Slash Working on New Album, Confirms 'A Heavy Record'

The guitarist confirms jamming with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, album previously announced for early 2014.

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Guitar icon Slash has officially kicked off the recording sessions of his new solo album, a follow up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love." The axeman confirmed studio entrance via Twitter, along with a couple of Vine clips of Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators getting their groove on. Apart from expressing great pleasure with the initial sessions, Slash announced a "heavy" record. "Things couldn't be off to a better start," he added. Furthermore, Slash confirmed jamming with Billy Gibbons. Whether or not ZZ Top guitarist is involved with the new record yet remains to be seen. "Always an extreme pleasure to see and jam with Billy Gibbons," he added, along with an embedded photo. Earlier this summer, Slash announced that the new effort will drop in early 2014. "I'm working on material, I'll send it to him, and [Myles] will come in and record. It'll be out early next year," he briefly told Salt Lake Tribune. Keeping himself as busy as always, the guitarist recently debuted his new supergroup Kings of Chaos featuring his fellow former Guns N' Roses members Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, as well as Corey Taylor, Glenn Hughes and Steve Stevens. Back to the new album, make sure to check out a series of Twitter updates and videos below.

Alright, we're a band. Down the rabbit hole we go. iiii]; p

— Slash (@Slash) December 3, 2013

Awesome session yesterday! Things couldn't be off to a better start. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) December 4, 2013

Great session yesterday! Songs are really coming together. Going to be a heavy record. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) December 5, 2013

Check out my post on Vine: #slashnews

— Slash (@Slash) December 5, 2013

Fucking killer session today. This is going to be rad. iiii]; )'

— Slash (@Slash) December 8, 2013

Check out Slash's post on vine and be sure to follow him - #slashnews

— Slash (@Slash) December 9, 2013

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    I always really liked both his first album and Apocalyptic Love, then I saw him live, and oh my god it was one of the best concerts I've been to. So I'm excited for whatever The Conspirators put out next.
    I suspect that it was only a jam with Billy Gibbons. But if Gib does make an appearance on the album, sweet! And I think the first vine video was also only a jam, not part of the new album recording. Either way, I'm really excited! These guys are an awesome group.
    Irwin Navarro
    I hate to ruin the vibe here but I wish for a Kings of Chaos Album to be done sometime in the future. The lineup shouls be Corey Taylor/Slash/Gilby Clarke/Duff Mckagan/Matt Sorum. I think it would be awesome
    It'd be a lot cooler if they had a more aggressive drummer. Matt SoreArm bores me to tears. It's really difficult for me to listen to anything he plays on and I was a HUGE GnR fan growing up. At least if he would consider evolving a little bit instead of playing the same tired crap for 30 years...
    I liked Slash the album way better than apocalyptic love. The latter was just meh, not bad, not good enough to give it more than a few spins. The first had such a variety and something that was just lost on the later album.
    Well, the first one had more than 10 different singers of it.. Of course there was more variety. Apocalyptic Love was a lot more cohesive imo.
    Slash uses heavy to mean good. He'll say "man that was heavy" on Twitter sometimes when something cool has happened. Might still be a heavy album, but I don't think that's what he was referring to when he said that.
    I hope you're right. I don't interpret "heavy" to mean jazzy music with horns and keys like in that first vine.
    You obviously havn't heard "Ain't Life Grand" by Slash's Snakepit then, Jazzy can be heavy.
    That song kicks ass. I love when Slash ventures outside his comfort zone. That whole album was killer though, it would have made a legendary Guns album.
    It's hard to explain. Myles Kennedy is an amazing awesome singer, but he is boring to me. I can't put my finger on it. It's not just his music with Slash either, he did a song on the new Gov't Mule album....and I skip it almost everytime.
    Yeah, his voice doesn't have any grit and he doesn't really convince me he's coming from the soul. It's all very sanitized, whereas Guns was sleazy and rebellious. It doesn't fit Slash's style, but I think he just wants an easy guy to work with.
    I just don't enjoy Myles. I know he's good and talented, but I prefer like Slash's self title record where he used different lead singers.
    Hopefully it has more bite than Apocalyptic Love. All the songs on it sounded pretty much the same. They were decent, but it got boring after a while.
    Apocalyptic Love was awfull... I guess it's cause of Myles Kennedy :/ I hope that his next album will be better
    I really hated the title and it was a bit corny at times but it was far from awful. It had some good tunes inside, although I preferred his self titled solo album better, so much variety of styles.
    I agree. Apocalyptic Love was good, Slash (the album) was better.
    Watch This with Dave Grohl solidifies the solo album's supremacy IMO. But yeah, the diversity was a great change of pace. Saint is a Sinner Too had a very acoustic Zeppelin vibe and Nothing To Say showed his heavier, technical side.
    Watch This is the worst thing on the album. It's not a well-constructed song unlike everything else.
    Really?! Myles Kennedy was killer on that album!
    Myles was good on Apocalyptic, but I got a little tired of hearing his voice constantly. It's kinda whiny. Curious for this next one though
    I see that you got down-votes, but I actually agree with you. I really liked the other album much better when Slash featured many other singers. Myles is a great singer yes, but there are times when Slash will have a fantastic riff and then Myles ruins it by turning it into a love song or something rather than a rock song. I'm not sure of the proper terminology, but he should sing in blues scales to match the chord progressions, not this odd keyed BS that he did. I love Myles but he needs to write better melodies to match Slash's great riffs.
    I really really like Apocalyptic Love. At least, the high points were really really high for me, and the low points are still pretty high.
    I thought so at first. But now i LOVE it!
    Miles Kennedy is terrible. I'll never understand why people tolerate his shitty sound.
    "Tolerate" is quite an understatement. I LOVE his voice.
    I can take or leave it. I feel he does MUCH better vocals on Alter Bridge vs Slash album.
    I agree, Myles sounds better in Alter Bridge, Slash would be better off with someone with a grittier voice to sing for him, it would fit the rock n' roll vibe better.
    The singer from Snakepit would be a good one I reckon
    I would love that but I doubt Eric Dover or Rod Jackson's voices have held up over time. They both have very demanding styles that are hard to replicate live.
    woah it was not because of Myles. He is the only reason that album is bearable to listen to. The music was just plain no feeling. Myles was the only thing I liked on the album except for the occasional awesome solo.
    Can SOMEONE please explain why Slash is so "amazing"? Please. Change my mind, someone...
    yeah, its not like he was part of one of the biggest rock bands of the 80s/early 90s and wrote some of the most famous guitar riffs of all time or anything... quit hating just because he's popular.
    Beats me too, Iconic riffs, killer tone, fluid style, I have no idea why this guy is so popular amongst the guitar community???
    Can't wait for this album to drop, Slash never seizes to impress!
    Not to be a grammar nazi or anything, but this just painted a really funny picture in my head. Imagine Slash out at a restaurant or something and he sees a BEAUTIFUL woman. She has no idea who he is and the only thing he can think of to get her attention is to fake a seizure. That would be Slash seizing to impress.
    Slash should get Jon Harvey to come in and sing on a few tracks! Nothing against Myles, but Jon Harvey has a solid booming voice. Anyone that hasn't listened to Monster Truck I'd recommend a listen. Cheers!
    Loved AL, great direction. Either bring Duff/Matt into the fold, or officially retire VR and focus on the great solo material.