Slash Records Angry Birds Theme

He's taking his love for Angry Birds even further by recording several rock themes for the game. See him performing some of them in this clip.

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Slash has re-recorded an official rock version of the "Angry Birds" theme tune.

Keen-eared fans might have noticed his guitar stylings on a video we posted last week when we shared the newly designed Slashbird, an angry bird with Slash's trademark hat and frizzy hair.

Now the guitarist explains how he got involved with Rovio who create Angry Birds, one of the most successful mobile video games in history, which you can see in the player below:

"When Rovio approached me about actually playing my own take on the 'Angry Birds' theme, it went back and forth a few times between the actual 'Angry Birds' theme note-for-note ... and then they asked for something a little bit different," he said, adding that he worked on the tracks while on tour. "I did a few different versions. It was a lot of fun to do."

It's not the first time "Angry Birds" have taken a leaf from the rock world. Last year, a Green Day-themed version of "Angry Birds" was announced, where each band member was also given their own avatar.

Watch Slash talk about his love for "Angry Birds" here:

YouTube preview picture

It's hard to imagine a rock legend like Slash developing a love for "Angry Birds" - but then, it's pretty addictive. What do you think of his on-going relationship with Rovio? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's funny because everyone cried sellout when Green Day did this, but now that Slash is doing it I doubt anyone's gonna say that. I hate the double standards that exist in music.
    Well Slash has stated his addiction to Angry Birds many times long before this news came out. I'm sure he just saw it as a fun opportunity. Green Day were called sellouts as soon as they recorded Dookie cuz that's just how punk fans are I guess. IDGAF if a band is sucessful or not, the music is what matters. You've only sold out when you've lost focus on the music because of money.
    i don't think any of them are sell outs, but i also don't think he's doing it just because he loves the game so much, but i don't think he'd do something he hated for the money, so he's probably having fun doing it.
    Compared to the non-musical activities of Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent, this isn't a horrible aging musician endeavor in the least.
    You think they would wait to put Slash in an Angry Birds Jungle edition or something.... lol Space edition? When I think of Space I don't think of Slash.
    I think this finally proves to us all, that Slash will play guitar to anything you ask him to.
    We're gonna see the SLASHBIRD in the game pretty soon,i guess. WOuld be funny to see that IMO.