See How Dead Rock Stars Would Look in 2013

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison are among the musicians who appear in a series which depicts how they would look today.

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A gallery that depicts how dead rock stars would look if they were still alive today has been posted online. The gallery by Sach Media Group was produced with photoshop manipulators who worked to professionally age famous pictures of the deceased artists, which include Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and John Lennon. Each image is accompanied by a paragraph explaining what the artist would have probably gone on to achieve, with help from musicologists Dr Reebee Garofalo and Elijah Wald. They believe Kurt Cobain would have "explored smaller, less commercial projects," and suggest that John Lennon would have been the first classic rock artist to "embrace the hip-hop revolution." Here's some excerpts from the gallery. Can you guess who they are?

Full gallery is available here.

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    Anyone else see a slight Morgan Freeman in Jimi?
    Yes because there is no Morgan Freeman, he IS JIMI HENDRIX! dun dun DUN! Jimi is alive!
    So THAT'S who that is... I was trying to figure it out but all I saw was Morgan Freeman. xD
    very nice although kurt doesn't look that realistic for some reason
    He's too bulky, Kurt would not have become so stocky even if he got clean. If you look at younger pictures of him he always had a thinner more feminine frame.
    Agreed. He was always pretty thin. He often wore like 3 layers of clothing or something because of it.
    Dave Grohl used to be really thin... He's definitely not fat, but he's now bigger than he used to be.
    errr you know people are getting thicker with age? look at dave grohl he was even slimer than cobain
    Insanity ninja
    I think it's that they've superimposed Kurt's chin onto someone with a wider jawline. Looks a bit funky to me.
    I think it would be interesting to use the same software on living people using old photos to see how accurate it is.
    I think they did something similar in the eighties. Man they f*cked up on Jackson. But this is interesting, though for some reason..I can't imagine Kurt looking like that when he got older. Maybe it's the fact that his hair wouldn't have been the same.b
    Bob Marley in the full article: "...worked on a joint project with Kanye West." icwutudidthar
    Bob Marley just looks weird in the picture on the full article, it looks like he died his hair yellowish brown with grey in the middle. And Elvis too, if he was still alive, he would be an ugly guy, man. Just look at the article.
    Jimi Hendrix - Morgan Freeman Kurt Cobain - David Spade, without the dirt-stache Jim Morrison - Grandmother John Lennon - Host of UK Top Gear
    John Lennon would not wear a turtleneck. He'd be rockin some ridiculous clothing if he were here today. Ridiculously awesome looking clothing
    Elvis looks like Johnny Cash. Hendrix looks like Morgan Freeman... I smell a rat here.
    I'd say John's is the most realistic in terms of what they'd look like. Especially going off of how Paul and Ringo have aged.
    Cool idea, but the "photoshop" factor shows a little too much. Going into the Uncanny Valley, especially for Kurt
    Way Cool JR.
    No disrespect, but the Kurt Cobain pic looks like an if they mated of Chris Farley and David Spade.
    Okay, whatever. They wouldn't be caught dead (ha) in that 'old folks' attire. Especially: Hendrix - "You can't dress like me!"
    All this tells us is that excessive drug use in your youth makes you look healthy in your later years.
    Boy did the Who have it right. " I hope I die before I get old" Its amazing these rock legends that died so young. They will always be young in our minds when we see old video footage or listen to there classic albums. So it is neat to see what they might have looked liked. I think Keith Moon and Kurt would be more bald.
    Did I miss it, or did no one point out that Kurt Cobain hasn't aged at all in the picture? It's just a portrait that's a little off. Now Janis Joplin is incredibly well done.
    The funniest part about Joplin is that photo reminds me of all my friends's parents or grandparents who were hippies in the 60's.
    As disrespectful as this sounds, thank God we never got to actually see what Kurt might have looked like when he got old. Especially if it was anything close to this picture.
    Dude, what the hell?
    Hmm, well after reflecting over it, I guess I shoudl've worded my comment a little differently. I apologize for my statement.. But, know that I did not mean to say what you people think I said. I can't really explain what I wanted to say though, anymore..
    That doesn't "sound" disrespectful. It [b]is disrespectful. You're basically saying that you're thankful for him dying.
    I dont agree with what he said and Im not a Nirvana fan. I think what he meant was he is thankful that we remember Kurt as the young man we know and not this strange looking man. I dont think he was thankful Kurt is dead.
    That's exactly was I'm trying not to say. I love him and his music too much to say that. But we have to agree that it wouldn't have meant the same if he had grown old. He would've turned into a joke.. Sheesh, you people just wait for an opportunity to be condescending.. Assholes..
    I'm not that pessimistic. He would probably look like Mark Arm. Or Thurston Moore. Or both... That being said... yeah, your comment was in poor taste.
    Who cares if it wouldn't have meant the same if he were old? You can't just speculate that the outcome would've been worse. He had a life, and wasn't meant to be some relic for people to get a lasting legacy out of. one is, I don't care how famous/talented they are. So... yes, you are a disrespectful *******, for speculating that two decades a man never got to see would've been worse than him dying.
    I think he's implying that he'd turn out like Courtney and be a shitbag. Just not a crazy shitbag.
    you deserve more upvotes; god forbid the guy didnt convey his pint in a wa that didnt make him sounds like a careless a-hole, hes got some sort of a weird, careless of kurt - point
    ...English lessons? Anyone?
    You people are part of the ones who shoudl've made it onto that worst fans list. You think that your opinion is the only one that matters.. Well, I stick to my comment and if you fools can't see it, then shame on you..
    It's not about opinion, it's about basic ethics. This is not an argument about whether Nirvana sucks or not. It's about respect.
    We did...UG Community is on that list. We're not *******s, but what you said is horrible. Please, do not share this idea on here again, or anywhere really, it was insensitive, and it's wrong to thank God that any one who isn't a war criminal or that isn't evil, is dead
    Yeah, good thing he died so that you don't have to look at his ugly middle-aged face... real mature, dude.
    You're the one who's saying that, not me.. For the record, Kurt was a coward. He left his poor daughter in the hands of that Crazy wife of his..
    "thank God we never got to actually see what Kurt might have looked like when he got old" "good thing he died so that you don't have to look at his ugly middle-aged face" Wanna play spot the differences?
    This guy is actually speaking the truth - just you guys have your heads too far up kurt's & your own asses. everyone knows musicians are more famous dead and kurt wouldnt have the legacy he does if he was still alive. fact. also, killing yourselves basically causes your family & friends no end of pain and humiliation, it is a cowards way out.
    First of all, even if I didn't like the guy, I would never even jokingly say I was thankful that he died young. There's a moral issue there. Second of all, if you're going to state things as "fact", you should probably give some kind of proof to back it up, because I'm pretty damn sure Nevermind was already one of the fastest-selling albums ever by the time he died.
    so for the kurt cobain face they just take dave grohl and put kurts eyes on him then make him blonde.... HE'D BE GREY AS A FUCKING MULE. unless the worlds best dirty blonde dye exists.