be legal to clone someone. Is it a designer baby? We can't tell, too many variables are involved with the 18+ years of growth.
    Jacques Nel
    ...and if this DOES happen...can we order a copy of John Lennon? Or Elvis? Or Kurt Cobain? You get what I'm saying.
    Yes, I get your point, and I've already addressed it. I don't agree with designer babies, but I'm all for cloning because of the scientific and medical benefits if can bring.
    However, you miss a point. Your DNA is constantly changing. If you were to clone John Lennon from his tooth DNA, you would clone the John Lennon at this time, where he had his tooth at this stage of development. This would go with massive diseases like Arthritis. Dolly suffered from this and in fact, she died way too early (she died at the age of six and the usual age expectation is up to twenty years).
    Your DNA is not constantly changing, if it is you probably have a serious problem. It can sometimes mutate due to external conditions or have a gene become active, but this is not constant nor a true change.
    he will look like john just like julian and sean do. It is still impossible to make a 100% physical copy of a person. his appearance will also depend a lot on his surrogate mother's appearance
    isn't cloning in itself making a "designer baby" because you're deciding what the person looks like?
    "dude this one time I had this crazy dream that Jimi, Lennon, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Elvis and Syd Barrett all came back to life and formed a supergroup. but they were all zombies."- Michael Zuk, on his way to the auction house.
    If you're going to have a living-dead supergroup, you need full instrumentation. Bring back John Bonham for drums and Cliff Burton for bass.
    Another Reason for us to Punch Axl Rose Square in the Face.....
    The joke was that we should remove Axl's teeth, for the sake of future generations
    Saw this comment explaining arpitsave87s joke then went back up and thumbed it up
    Jacques Nel
    So are we punching Axl for others' mistakes now as well? What an amazing world we live in.
    No just in the gut. We don't want to bring that douche back in the future.
    Lord Waltaa
    So they're going to raise this 'cloned-Lennon-baby' exactly the way Lennon was raised? With all the drugs and the hippie stuff? WAT
    "Scientists working to clone John Lennon." Yeah right UG. It's not because some rich lunatic wants that, they are really working on it. I doubt that's legal in any way... And still: you wouldn't really have John Lennon if you cloned him, just someone with the same DNA.
    Don't treat your teeth at that guy's office. remember his name: Michael Zuk. Avoid him for your good.
    Lol no gtfo! Love lennon of course but his time is gone. Give someone else a chance. Besides.... I've got a question do you really believe that personality and creativity is encoded within DNA? I've always thought it was social andenvironmental factors during early development
    Mr Winters
    Cloning a person DOES NOT mean that the clone will become exactly the same person as the original.
    Stupid as **** anyway, he won't have any of the memories or experiences of John Lennon even if they actually could manage to clone him. This guy must be ****ing moronic.
    Blind In 1 Ear
    how selfish. also a clone just wouldn't pop up as john lennon and start where he left off. what a moron. he would still be a regular person, just genetically the same as john. he would still have to learn how to talk, read, play muisc, everything like the real john did. the real john can't come back because that world that shaped john doesn't exist anymore. he'd be a totally different person. god people are stupid when it comes to science sometimes. it's not like a science fiction movie.
    by this your assuming that we are more than a collection of genes? I am not sure that it will even be the same person. It might look him, but it wont behave the same.
    creativity is not just in DNA, it is in your experience as a human. Lennon was legendary because of his environment. Cloning him, most likely he will be an average guy. Also, shouldnt they ask permission from his family? Or not do this? I'm pretty sure cloning a dead guy is unethical
    Create another shell if you want, 'cause it's not going to matter. His soul has moved on somewhere else now, anyways.
    wtf is everyone downvoting? by the time he's an "adult again" do you not think todays life style will change him?
    Unless you 100% mirror the circumstances in which John Lennon was raised as a child and grew up as an won't be John Lennon...just an average guy with his face, unfortunately. Though it would be interesting to say the least; if only for scientific purposes.
    Even if they do clone him, he'll just start again and he almost definitely wont be as musically talented as before.
    Why would 'scientists' clone lennon, doesn't make sense. I think they'd clone oppenheimer, einstein or sagan before any pop culture icon.
    Mr Moobly
    This man is potentially the world's stupidest scientist.
    He isb;t even a scientist. He's just a dentist.
    Where does it say that scientists are working on this? it's just some crazy guy with an idea.
    Another missing headline seeing as cloning is illegal, no one could ever make it a public story without being caught. Nice try UG.
    let the man R.I.P, dont try to clone him, its possible, but you're just setting yourself up for disappointment
    The problem with cloning is you'd still need to raise him from infancy, under the exact same circumstances as the original. So this is a pointless project.
    Gee Halen
    Great idea. Clone a bunch of musicians, put them on a Latin-American island and let them sing. Call it the Isla Nublar Fest.
    Does anyone else find it funny that he tours the world with a tooth and a photo album?
    Yo dawg, I have my own tooth in a jar somewhere. Could you clone me so I can watch myself taking a shit while shitting?
    if they do make a clone, it wouldn't be literally bringing him back to life. just making a copy, which won't have the same memories.