Sex Toys and Guns at Insane Clown Posse Office, Says Lawsuit

A female ex-employee alleges that band members and staff frightened and shocked her. So what did they do that was so horrifying?

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Insane Clown Posse are facing a lawsuit from a female ex-employee who alleges being presented with sex toys at work.

Andrea Pellegrini was the band's former attorney and publicist, and claims that the band and other office staff at Psychopathic Records directed inappropriate behaviour towards her, with an aim to be compensated for "fright and shock" and "horror, outrage and indignity." Examples include being asked to obtain illegal weapons for a photo shoot, and being threatened by Violent J's girlfriend that she'd be beaten up after complaining to the head of the label that she gave her a dirty look, according to Metal Insider.

In another case, Pellegrini claims that a fellow employee nicknamed Dirty Dan (for reasons which will now become clear) bought her and other female staff sex toys including a clear dildo and so-called "vagina tighteners." Dirty Dan is also alleged to have described the size of his, ahem, tools and how he uses them.

Obviously these claims haven't been proven, but we imagine a business called Psychopathic Records isn't the most white-collar place to work.

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    Jacques Nel
    Judge: "Madam, they are clowns, they bare the prefix 'insane' and they are with a label called 'Psychopathic Records'. What did you expect?"
    Not a big fan of the group, but just reading the headline I'm like "Well... Yeah... Did you EXPECT otherwise?"
    Maybe she did, since their new evangelical image, either way she could easily get her money, expected or not definitely not acceptable workplace standards. Sexual harassment shouldn't be seen as acceptable cause it was expected.
    I'm the first guy to talk smack about ICP, can't stand their demeanor. Haven't cited to clarify but I'm told they do a lot of behind the scenes charity, but I still don't like em. BUT. Who in the right mind signs up with a band like ICP expecting things to be ANY different? The only thing missing from this article that I'd expect to hear is being pressured into doin' drugs. I don't even know these guys personally and sexual harassment, illegal guns and drugs are the first things I'd expect to see by lunch time on day one. You don't sign up with an act like that without at least knowing what you're getting yourself into. This bitch's milkin it cuz she doesn't wanna file for unemployment.
    I think their facepaint says everything you need to know about these guys.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'm a pretty open minded music listener, but I see ZERO appeal in these guys. Seriously, I just don't get it.
    im in no way a fan of the band but it seem like someone wants money here i mean why not come forth when this is happing i mean oh lets wait till you no longer with the company then try to come fourth and if you didnt know what you where getting into when you signed on or just kept going sounds like you need to rethink where you get a job
    I don't care where you get a job, it's perfectly reasonable to expect you can work there without being sexually harassed, threatened with assault, or asked to commit a felony. I'm not especially surprised that all of that happens at Psychopathic Records, but that doesn't mean it's OK and she should just accept it.
    Ya know they arent nearly successful enough to have millions of dollars to throw around. So I doubt she would really walk away with too much money anyway.
    Fucking bitch just trying to milk money she hasn't earned from people who have. People like this are what's wrong with society today.
    my friend's sister-in-law makes $82 hourly on the internet. She has been laid off for eight months but last month her payment was $15922 just working on the internet for a few hours. his comment is here
    I am sure that if you are going to work for ICP, you pretty much know what you are getting yourself into
    lol I thought attorneys didn't have dignity to begin with If you've seen a show by these assclowns, why, just why would opt for a job with them?
    I could not remember ever having heard a song by them so I just now did. Why are these people even mentioned here?
    i guess because there are no other "interesting" guitarmusicnews... and maybe because of this old media "wisodm": "sex n guns - everybody will click that link!"
    I had a nightmare experience at work. I worked as a manager at a restaurant that catered to a much older demographic. Old people everywhere. And one day I had a customer come up to me and said "I can't flush the toilet". So I look in the women's bathroom and I see a huge long turd. It was as round as a balled up fist and long enough to wrap around the toilet twice. So you can guess why the toilet couldn't flush that beast down. To shorten the story, I got a raise.