Slash Featured As A New Character In The Latest Edition Of Angry Birds

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Slash Featured As A New Character In The Latest Edition Of Angry Birds
Guitar icon Slash officially became an 'honorary Angry Bird' in the latest edition of the "Angry Birds Space" game. Apart from recording the main theme song, the axeman also got his very own Slashbird with a trademark top hat, curly long hair and a Gibson Les Paul guitar. "'Angry Birds' found out that I was a big fan and reached out to me. I really jumped at the chance to get involved," the guitarist said in a promotional video. Slash actually might be a way bigger "Angry Birds" fan than we think. Back in 2010, he tweeted that "'Angry Birds' is like a drug, only cheaper," earning himself a retweet on the game's official Twitter page. However, he is not the first rockstar to be featured in the game either, as the No. 1 honorary Angry Bird was none other than music legend Freddie Mercury. Green Day is another rock act that got animated by the developers from Rovio, but in a different edition of the game, the "Angry Birds Friends". This is not the first time for Slash to get involved in the animated world. If you look back to 2011, you might remember him rocking out with Phineas And Ferb in the "Kick It Up A Notch" theme song for. You can check out the "Angry Birds Space" for iPhone and "Angry Birds Space HD" over at the App Store for the price of $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. You can find the Slashbird and his edition of the game theme below.
So will you be checking this one out? Or are you waiting for the version where the Slashbird can fling himself into bunch of Axl Piggies? And what do you think of the theme song? Let us know in the comments section below.
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