Sex Toys and Guns at Insane Clown Posse Office, Says Lawsuit

artist: Insane Clown Posse date: 09/19/2013 category: wtf?
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Sex Toys and Guns at Insane Clown Posse Office, Says Lawsuit
Insane Clown Posse are facing a lawsuit from a female ex-employee who alleges being presented with sex toys at work.

Andrea Pellegrini was the band's former attorney and publicist, and claims that the band and other office staff at Psychopathic Records directed inappropriate behaviour towards her, with an aim to be compensated for "fright and shock" and "horror, outrage and indignity." Examples include being asked to obtain illegal weapons for a photo shoot, and being threatened by Violent J's girlfriend that she'd be beaten up after complaining to the head of the label that she gave her a dirty look, according to Metal Insider.

In another case, Pellegrini claims that a fellow employee nicknamed Dirty Dan (for reasons which will now become clear) bought her and other female staff sex toys including a clear dildo and so-called "vagina tighteners." Dirty Dan is also alleged to have described the size of his, ahem, tools and how he uses them.

Obviously these claims haven't been proven, but we imagine a business called Psychopathic Records isn't the most white-collar place to work.

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