Skrillex to Produce New Def Leppard Album?

"Love to work with him, that would be killer," says guitarist Phil Collen.

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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recently dropped a strange hint of the band working with EDM star Skrillex, saying it would be "f--king awesome." During a Rolling Stone chat, the axeman first discussed the new album, revealing heaps of available material. "We've got a sh-tload of new songs anyway, it's just implement them and then, 'What direction are we gonna take? Who are we gonna get to produce it? Are we gonna do it ourselves? Are we gonna do multiple stuff?'" he said. "An album would obviously take too long, so we're gonna do about four or five songs, get those out and then next year have an album come out, so it'll be an EP and an album." When asked on who would he like to work with, Collen replied: "I love Skrillex. I think [he's] f--king awesome, and he's a huge fan. Love to work with him, that would be killer. It's pretty specific and it's not necessarily Def Leppard, [but] I think it'd be great." Vivian Campbell chipped in, discussing the group's longevity and the way he keeps his music passion burning. "The problem with being a musician is it's hard to keep up that passion," he explained. "You start doing it for the right reasons, then it becomes a job, like anything. We're all different, we find separate things to motivate us, but we're in a good place right now. I think I'm playing guitar better than I've ever played in my life because, unlike an athlete, it's not like a physical thing where your body packs in when you're 30." Campbell continued, "You actually get better and better. Every time we're on tour, I have a moment where I think, 'F--k, this is really f--king good.' And also having this whole f--king chemo and cancer bollocks, the fact I've been able to work through it has really helped me mentally. And I'm really enjoying playing my instrument again, which I wouldn't have honestly been able to say 10 years ago." So Def Leppard and Skrillex - could it work? Let us know in the comments.

