Scott Weiland Challenges Fan To On-Stage Fight

Watch the former Stone Temple Pilots singer invite a fan to the stage for a fight for "pulling gun s--t on me" in this clip.

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Scott Weiland has challenged a fan to join him on-stage for a fight while performing on his solo tour in New York City.

It's not clear what the audience member did to upset the singer, who was fired from Stone Temple Pilots a few weeks ago, but Weiland's reaction was caught on camera which you can see below.

With the audience applauding, Weiland invites him to the stage:

"So you're f--kin' pulling that f--kin' like gun s--t off on me? Then come up and meet me one on one, man. You play tough guy from an audience behind a barricade. I'd love to... Trust me. Actually, let him stay here, and just get all riled up. He won't be able to sleep tonight."

Stone Temple Pilots never explained why Weiland was booted from their band which he co-founded in 1986, but he claims they did it as a publicity stunt to boost ticket sales. Despite their troubles, Weiland has faith that they'll work things out:

"Stone Temple Pilots really have been together a long time, and I'm proud of that," he said last week. "I really do like those guys, and it hurts my feelings when we aren't getting along, because I view them as family."

Watch Scott Weiland challenge a fan to a fight here:

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How would you react if a famous musician invited you to the stage for a live stand-off? Let us know in the comments.

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    I would have found it hilarious if the "fan" actually got up onstage and just beat the living crap out of him. "You play tough guy from an audience behind a barricade." Well Mr. Weiland you're playing tough guy on the other side of that barricade with loads of security to boot.
    still not sure what the fan actually did
    Maybe Scott is so shit faced he doesnt even know either.
    That might be the case, too. He is visibly on something (probably heroin). I saw STP back when they got back together in 2010, and his movements and general composure were nothing like they were in this clip. He could have been on something when I saw them, too, but it definitely wasn't heroin -- maybe cocaine or something because he was really energetic. He just looks like a junkie in this clip.
    Possible he fell off the wagon again, which is why STP fired him. Might have seen him start using again and just basically said eff it, were not going through this again.
    Me neither, maybe Weiland was right to attack him
    He should be. They should make a compelling story about it besides it's just a random fan, right?
    How would you react if a famous musician invited you to the stage for a live stand-off?
    They wouldn't because I'm not that douchebag in the crowd that likes to throw quarters & other random items at a band while they're performing...
    This guy is a constant disappointment.
    I like they that after explaining the incident, they've written "Stone Temple Pilots neve explained why Weiland was booted from the band"... Like there's any need. Still a shame, I like him a lot as a singer.
    Heroin Addiction + ANYONE = Dickhead. Kids... just stay away, seriously.
    Damn it Weiland, just get your s**t together.
    His shit is together right now. Saw him in Niagara Falls last week, and having seen him about a dozen times between VR and STP, this solo show was the best he's looked, sounded, and acted since early VR days. He played a lot of rare songs, in the original keys, and at the tempos they should be played at (And faster in some cases) short, all of the shit people blame him for that was wrong with STP from 2008-2012.
    Were there people actually trying to blame tempo problems on the singer? How do they even make that connection?
    He truly loves doing his solo work. He actually shows up on time and enjoys himself. Probably because it is HIS show, not someone else's.
    Darth Wader
    Not sure why he was fired from STP... (this is where sarcasm font would come in handy)
    Mr Winters
    Wow this guy is one massive douchebag.
    make that two massive douchebags
    Big difference here, Dave has been doing Karate for 25 or so years, he probably would have beaten the crap out of the Laser guy. Scott Weiland is just an insignificant junkie who the world had forgotten about many years ago.
    If someone did that to me my ideal response would be to say that I have thought about how much better of a musician I'd be blind but that If I want to do it I can manage perfectly fine without his help. All in all not a bad response from Dave. rockstars need to realize they don't have anything to prove when it comes to toughness, just ask them to ****er off and when they start making music people will pack into stadiums to listen to they can **** around with lasers on stage all they wan't.
    I'm sick of hearing about this guy. At this point he's a total piece of shit.
    He makes lots of money and have played with some of the best musicians in rock. What have you accomplished that's worldly recognizable by all?
    Really?! This pisses me off when Randy Blythe gets sent to prison for not even fighting a guy.
    But the Blythe incident didn't take place in America...
