Sebastian Bach Transformed Into Queen's Freddie Mercury

Looks better than Adam Levine parody.

Ultimate Guitar

Over the last four weeks, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has been invading prime-time television as a contestant on ABC's program "Sing Your Face Off," which bills itself as a talent variety competition. Celebrities are transformed and work with choreographers and vocal coaches to perform as a specific musical star.

In the most recent episode of the show, Bach takes on one of rock's truly iconic vocal performances, Queen's "We Are the Champions," Ultimate Classic Rock reports. Replicating the vocal range and mannerisms of Freddie Mercury, one of the most dynamic performers of the 20th Century, is no easy task but Bach does a commendable job rising to the challenge, as seen above.

Although he vocally breaks character at a couple of different times early in his performance, "Sing Your Face Off" judge and Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond seems rather impressed with Bach when he initially hit the stage.

And while other judges can be seen clapping along during his performance, their enthusiasm wasn't enough to keep Bach on the program. The Canadian native ranked last of the contestants competing and, as such, the singer was sent packing.

During his time on the program, Bach was "transformed" into a variety of other vocalists including Lady Gaga, Maroon 5's Adam Levine and country music legend Willie Nelson.

Although Bach was embroiled in a back and forth argument with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx last month, things have been rather quiet between the two lately. Sebastian Bach released his latest solo record, "Give 'Em Hell" this past April and kicks off an almost month-long European tour on June 28 in France.

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    I think the autotune was just added by the show because they do that. Can't imagine Sebastian Bach having trouble singing this. Seems like a fun show though, nice to see someone like Bach is enjoying himself there.
    Bach seriously can't sing without autotune? Pathetic and so obvious it made me cringe...
    Good thing UG specified QUEEN's Freddie Mercury, so we don't confuse it with other Freddie Mercurys
    Hey, you're clearly forgetting 1970's Yiddish Klesmer Folk Icon, Freidrich Mercherla, and his, at the time, controversial name change back in 1990 in an attempt to cash in on the success of Queen. It's true. I read it on the internet somewhere.
    What the f*ck was that!?!?!?!? cant he even sing without auto-tune anymore? Weird thing is I always though that he was a massive prick but at least he could sing.....guess hes just a massive prick!
    Yeah, ditch the auto tune. There was only one note that actually was too flat.
    Reduced to poor reality shows. Why as a society are we supporting reality shows? Not just this one, but all of them. People seem to forget our lives are the ultimate reality show. Go f**kin live it.
    They're pushed on us by corporations because they're extremely easy to make. Why pay for writers, actors, sets, etc, when you can just film some idiot in their house? And people accept them because they'll accept anything. If you went out and made a fake reality show about a paraplegic with horrible racism issues who has a black nurse in their home, it'd sell so rapidly because "lol dat person is racist". It's not that everybody wants reality shows, it's that they're too ok with reality shows to demand something better. It's like junk food, if that's all you have to eat, you're going to eat it.
    That doesn't make sense. So, because you spent an hour watching some tv show while relaxing you're not living your life in the other 23 hours?
    I personaly would have enjoyed this if I would have not seen the autotune comment first, now I'm.... abit sad actualy..
    So it's not enough that Sebastian Bach has to shit on Broadway, he has to pretend he's a singer much better than himself? What a joke, the sooner he accepts that he can't sing, the happier the word will be.
    Anyone gonna mention Bach wearing the "aids kills faggots dead" t shirt? In my opinion they could have chosen someone else instead of Freddie.
    Wasn't even all that bad. The chorus was a pretty autopitched, but everything else sounded fairly natural. Plus, he's doing it with huge ****ing teeth in his mouth, lol
    Sebastian Bach always was a washed up has been to me...this poor imitation of Freddie is awful...
    My credentials: I don't give a single shit about Skid Row (Who?) I don't care about Freddie Mercury or his barber shop quartet. But seriously, you guys are just "hating to hate". There's no autotune. Despite Sebastian Bach's desperation to be something new and interesting (or at the very least, someone with a little bit of vocal talent), he's got the cords for this performance. But honestly, that hardly means anything. You could find a kid in elementary school choir who could sing like that. The only reason you guys don't like this performance is that he's trying to fill the shoes of a rock n' roll god.