Skrillex to Produce New Def Leppard Album?

artist: Def Leppard date: 10/25/2013 category: wtf?
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Skrillex to Produce New Def Leppard Album?
Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recently dropped a strange hint of the band working with EDM star Skrillex, saying it would be "f--king awesome." During a Rolling Stone chat, the axeman first discussed the new album, revealing heaps of available material. "We've got a sh-tload of new songs anyway, it's just implement them and then, 'What direction are we gonna take? Who are we gonna get to produce it? Are we gonna do it ourselves? Are we gonna do multiple stuff?'" he said. "An album would obviously take too long, so we're gonna do about four or five songs, get those out and then next year have an album come out, so it'll be an EP and an album." When asked on who would he like to work with, Collen replied: "I love Skrillex. I think [he's] f--king awesome, and he's a huge fan. Love to work with him, that would be killer. It's pretty specific and it's not necessarily Def Leppard, [but] I think it'd be great." Vivian Campbell chipped in, discussing the group's longevity and the way he keeps his music passion burning. "The problem with being a musician is it's hard to keep up that passion," he explained. "You start doing it for the right reasons, then it becomes a job, like anything. We're all different, we find separate things to motivate us, but we're in a good place right now. I think I'm playing guitar better than I've ever played in my life because, unlike an athlete, it's not like a physical thing where your body packs in when you're 30." Campbell continued, "You actually get better and better. Every time we're on tour, I have a moment where I think, 'F--k, this is really f--king good.' And also having this whole f--king chemo and cancer bollocks, the fact I've been able to work through it has really helped me mentally. And I'm really enjoying playing my instrument again, which I wouldn't have honestly been able to say 10 years ago." So Def Leppard and Skrillex - could it work? Let us know in the comments.
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