    I don't understand what you mean, at all. Somebody died because of an altercation at a Lamb of God show in Prague, regardless of what happened. Are you implying that every person who is ever on stage from now on should comply with the hostile audiences wishes or curl up in the fetal position if an altercation does arise? Because that's, like, really really dumb.
    I seen a video where Scott said to a ***** in the crowd that he's been to jail and he will **** the man in his ass. Pretty good singer though.
    It's not hard to imagine why he was kicked out of several bands. If he's like that ONstage (in front of his adoring fans and all that, and with that "being onstage is where if feel best" crap that singers say) imagine how much of a douche the guy must be OFFstage!
    he sounds like hes GONE in this video. seeing how its Scott Weiland, i wouldnt be surprised.
    haha I wonder what the guy did to piss him off. what could you really do besides keep your middle finger in the air and stare at him
    That was a dickheaded thing to do on Scott's part. You can tell the rest of the band is cringing at this behavior.
    Holy shit don't you guys see his clear progression in going through the stages of loss? First denial with: "No has ever been fired from STP." Then anger: "Can't see how the co-founder, and co-writer of its hits can be fired." Bargaining: "It's between them and my lawyer." Depression here with: "My feelings are hurt." Acceptance: ?
    Scott Weiland is my hero
    Not my hero, far from that, but a regular person like all, with lots of difficulties and lots of talents too. Plus people will deny to the bone, and usually are not even aware of it, but the truth is that if 'investigated', everyone has secrets they are condemnable for.
    Hahaha i'm pretty sure my grandmother could clobber his scrawny 90 pound ass. you sure act tough on stage there mr tough guy scott
    He does have a point about the whole wasting money thing just to heckle... if he really was being a dick (the guy in the crowd). Reminds me of that QOTSA show in London where a guy threw crap at Homme and Josh stopped and pointed him out and was like "WTF are you doing." Why pay money to go to a show just to mess with the guys on stage? Not excusing Weiland's behavior at all, or his reaction. Just food for thought.
    Honestly I think his mind is just warped from all the drugs. It's a shame to see his talent going to waste like this
    pretty sure that his solo band will drop after Weiland's new attitude. what a shame
    im sure the gun thing was a shot at weiland about being fired. get it? guns, shooting, fired. id be rattled too but obviously nothing would have come of it either way
    I seen a video where Scott said to a ***** in the crowd that he's been to jail and he will **** the man in his ass. Pretty good singer though.
    Pfff.... just give us 5 minutes alone and we'll see if scott acts like that again.
    scott weiland is a complete junkie and pussy. and is out of his mind. honestly whats his 120lb ass gonna do to anyone. id like to see him challenge someone when there isnt tons of security around. WASHED UP!!!!
    Weilands Vocals
    I am the "Heckler". I am Weiland's biggest fan... Back in his VR days, especially 04-05 he used to give the crowd the finger... Like in the sense, "F'IN ROCK 'N ROLL!!!!" I had my "gun up while gettin' wild in the mosh pit and he took it the wrong way. Must have forgot he used to do that (not surprisngly so). The weird part was me and my buddy were front row at an STP show in 2010 with our double-fingers up half the set and he kept smirking and grinning at us front row.. Whatever.. Sucks I gave him all this negative publicity. He was slurring "Lesh fighttt!" No thanks man, I'm a massive fan of yours, I don't blame him though, he was drunk as hell and somebody had their finger up at him.. Obviously thinking back how else would he interpret what I was doing? Oh well, what's funny is my ticket was compped at Irving plaza so I didn't pay a dime (He would have been riled up if he only knew).. With that being said I went to see him the following Tuesday and I was pretty close up again and I held my drink up in the air to him as he was gazing near my area and he pointed at me like, "Whatsup man!" My bad!
    who is the bigger dickwad on stage. AXL or Scott or Danzig...all have threatened to fight audience members lol. I was at the show that Danzig did. and he threatened to beat up the jerk that unfortunately rode in my car. Glenn was cool to me though
    I opened this article thinking there would be some interesting tale behind it. Turns out it's the same old story about a vocalist challenging an audience member. I've seen lots of videos of band members doing the same thing (such as the aforementioned video of Mustaine up there) Maybe I'm missing something...
    I think its funny Scott makes fun of the guy for taunting behind a barricade... but he is challenging him to a fight and all that knowing full well that guy isn't getting up on stage. Kind of hypocritical. No fan is going to be allowed on stage for a "fight" when tensions are high. Not after what happened to Dimebag. I still think the funniest example of this is when a guy got on stage at an Oasis show and went after Liam and Noel hit the dude with his guitar. Not sure if there is a video of that somewhere...
    The only reason I didn't go to this show was that it was standing room only. (I ****ing hate that, give me a seat any day) I am however seeing Weiland on Tuesday