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    People seem to forget that Sonny Moore comes from a hardcore background. "working with Skrillex" doesn't necessarily mean "making dubstep"
    exactly this. alot of "electronic" producers out there are seriously talented people and have the capacity to cater for alot of genres. i dont understand the hate he gets, he's a talented guy with a HUGE love for what he does. He gets nothing but respect from me.
    Dubstep is actually an extremely technical electronic subgenre, both musically and production-wise. I know, I've tried it before. I trust that Sonny knows what he's doing when it comes to music production.
    Damn right. Hip hop, techno, trance, pop; most genres that people consider to be inferior are quite easy to replicate. Dubstep, however, requires a very high amount of knowledge and training in order to create from scratch. From the programming of the synths, the rhythms, and especially the production. Dubstep is not easy to make.
    And, even in his own domain, It's obvious that he isn't half as bad as most of the 'Top Artists'..
    My first thoughts were that he would actually mix it and everything, which I think would be cool. If they just want him to add some wubz, then no thanks lol
    I don't see anything wrong with this, I imagine someone who creates dubstep music would know quite a lot about audio and production, I could be wrong. As long as it's not "Skrillex to Play in New Def Leppard Album".
    As someone who actually makes dubstep and electro house, I can assure you that what he does requires an extreme amount of knowledge in those areas. He has shitloads of talent, If you don't agree you're either misinformed or just plain ignorant.
    You need to be very skilled and know what you're doing to make Dubstep but the only problem I have with it is that the majority of it is very formulated and while it does take skill to make it doesn't take much creativity.
    Well, it's a good thing skrillex isn't writing and performing the album, and not just PRODUCING it, right? Pure ignorance.
    Skrillex to Ruin New Def Leppard Album? That's more like it
    How is he going to ruin it? He's a producer. He has been producing music for years. You're just ignorant as hell because the only thing you heard that he produced is his own music which you aren't a fan of.. which I doubt you've even given a chance anyway. Grow up a little bit.
    It's important to look at the producer's track record and make an assumption on it. Obviously, he's not going to turn Def Leppard into dubstep because that's what he does, but producers do have a lot of influence on the overall record. Ex: David Draiman producing for Trivium.
    No one is looking at his track record. Everyone is looking at his personal records and saying "NOOOO DUBSTEP IS STOOOOPID"
    God no.
    Lee Makky
    Why not? He isn't going to WRITE the record or even feature in one of their songs? He is going to PRODUCE it. That doesn't mean he is going to turn Def Leppard dubstep. He did that with Korn because they wanted to do that. Def Leppard want someone to make the record sound good, not have him write it for them. Idiot.
    Jesus people, it's not like they would be making a dubstep album. Skrillex would only produce it, not write it. And if you've ever actually listened to his music or the music he's produced, he actually produces high quality stuff.
    Riiight, because dubstep is not music. Seriously, dubstep musicians CAN make music, and they're actually pretty good at it. Do you even know how hard it is to make a simple beat using computer programs?
    Well, at least your first sentence was correct.
    Do you have any experience with producing beats that are industry level? If no then I would advise you to stay out of things you don't know anything about and if yes you should know how hard it is...
    It's nice to see readers actually defending the guy instead of ripping him apart. We're growing up lol. But seriously, I thought the song he collaborated on with The Doors was pretty well done. I know this album would not have him actually collaborate on it, but between that, his success as an EDM producer, and his experience with his old band, it couldn't hurt for Def Leppard to resurface themselves in today's market with his help.
    Why is everyone so narrow minded when it comes to Skrillex? The guy is 25 and can produce tracks that none of us could ever dream of making. Give the guy a break, all he's done is great things for electronic music. If you gave him a chance he could maybe do something similar here with Def Leppard.
    Not too fussed, not really listened to any Def Leppard post-Hysteria. If I've missed something good, please let me know, but I don't think I have.
    Adrenalize and Retro active(but it's a compilation of mostly Steve Era unreleased songs) are pretty badass. Euphoria was okay. Don't bother with anything else, the Live album was pretty awesome.
    Come on guys, didn't "Slang" teach you anything? It's hard to sell something GOOD these days, so it will be even worse with skrilldex
    Why can't there ever be an article with a promising title like "New Soundgarden album to be produced by Jimmy Page."
    Sounds interesting. Never liked Def Leopard too much. Skrillex is okay. I'd give it listen though. I bet he's one hell of a producer.
    Not my favorite producer but I guess he's not bad either. Not sure if he would work well with the band though.
    WHY do you people give electronic artists so much shit? Would you give someone like Kraftwerk the same amount of shit? Probably not. These guys are essentially doing what they did, but with far more complicated synthesizers.
    Even after decades of experimentations in electronic music people are still under the impression all it takes it hitting a button on a laptop.
    People are quite ignorant. You fail to realize Sonny has been producing music for years. This might provide some creative insight Def Leppard needs to come back. Also, it isn't HAPPENING per se, Phil Collen was ENTERTAINING the idea. Grow up, guys. Thought you were better than that. TSK TSK
    Wait...Ok? I'm not going to bash "Skrillex", although I want to. Has he produced any albums (other than his own) before, or is this his first leg in the door on this type of work?
    Well. I guess it makes sense to down vote me. I was just asking a simple question. I had hoped someone would answer. Guess I was wrong.
    Lee Makky
    That's bullshit. Sonny was in From First To Last before doing his electronic stuff. Working with him doesn't mean making a dubstep record. For all we know he could be a fantastic producer? We have nothing to judge him on, so why are people saying it's going to be terrible?
    Obviously he isn't going to turn Def Leppard dubstep, but his merits as a producer are questionable. I mean, the only instrument he's familiar with is a fricken Macbook, how the hell is he going to try to produce a record with guitars and drums and non-robot voices?
    Okay let's take this one by one: 1.) Skrillex knows how to play guitar. 2.) Skrillex sang for From First to Last and had a hand in producing the records he was on. 3.) Knowing how to play an instrument and knowing how to produce a record are different skill sets. You don't need to play guitar to know how to make the guitar sit in the mix.
    I think it would be more interesting to see someone who doesn't play guitar, but is a good producer, mix guitar music. You might end up with something interesting that doesn't fall back on the standard conventions of rock production.