Seven Unusually Credible Valentines Rock Songs

Screw power ballads, we're digging through our real record collections for some beautiful Valentines-worthy rock songs.

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Happy Valentine's Day! If you're lucky in love, or still longing to find the one, today is still a good day to get sentimental and play some of the prettiest rock songs around.

We would usually throw together some power ballads at this point, but we all know it's just a charade. Why not trawl through our teenage iTunes collections and pick out some truly beautiful music?

This is subjective, of course. And the lyrics won't always be on topic, but the sound of the songs ought to suit your mood today.

Consider it post as a prompt for sharing your own bedroom-worthy tracks with YouTube links in the comments.

Deftones "Teenager"

Amid cutting edge metal on "White Pony", Deftones dropped this surprisingly tender treat right in the middle. It's beautiful.

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Jeff Buckley "Everybody Here Wants You"

A more suitable choice might have been "Lover, You Should Have Come Over" because it has the most heartfelt lyrics on the planet. Seriously, that line about giving all his blood... never mind. This song is from his second (unfinished) album. It might be RnB, but don't ignore it - you might learn something from the delicate guitar work here.

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John Lennon "Love"

This is from his fantastic "Plastic Ono Band" album. Pretend the song isn't about Yoko Ono and it sounds even better.

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Queens Of The Stone Age "In The Fade"

A live version with the soulful sounds of Mark Lanegan on vocals.

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A Perfect Circle "The Nurse Who Loved Me"

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan sings about a nurse who gives him special treatment.

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Radiohead "All I Need"

A highlight from "In Rainbows", which could be Radiohead's most warming album yet. Analog bass FTW.

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Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm"

Some songs are too beautiful to put into words - unless you're Billy Corgan. It sounds glorious, and hasn't aged a day.

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Can you share your favourite underrated rock love songs? Share a YouTube link in the comments.

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    disarm...a great song, but not a love song.
    So what? It's a beautiful song.
    Yea...if your into someone who whines every song through his nassally challenged voice.....
    You can't get better than this
    So much love for this post and band. Happened to be listening to them today n'all! Seriously underrated, great witty lyrics and noodly polyrhythmic guitar licks
    Disarm is about the abuse Corgan suffered, it couldn't be less of a valentine's themed song.
    Love hurts. Later on in the thread, it was revealed to me that the abuse was parental. I feel like garbage right now. Lonely, lonely garbage. Happy Singles Awareness Day!
    "Disarm" is about being abused by step parents. Not exactly a Valentines Day love song.... Oh wow 2 other people said the same thing in the time it took me to type!
    Good QOTSA song, but it should have been "I wanna make it with you"
    Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Don't care much for the band, but that song is awesome.
    "Goodnight, Fair Lady" - Coheed and Cambria?
    a song about a date raper singing to his victim. it should be up there.
    Might as well include "Devil In Jersey City" while we're at it. Nothing says love like rape.
    link no1
    I don't see why not. One of the songs already up there is about child abuse sooooo....
    The Nurse Who Loved Me is a cover version, originally by the band Failure in which Troy Van Leeuwen started playing after the release of the album Fantastic Plantet on which this song originally appeared. It was released in 1994...
    The Nurse Who Loved Me is a cover as well, it was originally by Failure
    It's also an incredibly dark song once you look at the lyrics. It certainly does sound pretty before you realize what it's about.
    Didn't expect All I Need here. One of the most emotional songs ever. not a love song though...
    "I'm an animal, trapped in your hot car..." Yes, Thom is most certainly not making a tremendously obvious metaphor for anything that could be put in correlation with "love", nope, definatly not... With the sarcasm dropped however, you're on to something, though you are still wrong - The lyrics are not dealing with love between two people, in fact, it's all about a person who loves another one, but she/he chooses to ignore him/her, which drives the main caracter crazy, because "You're all I need", and later becomes obsessed with the uninterrested individual ("I only stick with you, because there are no others...". In other words, "All I need" is basicly a classic "unrequited love" song...
    Glad to see Radiohead mentioned, though "Fake plastic trees", or "Nude" probably would had fitted better... "he used to do surgery, for girls in their eighties, but gravity always wins..." ... Yeah, on a second thought, "Fake plastic trees" might not be the greatest track to play to your valentine after all - still a great song though!
    "House of Cards" is my personal favorite love song of all time, but I guess that's more about crushing on someone who's married to someone else.
    Goldilox by King's X for me, great song, they have good love tunes in general.
    Wow, Im surprised someone remembered who they are. Goldilox and it's reprise are both fantastic.
    There's a plethora of songs from Flight of the Conchords. Hotties, Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room), Ladies of the World, Business Time.....
    How can you include a song with a line like '...And leave you like you left me here to wither in denial, the bitterness of one who's left alone...' in a love song list?!!! Billy Corgan has like a million love songs and you pick that? How about Cupid de Locke? And I think 'The Nurse Who Loved Me' is about painkiller addiction, yeah? Anyway I pick Marilyn Manson's Valentine's Day which is also not a love song but **** Valentine's Day.
    The Nurse Who Loved Me was written by Failure, not A Perfect Circle.
    "In the fade" sounds too badass to be a soppy love song to me. It wouldn't put me in the mood. "Make it wit chu" is the one!
    What about Opeth's "Face of Melinda"? It has a very nice instrumentation and beautiful lyrics.
    Still Loving You - Scorpions Loved to Deth - Megadeth Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Sabbra Caddabra/Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin Closer - Nine Inch Nails Melissa/Blue Sky - Allman Brothers Band
    Yea...there is nothing like a nasally, whinney Billy Corrigan song to get your chick all heated up on V-day.....
    Yup... No other lyrics than "Cut that little child", and "To wither in denial" can express love better...