Sharon Osbourne: 'I'm Relevant to X-Factor Because I Manage Sabbath'

The "Princess of Darkness" defends her return to television talent show.

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Sharon Osbourne has been defending her return to television talent show the X-Factor after critics have dismissed her of being irrelevant.

As the BBC reports, Osbourne notes that she is still relevant because she manages Black Sabbath, a band who has just had a #1 album in 14 countries.

Host of the Xtra-Factor, Matt Richardson, has defended her return, reiterating Sharon Osbourne's comments:

"[She's] been in music management for 35 years, managing one of the biggest bands in the world.

"She's pretty relevant, they [Black Sabbath] sell out arenas and stadiums under her management.

"So I guess you can't really complain about that can you? Having someone like that on the panel is pretty brilliant."

Osbourne originally left the talent show in 2007. She notes that Simon Cowell "didn't have to do that much persuading" to get her to come back to the program:

"The thing that's so great is, it's still the same crew, so it's like coming back to your family and it just feels just right. It feels really good."

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    Curious George could have been the manager for Black Sabbath returning and they would have still had the number 1 album in 14 countries cus it's what people have waited for for years. OZZY AND TONY AND THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Now go talk about auto-tune and digital pop music with Simon Cowell and give us another One Direction, just what the world needs. X-Factor is a joke. Belittle some halfwits then cash in on a group of twats and make it a franchise to sell to 12 year old girls. As long as you've kept your integrity, darling.
    My Last Words
    Add the fact that it's all set-up drama bull****
    Yeah, seriously. X-Factor plays up a majority of the contestants' "oh, woe is me for having a hard life" story simply for the ratings and viewers, and they also purposely air the shitty acts for entertainment. It's all produced bullshit.
    I dont think this is true. Part of the reason sabbath are so big and ozzy is so big is because sharon is a publicity genius. its been over 40 years since sabbath got their last number 1 album. Most people didnt even care too much about them until after ozzy left and all that shit with biting the heads of stuff made him notorious and he kind of dropped off the radar to people outside of the rock and metal world during the 90s. The only reason hes as relevant as he is now is because of the osbournes tv show, countless chat show appearances because of the show and sharon being a master of the press. their musical peers who are also just as big with in the rock and metal fandom. bands like motorhead, deep purple, or sabbath while with dio. That is where ozzy would be today if it wasnt for sharon. *braces for a torrent of down vote*
    This is the equivalent of saying "I'm relevant to porn because I masturbate"
    Band managers are sort of like lawyers. We all love to hate them for being hard-nosed attack dogs. But when it comes time to hire one, what do we want? A hard nosed attack dog.
    Like anyone on here gives a shite what she does television wise. Just stay out of affairs like Bill Ward's contract dispute and Iron Maiden's set at Ozzfest and I couldn't care what she does with her life
    You're relevant to X-Factor because it's full of talentless shit. Like you.
    That's Ozzy's wife. For Ozzy's sake, don't go there. I'm old enough to remember the early 80s, when Ozzy could have very easily vanished into oblivion. Thanks to Sharon (and yes, possibly her greed) Ozzy wrote some new material, met a tiny guitarist named Randy, and recorded an album titled Blizzard of Oz. I want to call Sharon a lot of things, but since she is Ozzy's wife, I won't.
    Sabbath sells Sabbath, Sharon just rides the gravy train. Also, by saying that you're relevant to the X-Factor because you manage Black Sabbath is a huge offense to Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath make ****ing music, for a start.
    Sauron is relevant to nobody. She's the white stuff you use to wipe --after you clean up a smelly one. NASTY woman.
    i didnt realise the Lord of the Rings was a girl, let alone the wife of ozzy...
    Hey does anyone know if Wilk is playing the American leg of the tour?