Slash on Hendrix Biopic: 'If Anyone Should Portray Jimi, It's Andre 3000'

In related news, axeman's new album likely coming in September, details inside.

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Discussing late guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, Slash touched on the matter of Hendrix biopic starring OutKast frontman Andre 3000.

Despite noting that he doesn't like seeing actors portraying musicians, the guitarist gave Andre kudos, dubbing him the perfect fit.

"He's electric rock 'n' roll guitar, personified," the axeman told Artisan News about Jimi. "He's somebody that created his own identity and it's as strong today as when he first came on the scene in 1966 or whenever it was."

Focusing on the biopic and Andre 3000, Slash added, "I actually hate seeing actors portray musicians, but if anybody would be a good choice, he definitely is."

During a separate Fuse TV chat, Slash announced plans to release his new studio record in September. "I'm thinking ... well, I'm more than thinking. I'm pretty sure, September," he briefly noted.

In the latest "Real to Reel" studio update, Slash unveiled some of the killer riffs from the upcoming effort, confirming that the recording of bass and drums is officially complete and describing the new material as "far and above the last record."

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    Very kind of him to make such words, but I'm curious as to why does he think Andre is the perfect person to portray him? Not to bash on Andre, of course
    Because Andre looks like him, he can sing (whether or not you like rap), and he has that charismatic charm, and he learned how to play left handed guitar, so he's taking it very seriously.
    Well he looks a lot like Hendrix for starters, plus he seems to have his personality down to a tee, it's as close as anyone can get to the real thing.
    Was hoping to hear the new album sooner than September.
    he's still pretty prolific- a new album every two years? I just hope it's inspired, and not as (relatively) disposable as some of the songs on Slash and Apocalyptic Love.