Slipknot's Taylor on Jordison Split: 'It Sucks, There's Nothing We Can Say Right Now'

Singer also reassures fans about 2014 album plans.

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Slipknot singer Corey Taylor addressed drummer Joey Jordison's sudden departure from the band for the first time, noting that at the moment, not much can be said. Chatting with 93X Radio, Corey explained: "Honestly, I can't really talk about it right now. It's still so fresh and there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes that people don't know about. So, legally and respectfully, I can't say a lot about it. I can confirm that - obviously, we put something up on the web site - but I can confirm that we have parted ways with Joey, and as soon as we can say something, we will. "I mean, we're trying to protect him, trying to protect us, just making sure that we do everything right, because that's what we would expect from ourselves and that's what we would expect from the fans," Taylor continued (via Blabbermouth). "And I know the fans are chomping at the bit; it's just we can't really say anything right now. It sucks for them and it sucks for us, because, I mean, we have always really prided ourselves on being able to come out and be honest with everybody. "But there's really nothing we can say right now. And until we can, it's just kind of ... It's difficult, but if people can bear with us, we'll cross that bridge when we can." As for the band's new studio record, Corey reassured fans about 2014 album plans, noting that Joey wasn't involved with any of the fresh material written so far. "We're working on new material right now and getting some stuff together," he said. "I've been writing some stuff, Jim [Root, guitar] has got a ton of stuff. The guys are actually together right now jamming and putting stuff together. "It's sounding really, really good. In light of yesterday's news, I know it's weird, but if anything positive can come out of this, it's just that I hope the fans know that we're really working towards putting out an album next year. So we're deep in it right now." Asked directly about Jordison's songwriting involvement, the singer added: "No, no. He's been doing Scar the Martyr. So this is all fresh material that just a handful of us have been putting together." Finally, Corey shared his thoughts on the next album being the first one without both Jordison and late bassist Paul Gray. "Everybody's kind of stepping up," he said. "I think that was one of the reasons why we took so long to kind of start breaking ground on something like this. "Everybody was in really weird places in their lives, so we wanted to make sure that not only we were getting out to the fans and letting them kind of pay their respects and celebrate the music, but also giving us a chance to kind of come back to this band with a more positive attitude and be able to get our heads around the fact that we are gonna have to step it up and really and come in creatively ready to fill in those holes. In the last couple of months, it's really started to feel like it's time. "Like I said, I've been writing stuff, Jim's been writing stuff. Everybody's really kind of coming up with these great ideas that sound very different, but they're very Slipknot. It's just getting to the point where we're getting very serious about it. And without getting too much into the Joey situation, it really felt like everybody in the band was on the same page when it came to everything that was going on." Jordison's departure from Slipknot was confirmed last Thursday (December 12). In related news, footage of Joey's recent UK performance with Scar the Martyr surfaced online, make sure to check it out below.

