Slash's Wife Criticises Axl Rose

Perla Hudson wasn't impressed with his TV appearance this week, and thinks he's had one too many chilli burgers. What's the beef?

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Axl Rose made his first TV appearance in years on the "Jimmy Kemmel Show" on Wednesday, but at least one viewer was less than satisfied.

Slash's wife Perla Hudson hoped it would reveal a better side of the Guns N' Roses frontman: "I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was promotion for a show and his evident affinity for a chilli burger," Perla said (via HenneMusic). "Where is the love Axl? And I stayed up for this? Sex, drugs and chilli dogs. Long live Axl Rose. And a Halloween tree."

When Axl went on to treat the audience to their own chilli burgers, Perla found more to ridicule:

"He's had a Slash, a Buckethead, and a Bumblefoot, and evidently way too many Tommy's chilli burgers!" she said. "Hope there were some left for the audience!"

Perla's comments might be a little unfair. During the interview, Axl did reveal something we didn't expect: his support for President Obama, and his time working at Tower Records in the 1980s.

Do you think Axl has had a few too many chilli burgers? Let us know in the comments.

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    I never thought I would say these words together but I'm gonna side with Axl on this one. He was on time, he wasn't a douche like usual and he didn't try to start shit about Slash or any other past G'n'R members, leave the guy alone.
    She has no credibility, just because she's with Slash doesn't mean what she says means anything. She's just another person saying something really.
    A better headline would've been "We couldn't get Slash to comment on Axl, so next best thing, we talked to Perla"
    I enjoyed the interview. He could laugh at himself and seemed relaxed. Yeah, it wasn't the most revealing interview but after 30 years, I'm sure he gets sick of saying the same things.
    ...and I'm sure he's just all broken up inside because of what Perla Hudson has to say about him. LOL Didn't even really make any sense what she said. Besides, Halloween trees rock!
    Are you kidding me, the chilli burgers comment was hilarious.
    SHE IS STILL CALLING HER HUSBAND BY HIS STAGE NAME. Really does no-one find this strange?
    Haha, this made me laugh. Didn't even think about it. Wonder if she calls him Slash in bed as well, or if that brings up too many memories of all the groupies in the 80s.
    When you are talking to the media, you try to refer to people by their common names. I'm sure she calls him a different name when she's not in the limelight.
    She was hoping for something enlightening from Axl, then immediately made a series of fat jokes about him. Talk about the pot calling the kettle fat.
    Well this is just plain disappointing. Axl's done a rather friendly interview, didn't cause any bullsh*t and now Slash's wife wants to knock him down for no apparent reason. Why? I mean, everyone seems to have gotten over it and moved on, this is just gonna start trouble again. Also, I need to get me a Halloween Tree.
    Its funny. My girlfriend and I just bought a Halloween tree with the intention of using it for a Christmas tree...before I watched the Kimmel show. Also, I agree with everything you said. She just made Axl look a little better in the eyes of the people that hate his "shit".
    King Bluesy
    Only people who diss Axl are ones that pay attention to what the media wants to depict him as rather than the quotes, interviews, etc with him. Anyone who has paid attention knwos he is a good guy, the lateness I do not get but it doesn't bother me anyway. He just has never went out publicly about the good things he does as opposed to Slash who makes everyone love him.(Not hating, I like Slash).
    Axl is constantly late because he's a childish egomaniac. It doesn't mean he's a bad guy... it just means that he's immature and obsessed with himself.
    So, maybe he shows up late...does that REALLY matter when they play for 3 hours? I've gone to tons of concerts where the main band plays for 2 hours and bails. At some point, people should get over that and come to expect it.
    Saw them earlier this year, played a 3+ hr set. How the **** can you hate on that??
    **** you,you obviously dont knw shit bout him.Yea he was always late, but atleast he wasnt late in this interview.
    Josh Reubenking
    Axl actually seemed really friendly and humble in this interview. I was impressed. Normally I bash Axl about his lateness and what not, but he was on time, he wasn't an *****, he didn't walk off set or get pissed off, and he gave gifts to the audience. Slash's wife just needs to shut the **** up. I'm sure he wouldn't approve of her stirring up more shit between them.
    "his time working at Tower Records in the 1980s." Yup, most of the original line-up worked at tower videos. It's mentioned in any biography that's been brought out about the band...
    Well, Slash stole records from there... did he ever work there too?
    Actually, yes, he did. He says in his book how he was always afraid that somebody would recognize him.
    Ah thats right. I read the book and I remember him being a thief but not whether he worked there. Thanks!
    Guns N' Chains
    Slash has got to be like, "Man, why'd you have to say anything. This is gonna cause a whole new line of questions and bull***t". I can not speak about Perla knowing Axl, but does she really have any creditability to talk crap on him?
    I'm sure Axl Rose is drying his eyes with the giant pay cheque from the Vegas deal.
    although i generally think he's an a$$hole, i really liked the way axl kept away from stirring any $hit. and slash's wife is a fat cun+.