Slipknot's Clown Reveals Gruesome Clown Mask Sale

If clowns didn't give you nightmares before now, your night times are about to change.

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Slipknot might be set to continue work on a brand new double album (if Jordison was not joking), but their members are still finding time to work on their own curious little side projects.

One of them by the Clown is getting some attention this week thanks to his ... let's say, creative take on the traditional clown mask.

He's selling limited edition run of 50 gruesome clown masks at $500 a pop. The first edition, seen below, will net him $25,000 in total - and he's pledged to release another run of 50 every year on his birthday, presumably with a different design each year.

Just don't go wearing them at a kids party.

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    500$? Looks like any other Halloween store mask.
    youre talking out your ass thats obviously a high end mask...
    ya but not for $500
    A painting for $500 is also a bit of a weird thing if you consider you can buy a painting for $15 at Ikea. Doesn't mean anything though. The one is art, created by the hand of an artist with a certain authentic meaning behind it and a degree of labor not to be recreated with machinery, the other is made to decorate your aunts new budget house. The difference between his masks and one for halloween is the fact that these are made with a certain intent while the other is made to wear at that party where sluts and idiots collide.
    Although I like Clown because of his public relations with his fans, I'd imagine he probably doesn't earn too much money in Slipknot, as he's the least productive member. Gotta make an easy dollar where you can.
    I wouldn't say he's the least productive; he's been there since the beginning, made his and Chris' drums, produced artwork and videos for the band, plays piano on a number of their studio recordings, I'd say he's pretty well off on the royalties alone
    Actually I think he does more than the other 'dead weight' members of the group. I think he produces a fair bit and plays drums (as in a full drum kit not just a barrel) in other bands. I'm by no means an expert on the band though so could be wrong. Ive always wondered what the fella on keyboards is doing to be honest, cant be much to do there.
    He rights a lot of drum parts, does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff such as producing and experimenting with things. I believe he runs their website, as well. Want any of their making of videos and you'll probably see him do more.
    Design a mask and find a company that will produce only a 50 run and find out how much each will cost you. This is true of any other venture. For example, in publishing, it will cost as much to have 1000 copies of a book printed than it would 100 copies... and so... you get 1000 copies printed (even if you don't think you will sell them all). And then for every additional 1000 it will cost a fraction of the original 1000 price.