See the Inside of Trivium Singer’s Throat When He Screams

Matt Heafy has shared footage from his doctor who analysed what happens inside his throat when he screams - see the throat-shredding footage here.

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What does a metal singer's vocal cords look like when they perform?

Trivium singer Matt Heafy has been to the doctor, who has been studying his vocal cords with a special scope camera to see what it looks like when he sings and screams.

Matt shared the results on his Instagram feed as a series of photos and videos, and while it might look creepy to some people, others might find it interesting to get an insight into what actually happens in the throat when people sing.

Describing the image, Heafy writes: "Cords are good! (White stuff is mucous – yummy). Just mild signs of reflux. Warming up now to get a scope in my nose to see what happens when I scream and sing cord-wise. Should look amazing."

See the videos and images here - and if anyone can figure out what is going on in the image, let us know in the comments. Maybe there's an amateur doctor who can shed some light on the action.

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    when singing the vocal chords expand to allow air to pass and depending on the desired pitch will either expand or contracted to adjust. when screaming the vocal chords constrict tightly but as you force air through you get a rasp. chris fronzak next please =)
    Instagram is a bellend so I won't bother taking a look... ...but I'm sure that it's lovely.
    Okay, we get it. You like saying bellend.
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