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    "Breaking news, Joey Jordison leaves Slipknot" *Portnoy smiles*
    Portnoy brought in to do studio work, thinks he's part of the band, kicked out for permanent replacement, forms new supergroup.
    On the last news article bout this I seen somebody suggest Dave lombardo... I believe that would be epic!!!!!
    a Roy Mayorga is fine too.
    I may get downvoted, but, technically speaking, I feel like Roy is way more talented than Joey.
    I get where you're coming from, and as a drummer I might tweak that just a little... I'd say his style is just a little more varied. No denying Joey is a monster behind a double kick set, but Roy's shown off solid chops with stuff from ballads to thumping tom grooves to metal. It would be interesting to say the least.
    I like slipknot and everything but Lombardo playing for slipknot would just be inhibiting his playing skill.
    Irwin Navarro
    Best thing to do here is to make Shawn Crahan play drums...Given he can match Joey's style.
    Can he?? I always thought Shawn wasn't as good at drums as Joey was. Hence moving onto custom percussion
    Yeah, if you listen to the song 'Til We Die' (bonus track on All Hope Is Gone) Clown is playing drums and it sounds like he's more of a rock drummer, steady beats, nothing too metal. But who knows!
    matteo cubano
    you cant do that. it'll ruin the vibes, you gotta have that big chunky clown running around pounding on things.
    Joey's one hell of a drummer, that's for sure. Let's hope they can find an appropriate replacement, the percussion has always been a staple of Slipknot's style.
    Time for Slipknot to hang it up. I was into them big time when they first came out, and I recall the clown saying Slipknot could never keep going if there was ever a lineup change. They had a great run had some fame and fun. Time for them to all go and do there own thing. They all seem like good if not great musicians.
    I kinda agree with you there...maybe after this album they'll consider it?
    Slipknot is known for their resilience. I SERIOUSLY doubt they'll quit just because Joey left/was fired.
    It's pretty obvious to assume what happened in regards to Joey and leaving Slipknot.. He was getting way too big for his shoes. Remember that interview footage where he is pretty much telling Corey to suck it up about Paul Gray and get into the studio since Joey has 'lots of song ideas ready'.? Joey was being impatient, decided to **** over Slipknot for his new band thinking his new band would be bigger than Slipknot. I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually kicked out the band.
    Yeah, his ego did kind of get the best of him, but to be fair, he was probably the most talented member of the band overall.
    Yeah but its the mix that makes Slipknot, not the individual ingredients. The egg may be a key ingredient for a Full English Breakfast, but it's nothing without the bacon, sausage, etc.
    And there's always going to be the feeling of something that's got good but you know that it won't last. Maybe Joey thought that SLipknot was finished: corrupted by money and mainstream ideas. I don't blame him altogether, he wants to do something else, instead of being remembered for one thing, in this case one band. It's just more shocking the news because wasn't he one of the founding members of the band? Or the original drummer? I'm not too sure but he's been there since.
    My theory is that he was impatient, and just when everything seemed to fall into place, there might have been yet ANOTHER setback, and it was pretty much the last straw for him, that's my theory anyways.
    Scar the Martyr really are a load of generic rubbish. Not particularly a great act to fall back on
    indeed, that scar stuff is so boring its frightening me. what was joey thinkin? I mean, someone who worked on "Scissors" puts out this shit? maaaaan
    Jordinson is one of my favorite metal drummers, but I think I will miss his song writing most of all. "The Heretic Anthem" and "Left Behind" and "Scissors" are some of my favorite Slipknot Songs
    I never really cared for Heretic Anthem honestly. I do feel like Jordison has a distinct style that might be hard to replace though
    To be honest, Heretic Anthem was a cover, though if he did 'write' itm he did a great cover of it
    To be honest I found that what I said was rubbish. Then, who the hell put Heretic Anthem down as a suggestion for best cover AND who the hell agreed with it. Right, I'm giving up on believing polls (too much effort actually looking up the news articles...)
    Keeping it classy guys, good to see. Obviously not an ideal situation, but thank god they aren't playing it like some of the other recent splits (DT, STP, etc etc). Please keep it that way
    Sewn Up
    Andols Herrick(ex-Chimaira), Matthew McDonough(Mudvayne), or Travis Smith(ex-Trivium). These three have my vote for Joey's replacement.
    I think the new material could be good and actually surprise most people. While it would be impossible for them to capture the energy from the first record, I am sure that they are aware that a heavy Stone Sour sound is not going to cut it.
    It all comes down to them not taking his ideas on the new album. Taylor even says that Jordison wasn't involved in the writing, yet he told the media that he had a ton of ideas. He came in with his ideas, the band didn't like them , so he bailed. Remember kids, artistic control = money. Its always about money.
    Whoever comes in it will be a different sound, they're already without Paul Gray's bass, so a completely different rhythm section. No one drums like Joey, no one plays bass like Gray, the new drummer will be seriously good meaning he'll have a distinctive style. Not a Slipknot fan but genuinely interested to see where this goes.
    Not wanting to disrespect Paul, but he was not THAT great of a bassist. His tracks are quite simple actually, and to say that he was unique is an overstatement.
    I will say that Paul was a good bassist (argument being that for most songs, the bass was crowded out by everything else), but he is still decent. I'm not sure whether this is true but didn't he learn how to play while on tour? Not sure if that's a rumour. A great bass player is Ryan Martinie (or whatever his surname is) from Mudvayne. Listen to some songs if you doubt me (not saying he's the greatest, but he is up there).
    Paul was a pretty good bassist; Slipknot's style didn't compliment great bass riffs! Check out Bitchslap - Do Nothing, or Confessions by Slipknot. Paul did some really great bass playing then. Modern slipknot wasn't great for him.
    'No one' plays like Joey? Really? On what basis does he do anything that's not already a hallmark of various styles of metal? At the very least, Neurosis and Sepultura did the drum corp thing first, and Joey basically just hits the 'extreme' metal drumming checklist.
    I think in the Scar The Martyr article Joey talked about writing and playing most of, if not all, the instruments for the new STM album. So definitely a bad choice by the rest of Slipknot to ignore Joey back then because if he had had chances then to jam those things with Slipknot members he probably wouldn't have gone and done that alone and with other people and who knows what kind of stuff the other members could have created on those ideas. Did a quick check on the STM video up there and the first song would be just good for Slipknot with Corey's vocals and some extra energy..