Shirley Manson Triggers Sex Pest Hunt

The Garbage singer's teenage fling with a predatory music teacher has sparked a hunt for the man 31 years later.

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Garbage singer Shirley Manson has triggered a hunt for a sex pest who may have abused her when she was a teenager.

Shirley told a newspaper about her relationship with a music teacher when she was 15-years-old, but cut it off when she discovered he was sleeping with other students too. The legal age of consent in the UK is 16.

Now Edinburgh City Council has decided to take action, even though the offence took place over 30 years ago, with a spokesperson announcing that they are taking the matter "very seriously" according to Classic Rock.

"My first so-called relationship was with my music teacher at 15. I would have sex with him in the back of his van after class. When I found out he was having sex with every one of my mates, it stopped," Shirley said.

The tutor has not been publicly named, but it is understood that the teacher worked with a youth drama group. Officials are currently searching records to see if any complaints were made at the time and if any action was taken against him.

"We take any allegations of this nature very seriously and we are currently looking to establish more information about this case," said a spokesperson on behalf of Edinburgh council.

It seems the relationship may have warped Shirley's impression of men for a long time. "I thought every bloke was cheating on his wife or girlfriend," she said in the original interview which prompted the investigation. "It was an unhealthy and hysterical idea of what the male was. It is not the case at all now."

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    She's 46??! Fackin' hell...
    This is definitely crazy, but she shouldn't be ostracized here. The person that IS to blame, is the music teacher.
    Why did she sleep with the music teacher in the first place...?
    Carl Hungus
    Sounds like he was very keen on teenage girls. Older man younger woman thing is pretty common. Its up to the adult to use better judgement.
    I distinctly remember in high school, girls in my class talking about how they wanted to hump certain teachers, usually younger dudes who were substitutes but still, pretending that teenage girls are helpless little victims rather than sex-crazed sluts aching to be dicked by older men, is to be ignorant about NATURES WAY.
    She isn't mad at him for being a pedophile, she's mad at him for banging other girls
    Insanity ninja
    All of these pedo's being exposed now. I don't understand why its taken so long for people to take action. If I was in their position I'd be screaming at the authorities every day until something was done about it.
    Epi g-310
    You see things very differently when you're an abuse victim... it's never that clear-cut for people who've been through that.
    Insanity ninja
    I completely agree with you, but I mean, I can understand waiting a while before telling anyone, 31 years seems a bit excessive though. But like you said, its different when you're the victim.
    you don't know what you would do in their position.
    They probably did a lot of positions lolzerz
    You are a sick bastard. I don't even care if you were trying to be a troll. Fuck you sonofgkex.
    Your anger makes me wonder what happened to you personally. Care to share? Seriously tho... don't be so sensitive about everything. Vedicardi had to have seen that one coming. No pun intended. Seriously, no pun intended this time. And how come you go after me when the guy below us called her a little skank? I mean, why didnt you jump all over him?
    Abuse? get real. She was just a little skank...that's all.
    Why is this getting downvoted? I mean, she was 15 but she didn't use the word rape now did she? She broke it off because he was ****ing all the other girls too. Guys like that are creeps who should lose their jobs but I'm pretty sure he didn't exactly force anyone to do him.
    Abuse covers multiple angles. It doesn't necessarily mean forcefully making somebody perform sexual actions.
    Abusing a position of trust or authority is abuse. A doctor with a patient, even if they are both adults and consenting is patient abuse.
    Battery Chicken
    Under the legal age is still statutory rape, it's not cool. A 15 year old girl doesn't have the mental tools to know that she is being used as a sex toy, which is obviously what this guy was doing.
    Funny thing is (Unrelated to the teacher's abuse, which is terrible), there's a pop/R&B singer here in Sweden who has the same hairstyle as Shirley in this pic, except blonde instead of red.
    General ignorant misogyny on here is worrying. The point isn't whether or not she, at 15, wanted to sleep with the guy. The point is that, at 15, she's legally recognised as not being mature enough to make that kind of decision, or to deal with the consequences (which, as you see, she wasn't). That's why it is the *adult's* responsibility to not have sex with someone who's under the legal age of consent, whether they're telling you they want it or not. EDIT: not to mention that this guy was a teacher, and so in a specific, powerful position of authority and trust with regards to the pupils he was sleeping with (remembering that she said he was sleeping with multiple students).
    >Implying that the abuse victim's account is bullshit, and if not, it's still her fault and should burn in hell Another piece of faith in the UG community lost...
    The idea of someone saying she should burn in hell and that it's her fault is pretty extreme... However it could be bullshit and that is the one consideration that should be legit and understandable.
    "I'm calling bullshit on her story, classic cry for media attention" and "it could be bullshit" are two pretty separate things, wouldn't you say?
    So if she had only been a couple of months older, it would have been okay? Come on, people. A 15-year old isn't a child. The music teacher is obviously a scumbag, but if a 15 year old decides to have sex voluntarily, I don't think we should be calling it "abuse".
    In America an 18 year old boy can be charged as a pedophile for banging his 17 year old girlfriend. STUPID. Shirley Manson wanted a grown man's cock inside her at age 15 and now she's trying to make a publicity stunt out of it because some shrink convinced her she was "abused"
    While doing something like that is very wrong, but i belive ppl do change. Especially in 30 years. But wrong is wrong
    "ppl do change. Especially in 30 years" You're assertion is that a pedophile is no longer going to sexually assualt children simply because of time? May I suggest that a pedophile will continue to sexually assualt children until they are caught? Meaning that he's probably continued to do this for the last 30 years.
    implying 15 is pedophilia
    Yeah, pedophilia to my mind is reserved for pre-pubescent girls. (Or boys) It's creepy as hell, but still not true pedophilia. Or alternately, as they say Old enough to pee, old enough for me just kidding.
    I think pedophilia is a term for those younger than pre-teen, and pre-teen and also teen predators both have different terms. Can't remember though
    In a medical dictionary, Pedophilia is defined, "Pathological obsession with sexual relations with persons under 13". Legally, 15 is statutory rape. Under 13 I imagine is child rape?
    No that is not my point. Im definetly against sexual assault. I just have a feeling there is more to it. Why wait 31 years and then start doing something.
    shes not doing anything, she just talked about it in an interview. It's not like she asked to open an investigation, It sounds like the school board has taken it upon themselves.
    His assertion was not "is no longer" it was "may no longer". His point was in 30 years someone may have found a sense of morality.
    Isn't there a statute of limitations on this kind of thing?
    I'm calling bullsh*t on her story. Get more victims to testify and we can go from there. Until then, it's a classic cry for media attention. Which worked. I've already wasted too much time on it.
    if this was 30 years ago and she is 46 that means hes going to be 70 of so i doubt she'd be able to recognise him
    The correct name followed by a background check would provide all the info needed to identify him. It's not like she's going rogue and looking for the dude herself. lol
    How come no one has commented on the fact that the headline pic has her with her mouth invitingly open? Look at that face! Age be damned, no man could resist that face!
    No man could resist cumming down her throat, and she's been practicing since age 15 so she'll suck ya a good one