Slipknot's Corey Taylor Keen On Justin Bieber Collaboration

Frontman wants to perform YouTube hit 'Psychosocial Baby' in real life.

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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed he is keen to record a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

The idea for the unlikely collaboration comes off the back of a viral YouTube mash-up which saw one fan put Slipknot's 'Psychosocial' together with Justin Bieber's hit single 'Baby' (scroll down to watch it). The 'Psychosocial Baby' video has racked up over 12m hits since it was uploaded in 2011.

Speaking to Revolver about the mash-up and his hopes for a collaboration with Bieber, Corey Taylor said:

"I know Justin wasn't responsible for it, but I just thought it was so cool. Everybody thought I'd be pissed about it, but I was blown away... I give him respect. He's a very talented kid and he goes above and beyond for his fans. I was in Baltimore on my book tour and Justin was nearby in Washington, DC. I tried to get him down to my reading because I wanted to try to do an acoustic version of Psychosocial Baby together. But he was actually visiting children's hospitals. You can't say anything bad about a guy who's visiting children's hospitals."

Slipknot recently hit the headlines when it was confirmed that they will headline Download Festival in 2013. The band will be joined on the bill by fellow headliners Rammstein and Iron Maiden as well as Queens Of The Stone Age, Alice In Chains and 30 Seconds To Mars.

The masked metal band will headline the festival on June 14 and join Rammstein and Iron Maiden in topping the bill. Speaking about the booking which will be their second headline slot at the festival after their performance in 2009 the band's Clown said (via NME):

"We are extremely honoured to have been asked once again to headline the Download Festival. This most definitely will be an experience not to be missed. Every time we've played Download we have created memories."

"It's always good to have the church of the Knot, the altar of the Knot, giving the sermon of the Knot to the congregation of the Knot, the culture of the Knot. This summer cannot come soon enough. Partake in the imagination or don't bitch."

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was among the winners at last night's American Music Awards (Nov 18).

