Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan to Perform '8 Hour Ambient Jam'

Free gig taking place in Chicago tea shop.

Ultimate Guitar

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed plans to perform an eight hour gig in a Chicago teahouse, promising a set made entirely of improvised music. It sounds interesting to say the least.

The rock frontman will perform at Madame ZuZu's teahouse in Chicago on 28 February, with his huge set inspired by Herman Hesse's 1922 novel, "Siddhartha." He will be making it up as he goes along.

Announcing the performance on Facebook, Corgan told fans:

"On 2//28 I'll be doing a show at Madame ZuZu's Teahouse; start time noon, and due to nature of performance it'll last 8-9 hours. So see in coming days for details on seating and admissions.

"As with all our events there is no charge. Performance will be centered around an ambient/musical interpretation of Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha; built by modular synthesis, on the fly. Readings of the text to go hand in hand with whatever is created; + the first @Hexistential poster, and event t-shirts too. Hope to see you there."

There is no news on plans for future Smashing Pumpkins material, despite confirmations in 2013 that work was underway on a new album

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    Sounds kinda cool but humans are far too impatient and dumb these days to sit through such a thing let alone not make any idiotic comments during a show like "f*** ya!, woooo!". It would surprise me if this went well.
    I'm not too big on cities and whatnot, but an establishment called "Zuzu's tea" thats most likely geared to overcharging hipsters for shitty tea probably isn't going to have any scary raging alchoholic Americans there.
    Yeah, I could see most people losing interest pretty quickly . . . unless he says "call me maybe" every minute and a half
    Why is this a bad thing? He's an awesome musician and is trying new things. And it's free. No one said you have to go and watch for all 8 hours.
    I wouldn't mind stepping in for an hour or so. I've also never heard Corgan do ambient though so that would depend.
    This could be interesting, I have no idea why people are complaining, especially seeing it's a free gig in a teahouse AND it's something completely different to what we would expect from Billy.
    He barely publicized it on this level and now UG is doing an article on it because they know it'll draw attention because people want to hate on the guy. He owns a tea shop and wants to do a little live music and try things out on a smaller audience with a more casual setting then so what?
    I think this would be cool to see. Corgan has a big background in Shoegaze so if he uses more of those sonic landscapes like that it could be cool as shit. Sunn 0)) is just 2 dudes in Monk robes feedbacking their bass and guitars and it makes for crazy drone sounding soundscapes so I'm sure Corgan can be inventive.
    This sounds interesting honestly... I don't see anything wrong with a musician trying new things.
    Good lord. I think I'd rather be waterboarded for 8 hours than suffer through this....
    I read the title and thought I was on /r/nottheonion, then I realized I need to quit going on reddit so much because the internet seems to blend together after a while.
    Fred Bob
    Maybe he needs to stretch beyond four minute songs, or do something drastic to get out of a rut... we have all been there. I gave Oceania a good chance, and I dont think its beyond older generations to still produce the goods, but that album just didnt have the tunes or the playing that you would expect from Corgan. His peak now looks like the Mellon Collie era where he was producing these different palettes for each song. I mean he has it in him to pull out a classic whatever that is now, but he is too focussed on the goal and product than actually the music... case in point the Teargarden 44 song cycle that Oceania was supposed to be part of. That was announced in 2009 as some statement but did it materialize? Or does anyone remember him trying to charge a subscription to watch recording? Not enough people subscribed, so the people that did got some other benefit. The thing I think is that he still is part of what he thinks is alternative but it broke and became a part of the mainstream 20 years ago. That was the beginning of the end of putting your idols on a pedestal, even if they are really talented at what they do. Its why in this day and age Dave Grohl is a international star where as Corgan is on the margins, Grohl is an everyman that sings about overcoming the odds, Corgan is looks like a miserable goblin, plays 8 hours songs and pisses on people he thinks arent as intellectual as he is
    Sounds interesting. And I live in Illinois too! So it is possible for me to go to this. Also I've listened through The Descent of Man like 3 times. So this is like nothing when it comes to length.
    Remember when The National played Sorrow 105 times in a row, over 6 hours?