Slash Reveals Movie Poster for Debut Horror Movie

Will Slash's first effort at producing a horror flick land the right way up? See the promo poster here.

Ultimate Guitar

Slash has revealed the official poster for his debut horror movie production "Nothing Left to Fear," which you can see below.

It's the first production to appear under his "Slasher Films" banner, which aims to bring visual horror together with perfect soundtracks.

"The perfect movie-going experience is obviously the visual, but the marriage between the audio - the actual music - the two when they're combined and they actually work together is for me the ultimate entertainment," he said recently. "So being involved with the music was part of the turn-on of doing this."

Other movies in development include "Wake the Dead," a modern take on the classic Frankenstein story.

"Nothing Left to Fear" will open in select cinemas on October 4, with a streaming and DVD release soon after on October 8.

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    Jacques Nel
    I quite enjoyed some of Rob Zombie's work. Hope Slash can do a good job with this. We need better Horror movies. I'm bored out of my mind with the Sh!t they put out nowadays.
    I could not agree with you more, i was pleasantly surprised by lords of salem
    I love horror movies, but I always end up thinking the same thing: "GTFOutta that house." The first sign of some spooky sh1t going on in that new house, and I'm in the car barking tire outta the driveway. My wife would be yelling at me "Honey, we left the kids behind!" I'd tell her, "Well, they'll just have to take a taxi then."
    Everyone says that but no one would actually leave their house, sure it would creep you out and at a point you would leave but not straight away, at first you'd just think you're going insane. On a side note I think the movie looks pretty good.
    The first poster looked cooler. This poster makes it look like any other modern horror movie, which he's been very vocal in saying it isn't (even though the trailer also makes it look pretty standard/generic and modern).