Six-Year-Old Girl Shocks 'America's Got Talent' Judges With a Metal Performance

Aaralyn O'Neil screams through her own track "Zombie Skin," leaving the judges speechless.

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Aaralyn O'Neil may look like an average cute six-year-old girl, but she has proved that there is more to her than meets the eye, as she blasted through her song "Zombie Skin" during a recent "America's Got Talent" performance.

Backed up with her brother Isaiah bashing the drum skins, the duo was introduced by Howard Stern saying how he "can't wait to hear their sweet music." Sweet music was what he got as the pink socks, polka dot dress-wearing Aaralyn started screaming he guts out with the lyrics "Everybody! Listen to me! I am a zombie! I'm gonna eat you up right now!"

Although the ladies of the judge panel were instantly shocked by the demonic sounds coming out of the little girl, the male part, consisting of Stern and comedian Howie Mandel, rose with the devil horns on their hands as they stood in awe. Mandel seemed to be the one who was impressed the most by the performance, saying, "I love this kind of music. You think it's crazy, but I do."

Despite the fact that the duo was interrupted by the buzzer at first, O'Neil siblings ultimately reached the next stage with three of the judges giving them a "yes." As little Aaralyn said, they even have more songs ready to deliver, with some of the track titles including "Lullaby Crash" and "Brush My Hairs in Knots."

The father of the two was also introduced to the audience, rightfully earning the coolest dad title. You can check out the entire performance video below.

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    I can't stand this show, but this was hilarious.
    Yeah I was smiling too. It's great that these two were allowed on the show to express themselves, even if they are kids. 10 years ago this would never have been allowed to happen.
    I find it weird how people make a big deal about when a singer/musician auditions with an unorthodox genre. Not that big of a deal to me.
    I think she's actually doing professional screaming because it doesn't seem like she's just screaming at the top of her lungs while looking at her doing it.. Thumbs up to this!!!
    I about pissed myself laughing when I saw this! way to go dad you can tell this is an awesome influence! I want to hear that kids sing some Slipknot!
    I have been listening to Murp aka Aaralyn an Izzy since they have started on youtube Izzy's father was the one who got him playing the drums and Aaralyn wanted to sing she writes her own songs if you have ever heard her dog poo song or the don't brush my hair in knots then you could tell she writes her own songs as a child i would always come up with little songs and as a parent now i let my son Nathan sing and play the drums and guitar and he has been doing such since he was 5 and singing an drums since he was 4 it helps them to be creative and overall inspire them to go for their goals and dreams their father isn't forcing them to sing in such ways that is their wish to sing the genera not their fathers. The kids are great no matter what and i see allot of potential in them even if they don't win i will show my support Vicious Bloodomen
    I would have hit the X too, but speaking as a musician, these kids have great potential. If they keep working and she develops the right technique for her voice and doesn't blow it out, they might make something happen one day. Btw, I love Howard Stern. I could listen to his show all day.
    haha that was both scary as hell and awesome at the same time! having a guitarist and bassist onstage with them however would make it way more metal.
    I want them to win the entire contest. It's extremely unlikely since it's basicly a popshow, but exactly because of that, it would be quite surrealistic and hilarious.
    That was great! My daughter is making it her ring tone I also want to hear Lullaby Crash
    Omg that was so hilarious this is better then coffee. i mean how can a little girl like that being dressed in a cutey form and then stare up some metal lmao that's just rich
    Don't get what everyone is into this screaming bullshit. If a kid came on singing like Bruce Dickinson then i'd be impressed.
    Yeah I agree with you. I mean screaming does take a lot but still, there's more you can expand when singing than screaming in my opinion.
    He does have a good point there, tho: this PR stunt to get AI into Youtube once more is cool and all, but isn't that the way to ruin a 6 year old girl's vocal chords...? Then again, kids scream all day.
    Provided she is using the right technique, her vocal chords will be perfectly fine.
    There is a proper technique to doing it without destroying your chords. If she does it right, it'll be alrright
    Cool kids, but I have mixed feelings about the parenting they're getting.
    That their parents are putting music into them while their young? Just cuz its metal dont matter, those kids will be alot smarter than ones who dont get any music training.
    The issue is not with the type of music they're playing but the type of show they're performing on for people to gawp at.
    You can only do good to kids by exposing them to music and helping them to find a possible hobby, as long as you let them pick whatever they like to listen to. Keep elitism off their heads, ffs. On topic, this reminded me of the punk kids that became a thing on internet about 1 or 2 years ago.
    Those replying, "So metal makes you smarter? Nuh uh!!!" clearly can't read. He doesn't mention metal music as being what makes you smarter. He actually specifically said ANY MUSIC training, but I'm sure you just stopped after "metal" and stopped reading.
    Smarter because of music training? Also, why is everything that is internet-approved is awesome parenting, but bible camp and flute lessons are tyranny.
    Any sort of music lessons are a great idea when they are young. You can take your kids to bible camp, but I think music is generally more accepted.
    I wish I had a chance for music classes instead of going to church or boyscouts. All you learn in church is that whatever way you understand the bible as you're reading it is wrong and all the old people are right and it's not open to interpretation cause you're young and stupid. Like they said, brainwashing.
    Statistically, any form of musical training from a young age improves intellectual capacity. It's actually kind of common knowledge. Look it up.
    So just cuz you listen to metal it means that you're smarter? I've met several metalheads who are as dumb as swagfags and pop listeners.
    smh six year old singing the devils music and everyone thinks it cute and when these same mess up kids turns and does something bad in society like shooting up schools and killing people then u all want candle lighting and prayer. SMH .
    i'm sorry i'm gonna call bullshit ... 6 year old makes her own metal song called zombie skin. unless her dad's marilyn manson i won't buy it
    They've been doing this for a few years and are encouraged to experiment and play. Go on Youtube and look up Murp.
    Staged, but pretty cool. Shouldda had the musicians on stage tho.
    I find it funny scary spice who has never had an original song of her own and who answered an ad in a newspaper shoots down original music. She has no talent and never has why is she on an American show? LOL The devils music hahahahaha they said that about Jazz and Elvis lol there are Christian metal and HC bands oh my god Paula grant did you put any thought at all into your post?
    if she'd sing and they get a bass and guitar ok .this was just the dad getting them on youtube and make some money for there college funds.i d love to see her really sing some Black Sabbath
    link no1
    Or yano, maybe the kids actually like that kind of music? How come if children are doing something that 'normal kids don't do' morons like yourself instantly say it's their parents forcing it on them? And out of all the genres of music, why would their dad force them to do an obscure subgenre, of an already acquired taste type of music (metal), where a majority of the fans are young and don't have enough money to help 'make money for *their (not there) collage funds"? Assuming you have a brain, use it.