Singer Covers Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' in 20 Singing Styles, Including Metallica, Slipknot, Nirvana and More

Impressed by the description? Hear it yourself!

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Ever wondered what Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" would sound like being sung by James Hetfield, Anthony Kiedis, or Bruce Dickinson. Nope, neither did we.

Set the Charge vocalist Anthony Vincent Valbiro did though. The singer recently posted a video on YouTube in which he covered the pop tune in 20 different styles. Styles ranged from Kurt Cobain to Frank Sinatra via Run DMC and Corey Taylor. Check it out below!

Last year, Katy Perry's album "Prism" was almost declared a biohazard in Australia. Apparently, the free seeds that were given away with deluxe editions of the album risked being confiscated by border control:

"Seeds or plant material of international origin may be a weed not present in Australia or the host of a plant pathogen of bio-security concern.

"Our bio-security officers at international airports, seaports and mail centres assess the risks associated with various items every day and are well-trained in making informed decisions about whether items could be of bio-security concern."

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    This guy's ****ing good.
    You have to check out this guys band, Set the Charge. They are CRIMINALLY underrated
    He's also part of a radio broadcast that brings the blunt truth about politics, philosophy, etc. I like their FB page Zeldalda New York, it's pretty entertaining
    First time I listened to a Katy Perry song the whole way through. That must have taken a lot of work to get that backing track put together.
    hahahaha this dude is awesome! and now i am going to check his band out just out of curiosity.. great way to attract an audience in a relatively short period of time
    DO IT. Their original songs are amazing. Ant is one of the best singers rock has right now and Set the Charge needs to get big. And they need a bassist
    All i can hear when this is on the radio is, "Do you wanna play with MY DICK? You should know what you're fallin for"
    He's singing in same tone all of time. just music in background changes bit. LAME
    His metal vocals were just awful and sounded nothing what they were supposed.
    *Subscribes* to this guy. Fun video. I was hoping he'd emulate the actual voices a bit better, but that was still fun.