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    You metal heads are so open minded.
    Mr Winters
    I actually want to see this happen, if only to see how unbelievably butthurt the metal community would be. And I'm a metal fan myself.
    almighty bowl
    I just have no clue how this would play out. I actually am too curious to see how they go about about this.
    Good for them, I will continue to not listen to either of them.
    Hey, lets slap two horrible bands together and hope they sound better that way. Justin Bieber could freaking join the band for all I care. It wouldn't change the level of suck coming out of either group.
    Justin Bieber should be the new bassist.
    You win the internet good sir. I agree although I can really enjoy Slipknots shows...
    Corey Taylor trolling? WTF!
    Pretty sure Corey may be serious. There was a video on Youtube where Corey says he genuinely respects JB. But he also says he doesn't like his music so...
    Actually Justin Bieber is a victim of the corporation and if given the chance would love to do heavy metal music. So this would be cool to see Bieber try his hand at the music he really enjoys "heavy metal"; however, untill he quits with this pop thing I will continue not to listen to him.
    Well, that would have been pretty good actually.
    If it ever happens, Justin Bieber will get 1 respect point from me. That still would be -53,433,719,119,829 respect points, but it IS a point, and he should be prouder about it than anything else he's ever done.
    It's funny how everyone here is acting so high and mighty about being "open minded" and all of a sudden aknowledging Bieber's effort and apparent "skill" as a musician/entertainer just because this Corey Taylor person says something nice about him. And can everyone stop calling metalheads close minded. It's not like we were born with a taste for metal. We had to be open minded in the first place to give metal a chance aswell you know. And do you ever see metalheads beat other people up because they don't listen to metal? I know alot of metalheads/goths/emos who get beaten by non-metal listeners because they are "different".
    Well, I for one, have always acknowledged Bieber having talent. And yes, most metal heads are close minded. Why? Because 90% of the time people that actually call themselves "metalheads" (as opposed to simply saying 'I like metal...') are the same that rant about metal being the only genre that takes talent, and every musician in another genre is untalented, and then whine because they don't think some metalcore band should be called metal, and then whine some more about people like Justin Bieber being famous, and so forth. Granted, calling yourself a 'metalhead' does not automatically make guilty of this, but oh so many metalheads are.
    Corey is gonna do what he wants, Justin Bieber will always be a faggot in my opinion, but damn I would trade spots with him if I had the chance. I think you and Pitwulf are arguing the same thing from different perspectives.
    By the way, just look at the list of writers it took to come up with "Baby" Justin Bieber, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Terius "The-Dream" Nash, Christopher Bridges, Christina Milian Six. Six people. It took six people to write that.
    Metallica + Lou Reed = Lulu Slipknot/Corey Taylor + Justin Bieber = Boo Hoo! ... And I'd rather listen to Lulu.
    Say what you want about Slipknot, but you can't possibly deny the fact that Corey Taylor is an awesome guy.
    He actually seems like a giant douche...
    Watch some interviews, without his mask. He's quite intelligible and a totally normal dude. I used to think he was a douche too until I actually heard him talk.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Corey Taylor has a good voice (when he sings), but good lord is his taste in music awful. I admit to liking that video, but only because of how funny it sounds, not because it sounds good. I dislike Slipknot and Beiber pretty equally.
    You're damn right he's talented. Bieber is still one of the only singers I've ever seen that can be in the middle of throwing up on stage and still have his vocals come through the PA clear as day.
    they both hav hot boy names hey im gonna ask corey 2 prom wit me well im gon ask justin hes hotter no hes not coreys th besty
    Corey has the right's not worth it to get uptight and snooty about pop musicians like Justin Bieber.even if it's not your kind of music, he is very talented and he's worked hard to achieve and maintain his fame. Corey knows it's best to just let other musicians do what they do and focus on your own music/life. Besides, Psychosocial Baby is hilarious. I dunno if the same magic could be captured with a real collaboration, though - i think a lot of the humor just comes from the accidental chemistry between the songs. and Ludacris.
    "he's worked hard to achieve and maintain his fame." You did not just say that.
    He did, and he has. If you can't see that Justin Bieber is actually talented and has worked for what he has, then I'm sorry for your prejudice way of thinking. I'm not saying he didn't get lucky as hell to get to where he is, but to say he's complete untalented is just admitting either ignorance or jealousy, the way I see it. Sure, his music is ****ing horrible, but he's got talent.
    I agree with this. He didn't exactly get in through a reality competition, did he? He was actually doing acoustic shows from a very young age and then got found by a scout, which is a pretty normal way of getting signed.
    Alright, if your idea of hard work and talent is becoming famous overnight and having people write songs for you, yeah he totally deserves it. And if you agree that his music sucks how the hell can you say he's talented? Look at bands like mastodon, they actually know how to play and write music and they spent five years basically living in a van to get where they are now. That is hard work and talent.
    The kid plays a ton of instruments... Go watch some of his youtube videos from before he got famous. He wrote his own stuff and played the music.
    Just like a talented actor can star in a horrible movie, talented musicians can make awful music. Actually, it's more common that the most prolific musicians aren't the best (or even significant) songwriters. I'm not saying we should bow before the majesty of Justin Bieber; he's not the epitome of musical greatness, but he's not as talentless as his naysayers (or maybe even as 'his' material) would lead you to believe. But it's not his fault he got internationally famous overnight. He did work to get to where he is, he's just also had a lot of help and a lot of luck. I would argue that he would be a much more respectable, yet unknown musician if he hadn't made the career choices that got him to where he is today
    As much as everyone hates to admit it (or simply doesn't believe it), Justin Bieber doesn't deserve half the hate he gets. He can sing well without the aid of autotune, he can play guitar, he can play piano better than I'll ever be able to, and I'm sure he can probably play other stuff too (inb4skinflute). He only looks/acts the way he does because of the fanbase he's built up consisting of millions of young girls who looks up to him. He doesn't wanna let them down. It's good to see someone like Corey Taylor being so open minded. That's a rare thing to see in the metal genre.
    Can we have Slipknot first? I don't share this kind of project, but it's not up to me to judge.
    Ich 666
    This video is blocked in Germany. For a good reason apparently...
    Year Zero
    Maybe they can form a boy band with Lance Bass and Billie Joe from Green day who is also a sellout. Call it the Circle Jerk Boys.
    I don't care 'bout all you hatin' but Justin is talented like Corey said, hating on Justin Bieber is just the hyped thing, so everyone does it. Start thinking for yourself, I mean ffs, Katy Perry ain't no better than J.B., neither is Lady Gaga, y'all just attention seeking bitches.
    Dude, what gives? I'm a Slipknot fan but not a JB fan, if worst comes to worse, I'll simply pass it by like I did Lulu. How about we all do that instead of bitching about it?
    Corey has probably one of the best senses of humour I've seen from basically anyone in the music industry. It's impossible to read his Stone Sour interview with metalsucks and not love the guy.
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, I specifically recall corey taylor bombing on scott weiland at one of his (corey taylors) solo shows a couple years back about how hes a douchebag sellout for recording a christmas album of jazz/swing songs, and now he's recording with the beiber wtf....
    it's funny how he say such nice things about JB when most of metal fans pull that bullshit macho attitude
    Justin can play the drums like a goddamn beast o_o He has a lot of talent when he isn't singing.
    I hope he's serious because Corey Taylor is cool as **** if so. He's already a great guy haha. I have a feeling he just trolled me hard though
    matteo cubano
    Corey's no longer a popstar threat and an industry killer. He no longer wants to be breakdowns and obscenities.