Slayer's Ugly Xmas Jumper

This awesomely sh-t woollen jumper from Slayer is the best piece of holiday merch we've seen so far this year. Check out their Xmas socks and baubles too.

Ultimate Guitar

Slayer are getting into the Christmas spirit after unveiling an unashamedly sh-t knitted jumper on their merch store.

After writings songs like "Reign In Blood" and "God Hates Us All", you wouldn't expect something so woollen and soft from Slayer, but it's real and has already sold out from their official merch store.

It's not cheap though - on the UK store it's £50 ($80).

Slayer are selling other holiday-themed items including baubles for your Christmas tree. Perfect for your own black Christmas.

Slayer are no strangers to original merchandise. In April the band launched their own brand of Californian wine, which is said to have a "tough and uncompromising taste." A bit like Slayer, then.

Meanwhile, the band are still working on their new album which has been held up by guitarist Jeff Hanneman's illness. He contracted a flesh-eating disease from a spider bite, and his recovery has been slow.

"We've recorded very little," Kerry King said in August. "We got a little bit done. We had a 12-day window where we hijacked [producer] Greg Fidelma from Metallica and worked with him a little bit."

See the unusual Slayer Christmas merchandise here:

Have you seen other funny merch ahead of the holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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    I like the Slayer condoms with the catch phrase "For when you go south of heaven"
    Eclectic Lizard
    Wait...why are they celebrating the birth of Christ?
    They arnt Atheist they are actually Strong Believers in their Catholic Religion
    Sheep Shagger
    Just because one or two band members call themselves "Catholics", that doesn't mean the whole band is religious. Kerry King is an Atheist.
    Vicryl 2.0
    saw Kerry King went inside a church in New York about 5 years ago and was even talking to some folks outside after. .
    Your point being... what? Plenty of atheists have attended church at the request of a friend or a family member at one point or another, myself included.
    Which explains why Kerry King openly describes himself as atheist. Also, why did you capitalize strong believers?
    Such a waste to dedicate resources to those christmas items when the GODDAMN caps and blankets are out of stock.
    I chuckle every time I read about the "spider bite".. You look on Wikipedia and a suspect correlation is "alcoholism/drug abuse/smoking", and nothing about spiders. Well, whatever it came from, it's nasty and hope he makes a full recovery.