Scott Ian Reveals His Favorite Metal Songs

Anthrax axeman shares the Spotify playlist of his all-time favorite metal tracks.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has decided to mark the release of the band's latest album "Worship Music" deluxe edition pack by sharing his metal classics Spotify playlist in a recent Metal Hammer exclusive.

Most will agree that with the likes of Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica and Slayer he simply couldn't go wrong and are likely to share the guitarist's opinions to at least a certain extent. With a total of 13 tracks, you can check out the full playlist below.

The group has recently released their fourth EP record titled "Anthems," now also available as a part of "Worship Music" deluxe edition pack. The release itself consists of various classic rock covers, including the likes of AC/DC, Rush, Boston and Thin Lizzy. Several tracks were previously posted online and are available for streaming over at official Nuclear Blast Records YouTube channel.

Ian recently got a lot of publicity following his comments regarding the new pope election. After the introduction of Pope Francis I as the new papal leader, the guitarist posted the following statement on his official Twitter account: "Call me when King Diamond is elected Pope. Until then, #WhoGivesASh-tWhoGivesAF--k."

In related news, Anthrax got honored with a special jersey showcase at the New York Yankees Stadium. The band has revealed their excitement and the picture of the specialized Anthrax jerseys via official Twitter account.

Holy Sh-t Balls, top this Slayer! Anthrax jerseys hanging at Yankee Stadium!

Anthrax (Band) (@Anthrax) March 22, 2013

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    Why does this seem like a really generic list? Surely no bad songs, but it seems like he went more for popularity rather than depth in the bands' song catalogues.
    I know what you mean there are no real surprises, was kind of hoping to see some oblivious songs you wouldn't have expected.
    It says on the playlist his favorite anthems. Anthems are usually quite popular. It is his list
    There's a fair number of people saying his list is generic. You need to think it from his point of view, in his time, these songs were iconic and meant a lot more than they do now. There's a reason people remember Motorhead's Ace of Spades as opposed to Deaf Forever, so on, so forth.
    Figure he would have better taste. Not that the songs are bad, but knowing who he is. Just not what I was expecting.
    Pretty good songs, but I expected something a little more diverse, like some more punk or thrash stuff, maybe even some 70's rock, I don't know.